Faithless - Blew me away 10.12.10


Dez 11 2010, 10h50

Fri 10 Dec – Faithless, Example
the night started with a DJ set (name escapes me, sorry) getting people in the mood spinning tune from the Prodigy and the like.

Next up was Example who played a cracking set including all there hits from Won't Go Quietly and a couple of new tracks which sounded good. Finishing with Kickstarts they really wetted the appetite for there own tour in the new year

Then came Faithless and just how good where they? Well it was the best gig of 2010 so far. Maxi was on form, supported by the band and great vocals from Harry

Playing all their hits from The Dance having the effect on the crowd the name suggests. The crowd were bouncing all over place and the energy in the room was amazing.

Maxi was giving out his pearl of wisdoms on life, society, love and peace with electro wizardry supplied by Sister Bliss.

The highlight of the show was
Insomnia which I urge everyone to see Faithless perform live at least once before they die. Other classic hits were banged out with a gusto including I Want More Pt. 1, Miss U Less, See U More, and God Is a DJ.

After 1 hour and half of awesome tunes, faitheless left the stage and then returned for a encore of more tracks which concluded with the legendary We Come One.

At the end everyone was dripping wet and exhausted but in a place only faithless can take you. Hope to see them again out there soon! Awesome just awesome


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