20 Favorite Rock Songs.


Jul 13 2011, 23h07

20-Rush-Tom Sawyer
19-Dio-The Sign Of The Southern Cross
18-Mudhoney-Here Comes Sickness
17-Pink Floyd-Take It Back
16-Silverchair-Emotion Sickness
15-The Clash-London Calling
14-The Offspring-Gotta Get Away
13-Living Colour-Cult Of Personality
12-The Who-You Better You Bet
11-Red Hot Chili Peppers-Around The World
10-The Cure-Fascination Street
9-Suede-Animal Nitrate
7-U2-Sunday Bloody Sunday
6-Smashing Pumpkins-Bullet With Butterfly Wings
5-Van Halen-Jump
4-Rage Against The Machine-Killing In The Name
3-Foo Fighters-Monkey Wrench
2-Alice In Chains-Would?
1-Pearl Jam-Jeremy


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