• pretty picture dump

    Nov 23 2011, 19h58

  • Amusing Tablo Interview

    Nov 5 2011, 18h53

    So I found this interview about Tablo on tumblr and i couldn't stop laughing omfg so I thought that I would share it for my last fm for others to see.

    Interviewer: What American artist would you like to collaborate with?

    Tablo: I would like to collaborate with the youngest of the Jonas Brothers. Not on music. I would like to make a humongous pizza with him. Like, take a lot of dough, and shape that into the biggest pizza you’ve ever seen.

    Interviewer: Why is that?

    Tablo: I don’t know, he just looks like a guy that would be really good at making pizza.

    Interviewer: Pet peeves?

    Tablo: My pet peeve is that I’m not a member of the Jonas Brothers. I could pretend to be their brother, but people could tell.

    Interviewer: They have purity rings, they can’t have sex until their married. You didn’t know, now you don’t want to be a Jonas Brother.

    Tablo: Well, that purity ring is fine, but that would get in the way of making the pizza. While we’re making the pizza just take it off for a second.

    Interviewer: He can’t!

    Tablo: We’re making a pizza, it’s not like we’re gonna make love.