Note to self


Mar 25 2008, 11h38


  • csquared221

    I haven't heard of pretty much all of these bands. I know dispatch (who are amazing) and Ingrid Michaelson (also good). Yup, thats it. I think it might be because we are no longer technically roommates. Though we will always be roommates for life!! later whore.

    Ago 7 2008, 4h55
  • _morebetterness

    I hadn't heard of them either, they came up on my Pandora radio, and I wanted to make a note of them somewhere so I could listen to them again later. You should check them out!! They're so good. Hurry up and come back so we can hang out! <3

    Ago 7 2008, 13h18
  • eggskeleton

    Mai 9 2011, 13h00
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