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Mai 18 2006, 12h26

I was a bit bored earlier and wondered how easy it would be to get from one artist another using the "similar artists" part of their webpage. And, of course, you're only allowed to use the ones that appear on their front page, no clicking on "more similar artists".

For example one route from Eels to Green Day would be
Eels -> Coldplay -> The Killers -> Oasis -> Green Day

Easy enough.

So I wanted a challenge. I chose to try Tracer AMC to Linkin Park but couldn't manage it. I just get stuck in a post-rock circle.

If anyone can find a route then I'd like to know.


  • Dreameress

    I tried, but ended trying at the page of Blue Birds Refuse To Fly. Then I concluded I wasted my time ;) But if you try long enough... who knows

    Set 14 2006, 18h57
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