My Best and Worst Concerts of 2006


Dez 19 2006, 18h20

Well, no more concerts until 2007. I wish we had awesome New Year's Eve concerts here. But since we don't, that leaves me to remember the best and worst concerts I saw this year.

The Best

1. David Gray - 08/08/06 at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa

Now for those that know me well, this probably isn't a surprise for the number one spot. I'd been dying to see David Gray for years... since I'd first heard White White Ladder in 2002.

David and his band played a mix of old and new material, though it was a little heavy on Life In Slow Motion songs for my liking. We were treated to an awesome solo My Flame Turns Blue and a great rendition of Sail Away. David seemed tired - his voice was a little rough around the edges. But I didn't complain... I still have his setlist at home, waiting to be framed.

2. Michael Franti & Spearhead - 07/09/06 at CiscoSystems Bluesfest Main Stage, Ottawa

A perennial favourite at Ottawa's premiere festival, Michael Franti & Spearhead didn't disappoint. The group played most of the songs from this year's album, Yell Fire!. But the relative unfamiliarity of the songs didn't bore the crowd. It was odd to see even those in the sitting section up and dancing around by halfway through the set. The set was balanced by old favourites, such as Bomb The World, Never Too Late and Everyone Deserves Music. This was one of the highlights of Bluesfest this year.

3. Xavier Rudd - 11/17/06 at the Bronson Centre, Ottawa, ON

I never seem to tire of Xavier Rudd. Okay, correction: I tire of his encores at his concerts, though perhaps this one was a little better! The Bronson Centre was an odd place for an Xavier Rudd concert - unassigned seating, a small space for the crowd, and only 300 tickets. But this crowd seemed a bit better than the last time I saw him... Xavier even invited the kids up onstage to dance with him during To Let. He also played Jack, a seldom-played track known from Live in Canada. It was a high energy show, Xavier wanted to play longer and everyone had a great time.

Honourable Mentions:
Danny Michel - 11/29/06 at the Glebe Community Centre, Ottawa, ON
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - 07/08/06 at Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON
Coldplay - 03/17/06 at Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON

The Worst

1. Bob Dylan - 11/05/06 at Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON
I have never cross-stitched during a concert. I even hate talking during a show. I have never gone out for repeated "fresh air" breaks during a concert. I have never left a show early. I did all of these during Bob Dylan.

Nothing like having the performer stand with his back to half the arena for an entire show. Or screw up songs beyond recognition... on one song I could tell the song was a trainwreck, and I didn't even know the song. When you say you liked the Foo Fighters better, you know there's a problem.

I went in with no expectations for this show. I left with a great dislike for Bob Dylan. Needless to say, we won't be buying his CDs, and when we hear him on the radio, we change the station.

Yeah, it was that bad.

Dishonourable Mentions:
McGillicuddy Sisters - 07/11/06 at CiscoSystems Bluesfest, Ottawa, ON

Concert list for 2006
11/29/06 Danny Michel - Glebe Community Centre; Ottawa, ON
11/17/06 Xavier Rudd - Bronson Centre; Ottawa, ON
11/17/06 Justin Nozuka - Bronson Centre; Ottawa, ON
11/10/06 Gordon Lightfoot - NAC; Ottawa, ON
11/05/06 Bob Dylan - Scotiabank Place; Ottawa, ON
11/05/06 Foo Fighters - Scotiabank Place; Ottawa, ON
09/26/06 Eric Clapton - Scotiabank Place; Ottawa, ON
09/26/06 Robert Cray Band - Scotiabank Place; Ottawa, ON
08/08/06 David Gray - NAC; Ottawa, ON
08/08/06 Theresa Sokyrka - NAC; Ottawa, ON
07/15/06 Junior Brown - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/15/06 Chicago Blues Reunion - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/15/06 David Maxwell - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/15/06 Trevor Hall - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/15/06 Danny Michel (Solo) - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/14/06 Kathleen Edwards - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/14/06 Danny Michel and the Black Tornadoes - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/14/06 Jim Bryson - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/14/06 Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/12/06 Dickie Betts and Great Southern - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/12/06 Hackensaw Boys - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/12/06 Casey Comeau - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/11/06 Blue Rodeo - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/11/06 David Knopfler - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/11/06 McGillicuddy Sisters - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/09/06 Michael Franti and Spearhead - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/09/06 Ani DiFranco - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/08/06 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON
07/07/06 Maraca - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
07/07/06 Corb Lund - CiscoSystems Bluesfest; Ottawa, ON
03/17/06 Coldplay - Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON
03/17/06 Richard Ashcroft - Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON


  • laddo22

    Holy crap you like your concerts XD

    Dez 20 2006, 4h27
  • schtef

    I love Michael Franti live - he's such an entertainer, making his live performances spontaneous and lots of fun. Wow, I can't believe that Bob Dylan was so bad. It's a bit sad really as he's such a musical legend.

    Jan 4 2007, 5h04
  • PsychoTwerp

    I don't remember the mcgillicuddy sisters being bad

    Abr 3 2007, 23h56
  • JoseePLPJ

    I had written something similar up for 2006. Just so yours so I thought I would share. I can't wait to write up 2007, it's been a great year for me. Hits Concerts: Pearl Jam - Got to see them 5 times this tour, great times. Toronto X2, Albany, Hartford, Pittsburgh The Who in Ottawa - Just seeing the Who was incredible, but doubly special being 11th row center in Ottawa. Great show! RHCP in Ottawa - The sound was shitty and something was up the mars Volta's ass, but it was a fun show just the same. Death Cab For Cutie in Ottawa - Another band I was glad to see in Ottawa. They put on a great show. Foo Fighters in London, ON - Technically a Bob Dylan show, but the Foo stole the show with their kick-ass acoustic set. Starsailor in Ottawa - My last show with Ginnig before she moved to Edmonton...sentimental, but still a good small show. Bluesfest in Ottawa - I love bluesfest in the summer. Wilco, Ani Difranco, New Pornographers, Etta James, etc. You can't go wrong... Ben Harper in Toronto - Bad weather, good show, fun times. Radiohead in Montreal - Radiohead at the Place des Arts, incredible. The Black Keys opening was chocolatey goodness. Final Fantasy in Wakefield - Seeing any show at the Black Sheep is always good, I have to get out there more. Final Fantasy has to be seen live and Grizzly Bear opening were awesome. Misses for one reason or another: The Strokes, CSNY, NIN (boo), Coldplay, Metric, Beirut, Yo La Tengo, Bright Eyes

    Nov 2 2007, 2h49
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