Indie Music in TV Advertising


Nov 20 2007, 5h39

Maybe, like me, you've been noticing some recent TV ads that make excellent use of some excellent indie music. At one point this year (or was it last?) DeBeers was running an ad that featured Cat Power covering the Cat Stevens song "I Want to Tell You". Much to the dismay of Cat Power fans everywhere the track was never recorded as a full length single. Oh well. More recently however, JC Penny's has been running a Christmas ad featuring The Weepies song All That I Want. (I've heard that there is also a DeBeers commercial featuring the same track.) DeBeers is also running an ad featuring Landon Pigg's unreleased track Coffee Shop. You can find the track, however, on Landon's MySpace page. Target also got into the indie action with two great commercials featuring The Concretes song Say Something New and the Red House Painters song Cabezon. But, in my opinion, the best use of music in a TV commercial was last year's Volkswagen ad featuring Nick Drake's Pink Moon.

Have you spotted any great indie music in TV commercials? Please comment!

Update: How could I have forgotten Apple's iPod Nano commercial featuring Feist's single 1234. All apologies!

Update 2: I just saw a new Target commercial featuring The Go! Team. I'm not sure what the track is. Anybody know the name of the track?

Update 3: Ford Edge commercial featuring Band of Horses.

Update 4: has a nice article talking about how Apple's iPod commercials are launching bands from obscurity and into the charts. You can find it here.


  • Tiggrrr

    The superb Masters Apprentices - Because I Love You has been lowered to being used in a TV commercial advertising Australian government industrial relations policy.

    Nov 20 2007, 7h44
  • fernandom

    Hyundai uses Husky Rescue's City Lights.

    Nov 21 2007, 6h16
  • glassbottle

    there is a car commercial where two guys get in a car for a road trip and since the car is so good on gas by the time they need to refill they have big beards. Anyways in that commercial they do a HORRIBLE Cover of ZZ tops tush. The best song I heard was the one in the Viera TV commercial where it snows in Mexico.

    Nov 21 2007, 9h04
  • jcjohnson63

    there has been tons of music in ads.the beatles-revolution,led zeppelin-rock and roll,the who,iggy pop and the ramones.once upon a time it would have been considered heresay to do this to your the almighty dollar rules.except for a few brave souls.

    Nov 22 2007, 17h45
  • IRONICtypo

    I heard Well Thought Out Twinkles by Silversun Pickups in a Nissan ad.

    Nov 22 2007, 18h52
  • crazystargrl

    hm, on iTunes, they list a bunch of indie songs in tv ads. One I've heard is Dntel's Last Songs in a car commercial.

    Nov 22 2007, 22h37
  • unpro

    Iron and Wine's version of Such Great Heights is in an M&M's commercial that is, quite frankly, nothing like any of their other commercials. Semi-related, but somebody at the Fox show Bones seems to be a big Cat Power fan; it's one of two albums noted in the protagonist's record collection, and I've noticed Cat Power songs used in at least two episodes.

    Nov 23 2007, 13h49
  • megansmall

    The name of The Go! Team song is We Won't Be Defeated :D

    Dez 5 2007, 2h21
  • cmwingtx

    LG has a steam clothes dryer that features an instrumental version of Jens Lekman's A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill

    Dez 12 2007, 17h23
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