Heart Day


Fev 14 2008, 21h00

Before I head off to donate blood this Valentines day (which I've been informed, is sort of emo), a round of love all around, of any kind.

This Morning:

Donora - Shhh

(PostSecret hosts a visual feast of a montage for Vday with this secretive songlet.) Lastfm has the wrong track for "Shhh"

Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am
(I only remember I had heard Ingrid before, by coming onto Lastfm, and seeing her artist photo pop up. <3)

Lately: (Severely biased due to my limited collection and my looping preferences of the last 3 months)

Smith- Baby It's You

Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining
(Jenny Lewis's voice produces that cloud-9 euphoria. <3)

Mika - Love Today
(Ok so Mika forces love down your throat, and quite aggressively with this beat.)

Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah
(I'd think any song with a female first name can never really go wrong, but this is a recent fave. If someone can tell me where you've heard this before, I'll be less frustrated with my memory.)

The Stately Gentlemen - Maybe It's Love
(Rock n roll with a tint of the blues, simplistic with a fluttery harmonica, this one sounds like something you've heard before, but we all need to revisit the basics.)

Rediscover / Remember?

Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes
(Breakfast. in. bed. Stay.)

Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby

Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange (2003 Remastered)

Bruce Channel - Hey Baby
(Be Mine.)

Immortal Technique - You Never Know
(The one you let get away?)


Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You
(Not by any means a sad melody, but a funky listen for your "in-between" needs)

The Stately Gentlemen - Visions of Emily

The Blow - Hey Boy

Too Much:

Captain Jack - Only You
(Catchy as it is, leave this track on the DDR soundtrack. As if sending your "baby" an "adult" Build-a-Bear isn't corny enough, Vermont Teddy Bear ran the commercial during EVERY break with this song this year. You fail, try again)


  • Gator_Nation

    fuck yeah rilo kiley and jack johnson

    Fev 14 2008, 21h29
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