• Shut up shut up shut up

    Out 9 2011, 13h07

    Blink 182 - Neighbourhoods = amaze so far = emotional wreck me
  • Straylight Run

    Set 4 2011, 10h43

    I feel a little bit mean for never giving these the credit they deserved, I was always very much Team TBS and wasn't bothered by what I heard of it. BUT The newly reformed TBS played Existentialism On Prom Night at their gig in Birmingham and it was amazing! Downloaded the album and am mildly obsessed. Its beautiful!
  • Taking Back Sunday - 1.9.11

    Set 2 2011, 15h39

    Firstly, can I say how much I love the new venue that this gig was at? The HMV institute in Birmingham is full on amazing! Been to 2 gigs there now and both have been made even more amazing by being able to sit on the balcony and watch the band with enough space to breathe, dance around and enjoy yourself away from the idiots killing each other in the pit. Mostly, being short, the balcony is amazing because it means you can actually see the band you've paid so much to go see!

    Anyway, seeing the original line up was like seeing Tell All Your Friends be performed how they were meant to be performed. The songs they played off that album were incredible! The energy from all of them was just wow.

    The John Nolan is amazing! I could barely keep my eyes off him, you could tell how much he was loving being there the whole time while Shaun Cooper came to life with the TAYF and TBS songs and almost blended into the background with WYWTB and LN.

    I felt they played an amazing mix of all the albums - well, I say all the albums but I think they forgot they released New Again because as far as I can tell there was nothing off of that album but it wasn't missed. The Louder Now tracks were superb, as were the self-titled but it really was the older TAYF songs that brought the power, as I said, its how those songs are meant to be performed and it was incredible.

    Adam Lazzara was as amazing as always, going completely mental with his microphone, dancing round the stage, crowd surfing to the floor and generally being an incredible front man. He made the crowd laugh with his monolouge on how to say 'Birmingham', he praised up the rest of the band (well, apart from Eddie, which was odd) he gave thoughtful insights into a couple of the newer tracks and interacted with the crowd brilliantly.

    It was absolutly amazing basically and thats about all there is to say <3

    Taking Back Sunday
  • I wonder . . .

    Out 11 2010, 23h25

    what it is that defines your musical taste.
    If asked I would say that The Gaslight Anthem is my favorite band.
    But if I really thought about it I would have to finish that sentence with 'at the moment' or 'this year'
    If I really put thought into it I would always come back to Taking Back Sunday, and favourite song would come back to My Chemical Romance with I'm not okay. Gaslight Anthem would at best get favourite album for 59 Sound.

    The notion has come into my head as I sit here on a monday night when I probably should be doing school work that I don't even know what it is that I'm listening to some My Chemical Romance, and it just made me smile.
    At heart I still am and probably always will be a 16 year old emo kid, yet now at 22 I'm hoping that I'm less of the emo self harming wreck I was at 16 . . . some days this is true anyway.

    So is musical taste defined by music we simply enjoy? Or is it what we relate to? Or even simpler than that, merely what was popular when we were young and we just didn't grow out of it?

    The latter makes sense in a way I suppose. 90's pop took me from 911 to the apparently pop punk of Busted and Avril Lavigne. Then I discovered Lifehouse and The Calling which was mildly alternative at the time. This led to the proper pop punk of Blink 182 and Sum 41 which then became a bit more emo and relevant to my life with Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance. This is pretty much the way it went from 16 till now, where 6 years later 2 of those final 3 are still listened to very regularly and still just as enjoyed. Forays have been made into maybe more deep Say Anything, more pop McFly and Saturdays, music with perhaps more merit like Johnny Cash and The Smiths and then now with The Gaslight Anthem.

    As per usual I got lost in thought and stopped making sense, but my grammar is still working so at least I'm practicing what I'm preaching at school.

    I think my point might be, that we think we think we change when we grow up and maybe in some ways we do. All I really know is that now I'm 22 and all grown up and professional, I almost feel more like that 16 year old emo kid than ever.

    This fact is just much more apparent when listening to those bands that I loved when I was young and just haven't grown out of yet.

    Truth be told, I hope I never do.
  • Taking Back Sunday

    Abr 12 2010, 22h01

    Alt Press Article

    Now Adam Lazzara is a man that I've been in love with and willingly adored for what, 4 or 5 years now, and I have never been irritated with him before.
    However this new line-up change, or more to the point, what he's saying about the line-up change has riled me slightly.

    We're on line-up change number 3008, or more accurately we're returning to the original line-up (though Jesse Lacey was an original member so not to sure how this works) which includes Adam Lazzara, Eddie Reyes, Mark O'Connell, John Nolan and Shaun Cooper. This is the immense line-up that gave us Tell All Your Friends which is an incredible album.

    Following this line-up we gained Matt Rubano and Fred, and Fred was amazing and in my opinion the talent. Where You Want To Be is my favorite of the 4 albums so far, and the best one to listen to from start to finish without a single track you'd want to skip.
    Surprisingly the line-up stayed the same for the 3rd studio album LouderNow which again was amazing but was the lesser of the 3.

    Then Fred left, which was a bit gutting really but they cited "artistic differences" and Fred later came back with his own album which was awesome:)

    Eventually Fred was replaced with Matt Fazzi and the rest of the band went on a PR mission to convince the world that this was their best line-up ever, that they were happy, productive, getting along better than ever and about to produce their best ever album with the line-up that would stick for good.
    Basically they said everything that is said about the new line-up in the article above.

    Its not that New Again was their best album, in fairness I think its probably the weakest as a whole with the occasional brilliance thrown in. It was the way that they promoted it, and made the whole experience seem so incredible with almost an infectious positivity to it that made it great. It was the way that now it wasn't just Adam promoting their work, they had Rubano and Fazzi on board too and there was a united front going on that hadn't been seen before. Even after the album was released there was still whole band collective and talk of their friendship and creativity that just made it seem a bit less forced and possible that whatever came next was going to be as great as before.

    I have nothing against the new / original line up though it is sad that the amazing bass player that was Rubano has left (I didn't have too much time for Fazzi) I take issue with the fact that every positive thing Adam has to say about the new line-up is followed by an dig at the previous like it meant nothing. "Typically with Taking Back Sunday, we'd spend two months coming up with four songs--two of which were okay, one that would need a lot of work and one that we would love." <- it just makes everything seem so negative, which fair enough it might have been but to say it out loud is just shitting on everything and everyone that made them what they are today.

    Which in my opinion is a band thats past their best, so they've recreated who they were at their best, which as much as he says "It was in no way, "Let's go get paid." it kind of is, because even though there's going to be new music rather than a cash-grab tour, the retreat to the former line-up is going to generate a whole lot more hype and media attention (especially as everyone still wants to know why the returning members quit to begin with) than perhaps would occur with a stable line-up. Also this way it means everyones going to be so intrigued about the story behind the reformation that the musics going to sell like shit anyway whether its good or not.

    As I said, this is all my opinion and most of it's probably wrong, but after reading that article it just pissed me off how Adam Lazzara has basically shit all over everything that put him where he is today. That said I'm still going to be one of the hopeless fans that looks out for every article and tid-bit of information like this to satisfy my love of the once great band until the release of the new album which will hopefully prove me wrong.

    Taking Back Sunday
  • Owl City - Fireflies

    Jan 24 2010, 20h57

    Owl City

    I do proper love this song, but come on, remind you a little bit of a one man version of Hellogoodbye??
  • Album of the year

    Dez 22 2009, 20h25

    In fairness, I think this non-honor may have to to to Taking Back Sunday for New Again in April.
    I can't think of a great deal of albums that I have rushed out to get on the day of release ever, and all the ones that I can think of have been by this band.
    Also I can't really think of a lot of albums that I've bothered to buy on c.d. this year, Taking Back Sunday, Robbie Williams (which is pretty great too tbf), Say Anything, Dashboard Confessional,

    .. .. ..

    It is at this point when I realize that I'm talking bollocks and that once again Taking Back Sunday have been beaten to number one in a list of my favorites by Gaslight Anthem with The 59 Sound.
    Which is in fact my favorite album of the year for a trillion reasons that I'm not going to go into because it's just that amazing it doesn't really need any reasons.

    That said, Taking Back Sunday is definitely a worthy holder of second place since New Again is awesome but still has 2 songs that are easy to press skip on, so really I don't knw what I was on when I forgot the Gaslight Anthem.

    I'll stop now.
  • This year in gigs

    Out 21 2009, 17h35

    Has been bloody amazing :D
    However poor TBS have been wiped off of the number 2 slot for best gig of the year even tho the Brixton Academy still wins as best venue.
    So as it stands now we have -

    1) Gaslight Anthem from February *With Frank Turner as support and the snow afterwards <3 *

    2) Frank Turner from October *With catching up with old friends and amazing times with the boy*

    3) TBS at Give it a Name in April *With the runaway weekend in London*

    4) Jack's Mannequin in September *With acoustic Something Corporate times*

    5) Is a tie with everyone else which is - Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, Billy Bragg and Brand New

    And theres still The Cribs at the new Academy to go in December, when the stupid internet decides to send me the tickets :D

    Love it :D
  • If there was ever a band . . .

    Jun 27 2009, 19h29

    . . . made to be doing what they are doing, its the Gaslight Anthem

    Just the most fucking amazing band on the planet.

    And this time I will say it.

    They beat TBS every single fucking time.The Gaslight Anthem
  • I take back everything I ever said about Jesse Lacey

    Jun 27 2009, 10h38

    Well, almost, I still think he's a mardy arse but at the same time i think that made for a better show since he wasnt distracted by making small talk untill very near the end where he just talked about lesbians and introduced a new track.
    They played like almost all of Deja (which still is my least favorite of the 3 albums but i liked it lots live) and then a good half of God and the Devil in order!! Seriously, Sowing Season, Milestone, Jesus, Degrauser then a little gap to You Wont Know (which was honestly the best performance of the night - he's just stood there playing along nicely, then suddenly goes insane, was powerful to watch tbh) then another gap to Not The Sun and then i think that was when they introduced a new track to end on then went off,
    Came back on in a very Adam Lazzara style, one man and his guitar BUT where Adam came on and sang a new track that at the time people didnt care about, Jesse Lacey comes back on and starts playing Soco Ameretto Lime <3 was fucking incredible, when you first realise thats what he's doing your like 'no, seriously?" since they left that entire album off the set list until now, but it was just incredible.
    3 years ago before uni this was our song and now, at the end of that, i don't know, just stuck a chord and i won't lie and pretend i didn't well up big time.
    Was just an amazing gig, just incredible, haven't seen the academy that busy in years, maybe since TBS 3 years ago.
    ~ Jesus Christ was haunting, for serious, just wow
    ~ Sowing Season and Degausser were intense *I not afraid, I am just a man who knows how to feel, I am not your friend, not your family, not your lover YEAH* and *Take me, take me back to your bed, I love you so much that it hurts my head!* just relentless and intense.
    ~ You Wont Know as I already said was just powerful, his passion for that song just came across in every way, was the highlight performance of the show.
    ~ Soco Ameretto Lime was just beautiful, enough said.

    So yea, I take back every remotely negative thing I ever said about Jesse Lacey and Brand New.
    And without directly saying it, that show was the 2nd best I've ever seen, 2nd only to Gaslight Anthem, but that is another blog.

    Brand NewI wanna stay 18 forever, so we can stay like this forever. You're just jealous cz we're young and in loveBrand New 26/6/09