Jun 3 2010, 17h03

Ok, so you looking for some ...
at first:

1. Forget about the tag it's full of / (aka ), some - - (aka )
- all that / stuff.
also /, and all sort of stuff related with BUT not much electro.

2. let's start from the begining:

more pop'ish 80s - /

3. here some tags that try to keepin' it real:

and here some for some fake shit -

4. lookin' for some sub-electro geners?:
- all good stuff with bouncy bass
and more ghetto - ,
- a lot of out here too, but its not that bad
- influanced by electro or italo disco with some electro beats and feel
- early stuff and some new waves of so called
- this tag is not that clean as it shoud be, but for sure you find here a lot of weird stuff and some riffs
- also not that clean but better than



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