• Goddamn you Conor McKnickerless!

    Jan 11 2006, 17h00

    10 out of 10 for the debut Arctic Monkeys album?? What the fuck is wrong with you, NME?
    Over-hyped, jumped-up, Jarv-sucking, smarmy 13-year-olds who dress like chavs and look like their faces have been jumped on by people in running spikes. Half-decent but unoriginal garage indie rock, fuelled by clingy kids who just want another Libertines.

    I fucking HATE your scene.

    (yes, I feel better now, abuse me if you will but think how ironic their lyrics have suddenly become. And like fuck does he sing with a Sheffield accent. Just another Casablancas wannabe, and I can't understand why of all role models so many people chose that city slicker twat.)

    Yes, there are bands I like too. But not The Strokes and not Arctic Monkeys. Grr.

    Edit: I realise that the NME is 'The Sun' of music journalism, but it's also the leader of all this ridiculous hype. And yeah I could see it coming, so hence this vent - the aggro has been building up for a while.
    Doesn't change my opinion of Arctic Monkeys. They are too 'perfect' to be true if all these ecstatic reviewers and DJs and fans are to believed. Perfection is boring.
  • wah...but also yay!

    Jan 6 2006, 7h32

    No more subscriber status for me! Ah well, it was mostly nice for stalking people who had visited my page, which is a bit of a sad occupation anyway I guess. Not like I'd pay for it, is it?

    On plus side:
    ...Nous Non Plus arrived this week, et c'est magnifique! Stand out tracks:
    Fille Atomique
    Tant Pis Pour Toi
    La Ballade de Tourette
    One Night in Paris
    Though I don't know who I'm kidding, they're all fab. Go and check 'em out at Aeronaut Records if you don't know who I'm on about.
    I got that very link from an ad on this site in the first place, so non-subscriber status must be good for something!

    Aaaaand, save up a couple of pounds for February 20th boys and girls, for that is the date when two very fabulous singles are out:
    I Want You to Stay
    The Agent
    So get ready! I believe 'The Agent' is only out on 7" so that'll be a first come first serve type, and 'I Want You to Stay' will of course be worth snaffling up because t'Park always do fabulous b-sides, this one being called 'La Quinta' (the girl?) and coming with two remixes of 'I Want You to Stay', one of which is done by Field Music. What's not to like??

    (typo-wise I just invented the best word ever there: 'reminx.' And it is the best word ever, don't doubt it. I want to do a reminx of 'I Want You to Stay' now...)
  • Belated birthday albums

    Dez 29 2005, 20h07

    I much prefer buyiing my own Birthday presents...

    ...Nous Non Plus - ...Nous Non Plus
    has been ordered and apparently shipped, we'll see how long it takes to get here.

    Ciccone - Eversholt Street
    Field Music - Field Music
    Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike
    Kate Bush - The Whole Story
    Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible 10th Anniversary Edition

    Was gutted to see MVC closing down, especially as their prices hadn't really dropped enough for me to justify buying Maxïmo Park's 'Missing Songs' just because I don't have the demo of Graffiti...
  • The year in gigs...

    Dez 28 2005, 18h17

    Not in order of 'best' 'worst' or anything, just chronologically...

    1. Art Brut, The Applewhites, Blue sand at Hull Adelphi
    First off, this gig will always bug me on some level because the support bands (yes, support) were meant to be The Chalets and Maxïmo Park. The Chalets had to go somewhere to win an award, Maxïmo Park switched to Sheffield in order to tie in with a signing.
    That one still rankles, but as you can see by my 'top artists' chart I must have forgiven them on some level.
    Anyway, the support bands we got were all right, but very derivative of the recent 'garage rock' revival. Art Brut were bloody brilliant though, Ian handed Bethling and I the mic during TOTP and I gave Eddie a bracelet with plastic rings on it that (he says) he wears occasionally. Ha.

    2. Art Brut, Neils Children and an unknown support band at Lincoln Delph Bar(FUSE night)...tell me if you know who they were!
    Err, only a week after the last one, but well worth a second go! Got the NC setlist and Eddie signed it and had a chat with Bethling and I. It was a jolly good night all round.

    3. The Rifles at Lincoln Bivouac (along with various other bands including Rigollo, mistakenly gawped at in Lincoln Drill Hall before we realised we'd got the wrong venue)
    The Rifles put on a nice little set, it was around the time When I'm Alone was released, so we got that, Lazy Days, Peace & Quiet and a couple of others (did they finish with Local Boy, Beth?). Erm. Afterwards was also quite memorable, but we won't go into that here.

    4. Rem, The Zutons and Idlewild at Hull KC Stadium
    Erm, probably the grandest gig I've been to, considering we were up in the seating, and hence didn't get soaked when it started chucking it down. All three bands were great, REM and Idlewild a lot more impressive than I'd expected them to be.

    5. Art Brut at Hull Welly
    Oh we love Art Brut. Love 'em to bits. It's been too long since I've seen them! They played two *new* songs that night:
    Blame It on the Trains
    Really Bad Weekend
    If anyone's got an .mp3 of Really Bad Weekend I'd be rather interested in thieving it off you...please? I'll send something in return!
    Had another short chat with Eddie before the gig, he's such a darling.

    6. Leeds Festival weekend: Boy Kill Boy, Art Brut, Towers Of London, The Rakes, Sons and Daughters, Hal, Maxïmo Park, The Duke Spirit, British Sea Power, LCD Soundsystem, The Futureheads, Thirsty Merc, The Rogers Sisters, Two Gallants, Cherubs, The Blood Arm, We Are Scientists, The Paddingtons, 59 Violets, The Killers, Louie, Editors, The Longcut, The Cribs, The Others, Razorlight, The Tears.
    Blimey. Hightlights of each day: Maxïmo Park, The Blood Arm and The Cribs.

    7. Editors, We Are Scientists and The Cinematics at Sheffield Plug.
    The night progressed from 'decent indie' to ' favourite band here!' Editors are superb live, and I challenge anyone who compares them to Interpol to a duel! They're miles better!

    8. ¡Forward, Russia!, The Future Detectives, and another unknown support band at Lincoln Delph Bar (FUSE night).
    Just to kill a week between two other happenings, and it was a good way to do it! Got the setlist too, which is basically a list of random numbers...but who am I to complain? They're so full of energy live, really invigorating!

    9. Franz Ferdinand, Editors, The Rakes at Hull Ice Arena.
    IMMENSE. All three bands were incredible, and it was nice to see Alan fronting The Rakes after getting the fun of Kele Okereke and Towers of London at Leeds. Franz still rule over all the little indie sleaze pretenders, and the new stuff sounded super fantastische...

    10. Maxïmo Park, Clor and Field Music at Sheffield Leadmill.
    Well my reaction to this has already been posted, but the support bands were great too, Field Music have me utterly convinced now and I'm hopefull going to buy the album tomorrow. Clor were also a lot better than I'd peviously thought arnd will bear watching. This was the gig of the year though, ripped setlists, signed Christmas cards, and vaguely unreal aftershow clubbing contributed to the near mythic status it's already taken on in my mind.

    Only 10 gigs in a year? Depressingly small number. 2006 look out, gig 1 is already booked: Mystery Jets, We Are Scientists, Arctic Monkeys and Maxïmo Park in Newcastle for the NME Awards Tour. Bring it on, no Arctic Army is going to spoil my fun, and the Park are going to rule the tour with an iron fist...
  • Songs that should have graced more indie discos than they did this year...

    Dez 26 2005, 11h52

  • Maxïmo Park at Sheffield Leadmill.

    Dez 7 2005, 19h02

    Oh. My. God. Gig, aftershow, Acrobat, dancing, front row, bruises, rocking out, water, Nosebleed, IWANYOOLEAVE!!!