My Favorite Music of 2008 (and five songs I hate)


Dez 21 2008, 19h02


  • wantz

    oh god , taylor (!) your song is rock ? :x

    Dez 22 2008, 22h44
  • LeDouxFan

    I agree that Kid Rock isn't country, not even close but how can you hate smokin funny things?

    Mar 11 2009, 11h47
  • CountryPoet

    I love the song "Come on Over" but think that she could sing a lot better.

    Jun 11 2009, 5h29
  • CountryPoet

    Jessica Simpson, and Kid Rock suck, and I am tired of them being listed as country. They are about as country as Nickelback.

    Jun 11 2009, 5h38
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