What introduced me to lounge?


Fev 19 2007, 17h37

A few years ago, some friends and I turned up at Suzi Wong, a boat restaurant that stopped existing shortly after.

The boat had a lounge in the lower deck and an open, unlit upper deck, which was so full of people smoking and drinking, I'm surprised it didn't cave in. Given our aversion to smoke, we decided to settle in the lower deck lounge.

It was the middle of the week, so the lounge was empty. It was probably the first 'lounge' I had actually been to. The ambience was so middle eastern, although the name would have suggested an slightly oriental setup. I felt like a Persian prince sitting on a big velvet sofa with three princesses and no one else! :)

Then, they played this song. That song transported me to a different time and place. This song was the reason I felt everything that I just described here. My entire outlook to non-120+ BPM music changed completely. I knew my music life that followed was going to be entirely different. I had to find out what it was. It was This Voiceless Cry from Buddha Bar: Chill Out in Paris Vol. 1.

Since then, I've never missed a Buddha Bar, Cafe Del Mar or tons of other soothing, alluring, transcontinental collections of music.

Thank you, Harri Lake and David Visan!


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