Tournament of Eggs, Round Three


Ago 12 2008, 3h56

(See the explanation posted with the first round if you're too confused.)

Here we are again, for Round Three of the Tournament of Eggs. My apologies for the delay; apparently being on holiday took up all my time, so I had to wait until I went back to work. 32 tracks have now been narrowed down to 16, which by now means that most of the fat has been trimmed off, the chaff has been threshed out, the deadwood's been cleared out, the split ends have been clipped, and here are the results of the round before I metaphor again.

1. Relax (Come Fighting) by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
2. Heat of the Moment by Willy DeVille
Difficulty: ***
Winner: Frankie
Comments: I'm amazed that Willy DeVille managed to get this far in the first place, given that I only got that album because of "Storybook Love". "Heat of The Moment" is not too bad, I suppose, but not up to "Relax".

3. The Message by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
4. We're Just Temporary Ma'am by White Whale
Difficulty: ****
Winner: The Furious Five
Comments: Unfortunately, the White Whale was sunk by the Flash. Pity, because it's a nice little song, with a great title, but "The Message" is much too strong.

5. Take Me Away by Fefe Dobson
6. Streets of Banaras by Ann Mortifee
Difficulty: *****
Winner: Fefe
Comments: With Fefe Dobson we have a performance strong enough to beat out Ann Mortifee's, though not by much.

7. As Good as New by ABBA
8. Tomber by Laurence Jalbert
Difficulty: ***
Winner: BBAA
Comments: "Tomber" is not quite strong enough to beat ABBA, apparently.

9. Chance (single version) by Big Country
10. What If We Don't Get What We Want? by 13 ENGINES
Difficulty: ****
Winner: The Engines
Comments: It's possible that "Chance" may be growing on me, but 13 Engines has knocked it out of the tournament.

11. Kissing Gate by Sam Brown
12. The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen
Difficulty: ***
Winner: Echo
Comments: Now for some reason I'm picturing "The Kissing Moon" and "Killing Gate" or something. In any case, Sam Brown advanced as far as she was likely to.

13. Bus Stop by The Hollies
14. Careful With That Axe, Eugene by Pink Floyd
Difficulty: ***
Winner: Holly
Comments: Concise 60's pop wins out over lengthy psychedelia, apparently.

15. Look Down by Claude-Michel Sch&omul;nberg
16. Future Call by Jill Cunniff
Difficulty: ****
Winner: Jill
Comments: Not the best song in Les Miz, alas, so Jill manages to squeak by.

Hopefully the next round will be prompter, especially since I only have eight contestants to play off this time. Plus no more inconvenient vacations planned.


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