March! What a fuckin' kickass month for shows!


Fev 21 2008, 1h13

So, as far as I can tell, March is a huge touring time, and I can clearly see why--spring is arriving! people want to get out and dance around, shakin' their groove thang every which way, since winter is such a downer man!

Anyways, I am myself going to two killer shows this March, both of which are in Chicago (biiig surprise there... Milwaukee rarely has good shit going on). The first one being the MSTRKRFT show at Vision with LA Riots, The Bloody Beetroots, Lazaro Casanova, and dark wave disco. I am SO pumped for this show, I almost peed my pants when I got done buying my ticket online. Seriously, I got as excited as a little untrained pup and almost leaked a little at one of my campus' computer labs. That is excitement, let me tell you!! So yeah, I've never been to Visions, but I'm sure it's better than any other stupid Milwaukee venue. I digress. So, yeah, I cannot wait for this show! I've been listening a lot to The Bloody Beetroots, and it gets me even more excited. Gosh, I'm giddy like a little school girl! (Ok, I get a little cliche once in a while.. sue me.)

This girl cannot wait to go get her dance on to Work On You or Street Justice, let alone anything that The Bloody Beetroots throw out.

I better drink lots of water, cuz I know I'll be sweatin' it out to some hottt shit.

Also, I'm going to see the Myspace Music Tour (I was totally apprehensive to admit to that part--don't hate me!) at the Rivera in Chicago... with Justice as the headliner, as well as Chromeo, Fancy, DJ Mehdi, and Busy P. This lineup is going to be a shitload of fun, let me tell you! The last time Justice was in Chicago, I had a)no funds and b)school-related things. I was pretty pissed/upset. HOWEVER! Now, my dream is coming true. I thought I wouldn't have another chance to catch Justice, but I do!!!

As far as the others... I've seen Chromeo and DJ Mehdi already and I like both of them a lot, so I'm glad they're a part of this tour! As far as Fancy and Busy P, well, I can't wait to see what they've got goin' on!

All in all, March is going to be the ultimate musicfest month for me (and everyone else cool enough to go to either of these shows). What a way to beat those god damn winter blues!

*stay tuned for my reviews!!*


  • doors__locked

    i dont know if you have gone to go see them yet, but i went to the MSTRKRFT show in la with la-riots, diabetic and z-trip and it was definitely one of the most fun shows i have been to! if you havent gone yet, you will definitely have a great time!

    Mar 13 2008, 2h39
  • niqua3

    yea i saw MSTRKRFT and Mehdi in SF on the the 1st and 14th and it was amazing. i actually got to get on stage and dance with him so i can't even look at a picture of him w/o blushing!

    Mar 18 2008, 8h40
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