13 of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard albums i own on vinyl amazing live apparently killer cult leaders make awesome musicians artist i worship beautiful diseuse ethereal fabulously nostalgic favourite songs female vocalist handclaps are fun i cannot express in words how much i love this song inspiring woman just amazing kate bush for the twenty-first century like freshly baked cookies for yr ears lo-fi lol how ironic magickal to listen to at 6am while watching the sun rise making harps cool again master storyteller most beautiful song in the universe most wonderous of cover songs moving music that makes me so happy its probably indecent music that should be used in poetic black and white films music to which i have been listening since i was an itty bitty child my favourite lyricist my favourite song that has ever existed my hero my very favourite album oh my gosh this song is fun one of the best albums of 2008 profound refreshing ridiculously fun to dance to saddle creek saddle creek records seen live singer-songwriter singles i own on vinyl smiths references make me so happy so beautiful it gives me chills so darn good so good it gives me chills so lovely and twee so many quotable lines for people you hate someone said this sounds like porn music songs so good they never get old songs that make me squee like a twelve year old fangirl spoken word surprisingly lovely the best goddamn band in history the most adorable thing ever to grace my speakers the musical equivalent of bedtime stories the musical equivalent of happy pills the only album that makes me the most productive person ever the saddest song i have ever heard wonderfully fun to sing along to