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  • CatastrophicEli

    hahaha tens razão. :p

    15 Mai 20h34 Responder
  • CatastrophicEli

    hue hue hue :v

    13 Mai 5h27 Responder
  • CatastrophicEli

    wow... Então essa é a tua cara. :D

    12 Mai 16h41 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    Oh. Don't worry about boning up on molec b. You just have to show up looking professorial. No one will question your *awesome* credentials. Ta will do all the real work. She's used to it. Btw, she looks just like this: http://www.last.fm/music/Trees+Of+Eternity Tak!

    10 Abr 18h37 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    Oh yeah. Shelter. I didn't care for it even slightly. Deleted it in fact. He took out all the bits I liked about Alcest more or less rendering the remainder insipid. There's no polishing that turd. I would have hoped by now it would have developed into something more along these lines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiQI_50L7HA Feel me?

    10 Abr 18h34 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    What are you chuntering on about mate? You almost make it sound like a burden xD But yes, essentially that's the scenario although you two will have to find something else to talk about over supper as the lesson plans are all done (as is the final soon as the DH signs off). Yes you'll be eating takeaway. Believe me: your much better off with Kung Po or General Tsao than having to suffer through my cooking. I'm a pretty suckie cook :-( Only 4 weeks left dude. Better jump on this opportunity soon!

    10 Abr 18h30 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    Whom indeed. Bytheby ~ Swans has a new one [To Be Kind] ~ Very very long songs and at least as good as any *Gira sans Jarboe* that I know of. Possibly his best but with just the 1 listen the jury's yet out.

    3 Abr 23h50 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    But really though ... who in the hard sciences takes sabbaticals? We're not like some liberal arts artsiefartsie termites. I'm guessing it must be disease or rehab related. Come to think of it, rehab is a disease. My idea of rehab is a liver transplant. I mean, you know, IF i needed a tp. Or is that: WHEN? Cheers!

    3 Abr 22h45 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    Oh wow. As long as you're being sooo accommodating why not come over and finish mine off as well? A scant 3hrs lecture/ 9hrs lab and only 5 weeks to go! Come on buddy. Please? The TA is gorgeous (and academically deserving xD ). You won't regret it!!

    3 Abr 22h37 Responder
  • CatastrophicEli

    Afinal não, ainda está para lá a tua página. :p Much work, less fun. :D

    2 Abr 6h52 Responder
  • CatastrophicEli

    Por acaso até estou, sim. :p Olha lá, apagaste o teu facebook outra vez? XD

    1 Abr 15h06 Responder
  • CatastrophicEli

    me olha, cá ando. :p

    1 Abr 14h01 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    Ja ja ja ja! Yup. Went retro on the avie xD Recall this one (and the 'beyond dorky' lab-rat selfie it's cropped from)? Yeah man ... the short answer is "no regrets" plus ... there may be a reclamation of certain aspects of the-IDIOT-formerly-know-as-me's former life. The long answer? Patience grasshopper :D So, other than prattling on about the weather ... how's it going mano?

    19 Mar 21h27 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    Forgive me for not finishing those observations my friend (nor responding to yours). I realize it's a well-worn lame excuse but time has been hard to come by recently. Hope you're well Fredo ;-)

    14 Mar 16h25 Responder
  • barranek

    Hi, there are no floods currently in Poland. Do you have them in Portugal? At the moment we're only flooded by a tsunami of increasing taxes ;)

    22 Fev 14h28 Responder
  • bibrau

    It has been! Aw man. Things are pretty ok here (not toooo good, naturally, heh). But aside from some chronic computer issues (I swear, I'm getting way too friendly with the repair people) and a dearth of affordable coffee shops, I'm not complaining. Will some of your rain my way! ;D

    22 Fev 2h30 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    On "... Sweden and the Swedes?" Well, I have yet to meet every single one of 'them' but so far so good as concerns the peeps. Overall I'd say respectfully formal at first but the veneer is pretty thin. I am however struggling with finding the sense of humor. My version not only don't work ... I feel like I'm supposed to be embarrassed sometimes *Wait. Whuuut?* This is hard for me as being a smartass is my major weapon (as you well know). Now it's down to 'tits & teeth' and an ever thickening accent. Boooooo ....

    18 Fev 21h31 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    Gotta dash but ... sweet of you to ask F. We/they are fine other than some transpo issues. Not that bad in Essex compared to Somerset. I think the HS needs to resurrect Mussolini to get those trains on time. I should ring my estate agent. Have him run 'round and check that pile of stones.

    17 Fev 9h25 Responder
  • CatastrophicEli

    Yes, playing Magic the Gathering. :v How's you?

    16 Fev 9h58 Responder
  • amniocentesis

    I haven't seen Dog Love. In fact finding his work from the homeland is nye on impossible. Might have to expore the torrent scene. Pity as I am a huge fan. Yeah, there's the sexiest-man-alive thing but you know, I'm not given to fangirl shenanigans (but choosing between he and Anthony Bourdain would be tough). He is a brilliant artist and I wish for a collabo with Pedro. Okay mister. You need the new Current 93 [I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell A Channel]. Here's a taste featuring AJ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiYcN8SA_OQ

    12 Fev 17h22 Responder
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