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  • crimson-leaf


    dezembro 2013
  • crimson-leaf

    Da... Dobre dojde u moite postovi :P

    dezembro 2013
  • ramonathemuffin


    agosto 2012
  • captain_omeN

    супер бендчиња у плејлистата! фала за адд!

    agosto 2012
  • roxn

    wow nice display pic.. who's that anyway?

    julho 2012
  • dantedantedante

    Hey, sorry bothering you, but i'm a multi-instrumentalist musician (one man band) and I've been doing a few covers (including a cover of the song Roses by Poets of The Fall, in all instruments + vocals) could you please give it a try and tell me what you think? I really wanna improve and for that I need opinions. ^^ thanks a LOT! ^^ -

    junho 2012
  • world__eater

    Фала на асепт ))

    outubro 2011

    Welcome aboard, aleksoski! Happy listening.

    junho 2011