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Jul 11 2007, 3h32

DIRECTIONS:Put your iTunes or whatever music application you use on random. Write down the first 10 songs that play here. Then, write a random fact about that song (Where you first heard it, how you started listening to it, any emotions it evokes.. ANYTHING!) And pass it on!

1. Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe, Eugene
this song brings me back to when i was just beginning to delve deeper into pink floyd's body of work, roughly november 2004-february 2005. this song is featured on pink floyd: live at pompeii, which i borrowed from my friend nadia and subsequently bought because i loved it so much...and in remembering live in pompeii, i'm reminded of my obsession with David Gilmour and his secksiness in the film ;D

2. The Exies - My Goddess
this song reminds me of the time just before and overlapping with the last song - the fall of 2004, my junior year of high school. not the best time of my life, but not the worst either. this was track 6 or 7 on the mix cd i burned in early october. i believe i got into this song after seeing the video on fuse, and also because i'd been a big fan of Kickout earlier in the year. (i got ahold of this album in 2006 and it's really great!)

3. Beyonce - Crazy In Love
hahaha i forgot i had this song! this song was popular during the winter of my freshman year of high school (2002-2003), and i'm pretty sure i didn't like it much at the time. it's not an amazing song, but it takes me back. i like music that does that, as is probably obvious from this little survey...

4. 10,000 Maniacs - Because the Night
i've heard this song for, like, forever. they used to play it on the adult contemporary radio station i listened to when i was younger, and i decided to download it on a whim my sophomore year. to be specific, it reminds me of the spring of 2004 and a boy i really liked (or was obsessed with *cough*) then, justin. it's a great tune, and i'm quite fond of the lead singer's voice (i can't remember her name offhand).

5. Nada Surf - Popular
in my opinion, this is the best high school anthem ever, for the sheer irony of it. this reminds me of fall 2003, one of my online friends who introduced the song to me, and the forum i'd met her on (667 dark avenue, a forum about "a series of unfortunate events"). i enjoy shouting "every boy! every boy in the whole world can be yours! if you'll just listen to my plan, THE TEENAGE GUIDE TO POPULARITY!"

6. Less Than Jake - Goodbye in Gasoline
woo LTJ! :D this is from B Is for B-Sides, which is such a great album that it's hard to believe that these songs were never released on their other albums. i pre-ordered it in the summer of 2004, and received it a day before it was officially released, with signatures from the band members on the booklet :D this song reminds me of two specific things i did that summer: the week i spent at church camp (god show!) and my family's annual vacation to cape cod.

7. Autopilot Off - Nothing Frequency
SOPHOMORE YEAR IS COMING BACK TO HAUNT ME. O_o i fucking love APO...upbeat pop-punk is always good times. downloaded in november 2003 after seeing the backpack of the boy i liked (pre-justin, lawl) with an APO patch on the back. you know, i've gotten into a lot of bands/songs because boys that i've had crushes on have liked them: autopilot off, pink floyd, Jeremy by Pearl Jam, Dropkick Murphys, Rammstein (see below). i definitely don't regret any of those!

8. Rammstein - Sehnsucht
well, still in high school, but at least it's a little closer to the end...i first listened to this song in fall or winter 2005, with my then-boyfriend, bill. all rammstein songs remind me of him, which isn't a bad thing, because we're still very close friends even though we're not dating anymore. i'm happy that he introduced me to such an excellent band, too.

9. The Beatles - Fixing a Hole
ooh ooh, not a high school song! :D my dad bought me Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Rubber Soul for christmas this past year. at first i listened to rubber soul a lot more for whatever reason, but once i returned to college after winter break, i gave sgt. pepper a chance and fell completely in love. this isn't my favorite track from the album (that would have to be Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite :D), but i adore the lyrics.

10. Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite
love!! i watched this movie with a few friends near the start of my freshman year of college (last september) and immediately fell in love with this song. i'd really only wanted to watch the movie to see meat loaf, haha, but it turned out well. (except for the fact that he was killed off after one song -_-)


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