Morrissey ( support Heartbreakers )


Nov 27 2011, 2h26

Yesterday was the last day at work before I leave!
I worked for 19.00. The concert started at 20.00.

I was a little late, because too early I got off the tram and had to walk!

I was furious at myself, I hate to be late!

But when I got there,
The team has already played Heartbreakerssupport.
I was curious how they play, because I read good reviews.
Vocalist me a little disappointed,

he had a voice like a goat or a tired voice ...

Exactly at 20.57 the stage decor has changed ...

It began a long drum solo (with tape)

when they started playing (the band consisted of three guitarists, drummer and keyboardist) right away you could hear the difference ..

full professionalism ......

but it was too loud and the acoustics were terrible!

very often all connect to one irritating tumult, rumble, noise ...

I had to clog the ears with fingers so as not deaf ...
While I stood at the end of the hall, right at the table sound engineers.

But Morrissey was brilliant,

voice in great form,

when he sang Every day is like sunday, I started to sing with him and the entire audience.

I noticed with astonishment that some people sing all the songs,
with Morrissey!

I do not know so well and English texts!!

Finally, it was Meat is murder .....

With a film about the murder of animals on canvas, which hung behind the musicians ..

When finished, audience went wild, and we applaud encore encore encore!
morrissey, he sang only one song at the end and walked out.

And the band played stunning, lasting several minutes, an instrumental track ....
And that was the end of ......

I went out into the night .....
and I felt somehow sad ?!?!?!?

I was happy and sad at the same time!

A little whistle in my ears .....Morrisey


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