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  • insolubility

    ja, ik heb het idee dat een deel van mijn " wat moet ik hiermee" kwam doordat ik de video voor extinct erbij keek. wat de muziek niet echt goed doet. ik heb hem gister nog een kas gegeven.. eerste nummers klinken erg goed, maar halverwege zitten wat nummers die me niet zo liggen.. misschien gewoon iets vaker luisteren.

    22 Abr 14h40 Responder
  • insolubility

    mmm een beetje, ik weet alleen niet zeker of ik deze niet zo goed vind of ik gewoon geen zin had in moonspell..

    21 Abr 20h59 Responder
  • Myoclonus

    Zoals kracht energie is, is water stom

    18 Mar 18h39 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    If you ever have the chance and resources to go to Athens for a gig in the future, don't miss out. I'm back from Up the Hammers X today and it was completely awesome. A great, chaotic, lively city, the monuments and hills, the beers for 1 Euro on every street corners, the atmosphere at the concert...

    8 Mar 19h15 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    As OZ put it in 1984: Turn the cross upside down!

    14 Fev 20h06 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Yes I did, it was part of a rather hazily remembered Sol Invictus celebration on the 21st of december. Dragging myself to work the next morning was quite the tribulation, but that wasn't the fault of the tune. Paul Kearn's vocals really improved, didn't they? I'm quite confident that the best is yet to come for the current incarnation of Solstice.

    12 Fev 17h01 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Sorry for the lack of feedback recently, my time is being almost parasitically sucked away by the busy times that have made themselves at home here with me at the moment.

    9 Fev 19h00 Responder
  • Jaribroham

    Fijn dat je ook Birth of a Penguin van Danny Elfman zo waardeert. Word ik alleen maar heppie van.

    23 Jan 22h46 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    The vocals on the first track you sent me are really cool, sounds a bit like Attila Csihar or the Cultes des Ghoules guy. It makes black metal so much more engaging than those singers who screech at the top of their lungs for five minutes without any minor change in intonation. The music itself reminds me of Mayhem's DMDS with the unexpected breaks and the small melodic bits thrown in. Production-wise, a bit more grit and dirt for the guitars would sit well with me. Overall, really good work.

    11 Jan 12h20 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Oh, Indian mythology, cool! Are you the lyricist for this new band? On that note, there's a black metal band called Cult of Fire from the Czech Republic and they released an album with similar lyrical matter in 2013. Ever listened to them?

    11 Jan 11h10 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Saving it to the ol' hard drive just now, will listen soon. It's been a busy week - working, studying and trying to make a dent in those piles of compulsive book purchases (used books in almost pristine condition are dirt cheap nowadays).

    11 Jan 11h03 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Thank you! May I suggest a Judas Priest cover? The amount of musical projects you're involved in would make "You've got another band coming" a natural fit! By the way, the year's off to a good slow start - next week, Bohren & the Club of Gore will quietly invade my hometown for one of their rare concerts.

    9 Jan 16h49 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Merry new year, old wizard of the nether lands.

    1 Jan 17h03 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Yes, I saw the news. I wasn't really surprised, seeing that SV is the band that used to loop a psychedelic video of raining pills and weed in the background while playing. I've seen them here in my hometown while Wino was still allowed in Europe, haha. It was great! No Reagers for you, though, I'm afraid. The people reporting from the tour said that Chandler and the drummer, Henry Vasquez, are sharing the vocal duties while Gerrit Mutz of Dawn of Winter and some other guy were helping out at Hammer of Doom additionally. Nice to hear that you're getting more into Manilla Road - sometimes it really matters where you start. "Open the Gates" of 1985 has lots of hymns, too - check it.

    17 Nov 2014 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    I'd like to recommend you the new Opium Warlords album. It's much less noisy than the last one and "The Self-Made Men" and some parts of "Mount Meru" almost sound like the stuff Albert put on "So Long Suckers". And there's some weird soft rock/drone stuff, too!

    16 Nov 2014 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    Oh, and here are some upcoming live offerings that might be in your general corner of the world: On 29.11.14, Arkham Witch will be playing a The Lamp of Thoth set in Brügge and next year, on the 2nd of May, Atlantean Kodex (and some others) will play in Oberhausen.

    31 Out 2014 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    For me, next tuesday will be the time for a St. Vitus dance. Ironically, Saint Vitus' presence in my hometown spells doom for my attendance of Hammer of Doom 9 - Saint Vitus will be headlining, but the rest of the line-up (except Trouble) is quite lacklustre, so it doesn't justify the expenses. Maybe I should travel to Procession and Dread Sovereign in Berlin instead, but it's right in the middle of the week.

    31 Out 2014 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    He was a fool, that's what he was! Every answer has been written on every single dust particle of the vast creation since the very beginning. How could it not be written on two massive slabs of Atlantean Kodex vinyl, too? I feel like revisiting the Pnakotic demos.

    28 Set 2014 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    I'm only three spins in, so it's too early for carved-in-stone opinions, but at the moment I'd say that it is stronger than Aod/DoL (on which I principally agree with you, for now). The riffs have more punch and the songwriting's more focused. Another thing that makes this album very different is the inclusion of vocals on three tracks. Luckily, they're well executed. At the moment, "Rooks Across the Gate" is my favourite track - sombre outlaw folk drone.

    19 Set 2014 Responder
  • affluent_tramp

    I've got me a new Earth album. Praise the riff!

    18 Set 2014 Responder
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