Ali Akbar Moradi, Iran's greatest living master of the tanbur


Jun 10 2011, 8h27

Photo By Pedram: Ali Akbar Moradi @ Shiraz University

Ali akbar Moradi,(Kurdish عه لی ئه کبیر مۆرادی), was born in Guran of Kermanshah in 1957 and is the leading tanbur player of Kurdistan, Iran. He began playing tanbur - an ancient lute traditionally used in religious ceremonies - at the age of seven. At age of 12, Moradi began studying with tanbur masters such as Sayyed Hachem, Sayyed Mirza Khafashyan, Sayyed Mahmoud Alevi, Darvishi, Allahmouradi Hamedi, and Sayyed Vali Hosseyni. He gave his first recital in 1971 in Kermanshah. He was 30 years old when he completed the entire 72 maqams (modes) of the Kurdish tanbur repertoire, making him perhaps the only living artist with this knowledge. In 1973, he founded the first tanbur ensemble and began his touring career. In 1981, he began collaborating with the Kurdish singer Shahram Nazeri, and performed throughout Europe and North America. Ali Akbar Moradi is Iran's greatest living master of the tanbur. he has created new interest for the tanbur. His program features meditative improvisations based on the repertoire of the Yarsan people, the followers of a mystical faith associated with Sufism, who live in western Iran.He has won many awards, including two honorary diplomas at major music festivals in Iran. He has performed music in New York, San Francisco and London. On September 30, 2006, he gives a special program as part of Voices of Kurdistan in San Francisco World Music Festival,he has been appointed as one of fifty of the best musicians around the globe by a British music magazine. He teaches in Kermansheh and Tehran.


In The Mirror of The Sky With Kayhan Kalhor (tanbur, vocal)

The Companion With Ulaş Özdemir (tanbur, vocal)

Samae Mastaneh With Pejman Hadadi (tanbur, vocal)

Do valeh(Music for Tanbour) (tanbur, vocal)

Fire of Passion (tanbur, vocal)

Kurdish Music from Iran (Musique kurde d'Iran ) (tanbur, vocal)

Terikay Haneh (tanbur, vocal)

Whisper With Pejman Hadadi

Kurdaneh With Parvin Namazi (tanbur, vocal)

Breez and Wheat Field (tanbur, vocal)

Galarizhan With Bijan Kamkar (tanbur, vocal)

Paiez With Siamak Jahangiri (tanbur, vocal)

Manga Show With Ardeshir Kamakar (tanbur, vocal)


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  • harijano

    thank you very much for your delightful article dear akbar and you have nice kun

    Jun 11 2011, 23h01
  • akbarnasr

    این مجید داره انتقام شجر رو از من می‌گیره:))

    Jul 20 2011, 7h29
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