Shuffle quiz that no-one will read but I'm bored.


Mar 5 2012, 21h46

Put your iPod/mp3 player on random/shuffle and then answer the questions with the song that comes up...

1. What's a weird phrase you like to say?

2. What's your life like?
Get It

3. What's something you've never said?
좋은 날

4. What do you do at parties and stuff like that?

5. What's your love life like?
Haru Haru (So accurate.)

6. What'll be your wedding song?
Eat You Up

7. Your honeymoon song?
Intoxication (WELL IT DOES FIT)

8. Your best friend's theme song:

9. Your theme song:

10. Your parents' theme song:
Good-bye Baby

11. Your rocking out song:
Ring Ding Dong

12. The song you have on your iPod but can't stand to listen to:
단짝 (My Best Friend) (Not true!)

13. The song that gets stuck in your head easily:
I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon) (True story)

14. Your significant other's theme:
Loving You (;;)

15. The song for when you're about to do something stupid:
Supa Solo (feat. Swings)

16. Your song for doing surveys to:
All Night Long (ACCURATE)

17. How is your health?

18. Your childhood theme song:
Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)

19. The song you first heard in your first car:
It Girl

20. At your funeral, the song then:

21. Your first kids' song:
Supa Luv

22. The way you feel about your kids:

23. How are you feeling?
Electric Heart

24. What are you looking forward to today?
Don't Stop The Music

25. What's your favorite thing to do?

26. What are you afraid of most?
I'm your man

27. What are you craving at the moment?

28. When you hear an annoying sound you say?
향수 뿌리지마

29. When you fall you think:
I My Me Mine

30. Before you fall asleep you think of:
Be My Baby

31. How do you feel about the people you love?
마녀가 된 이유

32. What comes to mind when you think of someone you hate?
The Boys

33. What's something you always keep in mind?
꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (feat. 용준형 of 비스트)

34. What's your motto?
Bubble Pop!

35. Your reason for waking up in the morning:

36. Your crush has the quality of:

37. When you taste something amazing, you think:
다시 사랑

38. How you feel about your pets:

39. When describing yourself you tell people:

40. When people say "your mom" you think:
Mr. Simple

41. The rain reminds you of:

42. Models make you think of:
I Love You I Do

43. What is your deepest darkest secret?
Wedding Dress

44. In your past life you were:

45. Describe your room:

46. How would you describe your favorite memory?

47. To you, what do smelly socks represent?

48. How about the American flag?
Without You

49. A hot guy/girl?
Lucifer (LOL)

50. What comes to mind when you hear a car alarm?
아.미.고 (AMIGO)

51. And the doorbell?
Trouble Maker

52. When you smell eggs it makes you want to:
Over U


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