3 homemade NIN videos by alperoz49 (me)


Mai 20 2007, 18h57

Another 3 video of mine

First one is ; Into the Void with using 5 channels + Drum.
Playing a sound over another.Repeating it 5 times :D

Second one , i am singing the lyrics of "And All That Could Have Been" over the song " The Day The World Went Away" , it fits perfectly in my opinion.

Third one is "Just like You Imagened".I used one sawteeth tone + piano at the end instead of using 3 simultaneous guitar tones.

made with Caiso CTK-811 EX
Nine Inch NailsFragileThe FragileStillInto the VoidJUST LIKE YOU IMAGENEDThe Day the World Went Away
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  • DannyB01

    You've got serious skills m8, good job

    Jul 7 2007, 23h11
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