• 04/01-03

    Abr 3 2007, 19h48

    Following the FF12 ost I got to some backtracking to albums that I had recently added that were before or in the Fs. First came some older Dwelling of Duels tracks that I downloaded. I would like to make it a point that any of the contributions that Luiza has made to the monthly DOD competitions have been amazing. From the recent Dimensional Horizons, to the classic Fire Cross, or Cessation of Mammon and Timeless Hero I just really like the guitar style and flair that is put into those remixes. I hope that she could possibly be inspired to remix something by Shoji Meguro, some DDS inspired stuff =D. I figure since she already uses distortion alot and adds such an epic guitar angle to most tracks, since Meguro's stuff already has awesome utilization of guitar it would just be exponentially improved.

    Freezepop's Fashion Impression Function was great to listen to. I really liked Lazy and Shark Attack as well as Tenisu No Boifurendo (Komodo Mix). Overall a very cool and chill album. Next was also Fancy Ultra Fresh by Freezepop which I also enjoyed. Duct Tape My Heart, Outer Space, and Bike Thief were highlights for me. After having been introduced to them through the awesomeness that is Amplitude I am sure to be coming back for more listening to Freezepop.

    I also recently added a good deal of Frou Frou to my stuff. I stumbled over Frou Frou after having seen an AMV for Rahxephon that was to Must Be Dreaming. After having heard Must Be Dreaming and the utterly ethereal feel infused with a tinge of nostalgia to something you're not sure, I was sold. I realized after getting the album that Let Go had been in that Garden State movie, it's an ok track that did not particularly stick out to me personally from the album. The real treasures I found on the album Details was of course Must Be Dreaming, as well as Breathe In. Must Be Dreaming is just amazing, but I already touched on that. Breathe In is a relaxing affair that feels like it skips along and you don't particularly want it to end. It's Good To Be In Love also stuck out to me for some reason, so worth mentioning although I don't have any definite impressions of it.

    The Breathe In single remixes as well as what I'm assuming is a B-side, Close Up, were awesome as well. Like I said the thing about Breathe in was that you feel like if the track was even a little longer it would be even better. Well that is exactly what the remixes do, extending it while adding in some arrangement altering and adding in some other instrument tracks. The Watkins Mix Full Version is pretty awesome, but all of the remixes have their individual rights to being awesome and each have a unique reason to want to go back to listen to it again. Which I think speaks for each of them in that as a remix of something you already know you would have an inclination to listen to the remix particularly because of something unique in just that remix.

    Getting back on schedule I moved on to the last of the Final Fantasy album chunks, I think there are some piano styled albums later on with Final Fantasy material. Final Fantasy 7 was pretty good, I try to not let the nostalgia factor change my opinion from purely objective. Of course games seem more magic and amazing when you reflect back on them, but as I've played more and more RPGs FF7 was put into perspective and really isn't as amazing as most put it up to be. Now that doesn't have anything to do with the soundtrack, so on to the actual thoughts of that.

    The soundtrack jumps around from tracks that are really good, to above average songs, with only a few mediocre or average. Naturally the Final Fantasy Prelude is lovingly portrayed in this rendition of the game, followed by the Opening: Bombing Mission which expertly sets the stages for the game. Anxious Hearts is a great track which sets such a sense of exactly that, anxious and waiting for something...but what exactly? Tifa's theme is a nice soft piece that really helped portray her as a sister figure to Cloud, they grew up together and understood each other. Now the Fighting track is just so awesome, the metal clanging reminds me of Xenogears a bit and I could just imagine the beeps and noises from moving around the battle menus, same goes for Still More Fighting. Now Tracks like Holding My Thoughts in My Heart, FF VII Main Theme, Interrupted By Fireworks, and Aerith's Theme are what make it for me on this soundtrack. Different feeling but still amazing are also Weapon Raid, Highwind Takes to the Skies, as well as The Nightmare's Beginning and On That Day, 5 Years Ago. Reflecting back on this soundtrack it is a really good one, I feel though that the high level of nostalgia associated with each track may be a good and a bad thing. I'm not sure how much of my appreciation of the tracks are for the fact that I've spent over 200 hours on the given game, or the track is really that good.

    Next came Snow Patrol's Final Straw which I actually really enjoyed. This came recommended from a friend, hadn't heard of them otherwise aside from being mentioned occasionally in the media. For some reason they remind me of a softer Foo Fighters, or rather not as aggressive as some of the Foo Fighter's stuff. This is a good thing since I'm a big fan of Dave Grohl's stuff. The whole album of Final Straw was a treat to listen to, a definite "must be heard all at once" kinda thing.

    Next came Nine Inch Nail's Fixed, man do I absolutely love remixes of NIN material. The songs off of Broken were sweet, to be remixed into ambient/industrial/awesomeness then it's like turning an already great trip into something better. Every single track is sweet, again listening to long tracks like this you can NEVER listen to like 3 minutes and make up your mind. What always seems to happen to me is you find that one hook halfway or so through a song, then keep coming back to hear that one hook, or one sample cause it was so awesome. Once you do that then you proceed to find another, then another, that is when you realize the song really is awesome.
  • 03/24-04/01

    Abr 1 2007, 18h07

    When it comes to Final Fantasy IX for some reason the majority of people whose opinions I have heard did not have particularly strong feelings of it. I played through most of it back when it came out, and only in the past year played through it fully. I am of the opinion, with a few of my friends, that it was at least one of the better recent Final Fantasies. Between the characters being awesome, 4 person party brought back, and the learning skills from equipment I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Now the soundtrack is one of my personal favorites of the series. First you have the Battle themes, Battle 1 (random battles), Battle 2 (boss battles), as well as the situational Hunter's Chance theme song for a particular part in the game topped off by the sweet Final Battle track. All songs I found to be just as you'd expect from Nobuo Uematsu, top notch music to get you into the groove for tearing it up. Next you have various tracks relating to certain characters, Vivi's theme is an unforgettable quirky plodding song that totally captures his cluelessness of the world and his genuine curiosity, mischief ensues. Steiner and Beatrix's Rose of May and slightly altered Protecting My Devotion were awesome tracks as well, despite Steiner being a total goof and slightly annoying these tracks made watching his scenes managable. Freya's Theme as well as the Burmecian Kingdom theme is just filled with regret and sadness, beautiful with the backdrop of rain and overcast weather of the city. Then with other assorted tracks such as the wonderful airship song, sleepless city of treno's lovely track, and the absolutely necessary "You're Not Alone!" for that awesome part in the story where the hero has lost his light and at a loss for purpose(oh no!). To top it all off, Melodies of Life has to be one of my favorite by far theme songs for a Final Fantasy game that has lyrics, stunning song. So yes, I am totally a sucker for this particular OST by Uematsu, one of the better FF OSTs.

    Next came Final Fantasy Tactics and all the greatness that is associated with, in my opinion, the best game ever to carry "Final Fantasy" in the title. Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata are responsible for this spell-binding score. Now because this is a primarily Strat-RPG game most of the songs are battle tracks, and boy does it serve up some of the most sweeping tracks ever. Starting from the Title opening track, and the opening movie song, you know you're in for something epic, even the character creation track cements the feeling of impending immersion into a legendary tale.

    I can definetly not get enough of the "Attack Team" track of when you're placing your troops into deployment formation. Basically EVERY single track that plays during a given battle will get your blood pumping and ready for action. Trisection, Unavoidable Battle, Decisive Battle, Run Past Through the Plain, Tension 1, Back Fire, Antipyetic, and "Heretics" give a sense of urgency with excellent use of bells, brass, and strings accompanied by military style snare or deep brooding drums. On the other side of battle tracks comes Desert Land, Remnants, Random Waltz, Under the Stars, and Antidote in the Snow offer a bit of a lighter mood for some random encounters. Finally the character themes for Delita, Alma, "Heroes Theme" all give a sense of being swept up in something bigger than they can handle, even Algus' theme is melancholy and reflective. The mixture of emotional tracks distributed between intense scores for the action flow well together.

    Much like the flow of the game, constant fighting is interrupted by soft moments of reflection and revelations. There is not much left I can say aside from that I absolutely love this soundtrack.

    Next came FF VII's Reunion Tracks. While I enjoyed the play through of the game, it never struck me as powerful as it did to most people. It was above average at best. The tracks are of course Nobuo's best offering from the actual OST. The Opening Theme - Bombing Mission really is legendary, perfectly fitting of the moment. Still More Fighting, the first time you hear that fighting Reno at the top of the pillar was adrenaline-high inducing. Quirkyness abound with Honeybee Manor and Electric De Chocobo, good stuff. The Main Theme, Ahead on Our Way, Battle Theme, One Winged Angel are bound to take you back to some great memories of the playthrough.

    Next came the FF XII soundtrack, I picked this up before the game got released (I personally still have not played it) because the Limited Edition version seemed too good to miss. Plus it is done by Hitoshi Sakimoto, I couldn't turn it down. Well I must say it is hard to have impressions of a body of music so large (4 WHOLE filled discs) without any idea what they relate to. Also 3 of the 4 discs I have were labeled by iTunes in japanese so that helps alot when I want to try to remember a particular track. First of all, it has an extremely polished sound. The sweeping emotion throughout all the tracks I think lends itself well to the change in playstyle that FF XII introduced, a much larger and interactive world as opposed to static 2d backgrounds. That being said I enjoy listening to it but I think I need to have a better grasp on the context of some of the tracks because this could be an orchestral score to a movie, and it doesn't help when you may not even know the name for which the piece is supposed to accompany. It may give off a feeling of sneaking, or urgency, or curiosity but without an exact context for an album so dense, you get lost in the tracks. Hearing track 13 on disc 3 though made me crack an instant smile. It is the rendition of the classic final fantasy music executed with perfection, it has been reborn with such beauty that it gives my spine tingles to hear the snares and rumbling drums followed by the trumpets and strings spilling forth the melody.

    Alas, I would continue further onto the FF7 OST but I must go back and listen to other tracks that I have recently added. Too bad I haven't made progress much this past week.
  • 03/19-24

    Mar 24 2007, 16h49

    I did not make much progress this week as I kept getting sidetracked with work or listening to particular playlists and such.

    The major completion over this time was the Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack. The game itself was nothing spectacular in my opinion, but then again most final fantasy games are turning out that way these days... that is a whole other issue in itself, anyways back to the soundtrack. One of the big issues I've had with Nobuo Uematsu is that his compositions as big as they are, most of the time 4 discs, do not have as many songs on the album that you could easily listen to out of context. His arrangements are great and all, but compared to other composers that I have been exposed to since discovering the joy that is video game scores, but the ratio of tracks I would randomly listen to on his albums are not as high as others. That being said, Force your way, Waltz for the Moon, The Man with the Machine Gun, Only a Plank Between One and Perdition, and of course Eyes on Me are particular favorites of mine. Also Ride On, Lunatic Pandora, as well as the last 3 battle tracks The Legendary Beast, Maybe I'm a Lion, and The Extreme were some memorable tunes as well. Another issue I had with FF8 was that Omega Weapon was a huge pushover hah.

    Following that came some FF 9 remixes by various artists. One of my favorites of the batch is Destiny's Veiled World, I just love her musical style in general. Sefiros' 2 mixes from FF9, Memories, Frozen in Time and To Be Forgotten Is Worse Than Death, are awesome. The second being a incredible since Freya's theme was just so badass in FF9.

    The Final Fantasy Concert is pretty darn awesome. Hearing anything performed live is generally an awe inspiring thing. Hearing tunes such as Vama'alla Flamenco, Tina's Theme, or Melodies of Life performed by a full orchestra is just breathtaking. Those songs being my personal favorite of the setlist.

    Now progress through the FF9 soundtrack crawls along.
  • 03/09 - 18

    Mar 18 2007, 23h59

    Again with a relatively long gap, I need to start making these closer together so I can actually gather my thoughts on what I thought of each album. The primary purpose of this whole venture was to help me figure out what music I have that I could do without, the dead weight in my library, since my ipod is again filling up. Only a couple gigs left of the 80 total.

    After the Elfen Lied goodness came the amazing Encore: Live and Direct by Scooter. What can I say? Scooter is such a feel good guilty pleasure of catchy hooks and silliness that I can't speak ill of them. Them live is even more amazing. I recently acquired some DJ Shadow from a friend and listened through Endtroducing... and Diminishing Returns to catch up on his albums alphabetically. I really understand now how I had heard his name so much in passing, but I just hadn't looked into it. DJ Shadow has such a solid and polished feel to his songs that it is such a treat and a delight to listen to.

    Next came Blink-182's Enema of the State, now they aren't the most profound group out there, I'm pretty sure they never claimed to be, but I'll be damned if their stuff doesn't bring back some good memories for me. Back in the day I used to listen so much to it, that's come to an end and I rarely go out of my way to listen to it, but I don't think I can part with the tracks. Next came some Aphex Twin EPs as well as other guises he is known by, Power-pill and Polygon Window. I really enjoyed the EP On Remixes in particular, I'm a sucker for the percussion and delayed piano used in some of the tracks.

    Thom Yorke's Eraser came next, it really does sound like Radiohead minus the band. It still has his signature wailing and melancholy feel to it, perfect for the right times. The soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a great, quirky, cd that is a good listen through and brings back some great images from such a beautiful movie. This was followed by the hilarious Eiffel 65 Europop cd. I'm hesitant to say I do in fact own it, it was one of the first cds I bought. Isn't that what you kinda do in elementary school? No one in my family was particularly invested in music as much as I am now, so I didn't have any specific tastes rub off on me as a child. Whatever, I am certainly glad where my current taste for music lies now anyways. BTW europop is awesome cheese!!!!

    Every Breath You Take: The Classics! The Police are awesome. His name is STING for crying out loud AND he was in David Lynch's amazing rendition of Dune. They also do Roxanne, yeah those 3 are enough reason for me. Next was Everything You Need by Slightly Stoopid, I really did like the random covers of songs such as Perfect Gentleman. Nothing stuck out at me in particular though.

    311's Evolver was slightly more palatable of an album to me on the first listen through. Some of their material may yet escape the purge that is to come after my venture. Chemical Brother's Exit Planet Dust, I've come to the conclusion that among all of the Chemical Brother's material there must be at least be one song for every different person, well not counting those that might be against awesome music. Fable's original soundtrack has some reminiscent tracks, but nothing that screams "Listen to me non-stop for the rest of your life" like some other game soundtracks have for me(Shoji Meguro I'm lookin at your amazing work!). Sondre Lerche's Faces Down was a relaxing ride through some smooth tracks. This was followed by The Cure's Faith, I think I need to give this some repeated listens. It didn't catch me the first time I went through, it came highly recommended so I wanna give it another go.

    The Lostprophet's Fake Sound of Progress was an amazing album. Their initial single with Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja that I recieved for free took time, but it grew on me so much. I don't necessarily appreciate the direction they went after this album, but then again I haven't heard much past that one single "Last Train Home" or whatever. All I can say is Kobrakai, The Fake Sound of Progress (longer version from the single), and For Sure are fucking money.

    Dream Theater's Falling into Infinity is another album that I need more time with. I get the feeling this is not something that can be decided on after merely 1 listen through. Extortion Labs Fallout, I was directed to this by a friend and I can honestly say I have no idea how they aren't moving up faster cause their sound and feel is great. FSOL's Far Out Son of Lung and the Ra as well as Prodigy's Fat of the Land are money, 'nuff said. Squarepusher's Feed me Wierd Things, I have to say I am down with the whole IDM stuff, Aphex and Squarepusher, but I need some more exposure to their works as a whole so I understand more of their body of their work. For a slight skimming of his stuff it's all good imho. Kylie Minogue's Fever, umm cool catchy dance pop music that I ain't ashamed of having ;p. FFIX Piano Collections, oh schnap about to hit the FF chunk. Vamo' alla Flamenco is godly, FF9 had an amazing soundtrack and Vamo' alla Flamenco rocks the fuck out. THE FIFTH ELEMENT SOUNDTRACK, the quirkyness that is the movie by Luc Besson in music form. Yes it holds up and brings back the best of memories and is an awesome arrangement of musical genius.

    Fight Club Soundtrack Dust Brothers bless you for just being awesome. I'm actually just a huge sucker for soundtracks period, but Fight Club's is a great one with quirky bubbly pieces like Ikea man, as well as brooding tracks like Fight At Bar...the opening theme is just mindblowing as well. Now Enters the deluge that is final fantasy tagged tracks, beginning with Final Fantasy The Black Mages. Lets face it, battle themes + guitars = pure winning tunes. This is followed by various remixes done by artists that were just tagged to the source material, Haroon Piracha your Falling Stars is so awesome. Another random track that I don't have a whole album for in the previous clutter was Face to Face's I Won't Lie Down, I learned of it from the amazing MK: Annihilation Soundtrack(amazing OST I know). The actual track prior to slight remixing is just as good for the great chorus hooks and guitar. Now not only will I try to have the next entry sooner, but It will begin with the opinions of the FF8 OST which I am currently giving a whirl...
  • 02/21-03/08

    Mar 8 2007, 19h40

    Well the Ds have finally been finished. Following Pink Floyd I covered Darkest Days by Stabbing Westward, not as good as Ungod but a great listen. An assortment of single tracks then parts of Belle & Sebastian's Dear Catastrophe Waitress, if the rest of the album is as good as I'm a Cuckoo and Step Into My Office Baby then that must be an amazing whole. Then Bjork's Debut, so much variety on it, Come to Me is awesome. Head Automatica's Decadence was a great contribution to my collection from my friend David. More disjointed tracks then Demon Days. I remember how I had no idea about what the Gorillaz were really like but decided to just pick up Demon Days on a whim. I had known my friend totally enjoyed Gorillaz self titled when it came out but I didn't pursue that path at the time, boy do I regret it. Demon Days is an absolute joy to listen to, not only does each individual track sound amazing but a complete listen through is so rewarding. Don't get Lost in Heaven and Demon Days work and flow so well together, perfect closing tracks.

    Then came some TV on the Radio, MSI, and Mylo. The length of time that has passed since listening to those has stolen my impressions. This was also eclipsed by the fast the most recent SMT Devil Summoner game OST was next. Shoji Meguro's work is top notch, I can't put into words anything beyond that. He is my hero. His work on Raidou's Devil Summoner outting was so light-hearted with a dabble of shadows compared to his other stuff I thoroughly enjoyed the change-up in styles.

    After a few more albums, TMBG's hits collection, chemical brothers Dig Your Own Hole, and aphex twin's Didgeridoo single, came Shoji Meguro's work on Digital Devil Saga. Owning the Integral Collection 4 disc set is basically my musical bible. Within those 4 discs are some of the most amazing music ever. The fact I could probably listen to Hunting from DDS1 non-stop for days is proof of that.

    Moving on...Curtis' contribution popped up again in the form of the Disco Viking Megamix. Followed by Daft Punk's Discovery, and Squarepusher's Do You Know Squarepusher. 311's Don't Tread on Me, I've been noticing that despite my copious amounts of 311 that my friend had given me I am not that much of a fan. Then came an assortment of Donkey Kong Country soundtrack tidbits and remixes, possibly some of the best parts of my elementary school days. Donnie Darko's soundtrack, 3 copies of Mad World on it totally unnecessary. NIN's Down in it Single good stuff, some Orb with "Dr. Alex Paterson's Voyage Into Paradise". Dragon Quest 8's soundtrack really grew on me, the full orchestral arrangement in the game was shocking at first not being used to it. Naturally the hooks and swells in the music crept up in my mind and I realized it's awesomeness.

    Aphex Twin's DrukQ's wasn't as good as the previous stuff I've been through so far on a first listen through. Blink 182's Dude Ranch still remains a very close favorite of mine for nostalgia's sake. Frank Sinatra's Duets were classic goodness, Portishead's Dummy followed and kept up with the high standard set by Sinatra's tracks.

    Finally to close out the Ds was all of my collected tracks from Dwelling of the Duels. Man I love all these songs I've accumulated, I wouldn't be able to do justice and describe how awesome each is in this, but it'd be worth anyone's while to look up Dwelling of the Duels if you dig awesome game-remix music done with live recorded instruments, with a heavy tendency to be awesome guitar.

    Earthworm Jim soundtracks! I loved those games so much, such quirky awesome music. Then was some Carbon Leaf, Echo Echo, they were alright to see in concert when they visited VT, but not something I listen to alot. Some tidbits from the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack, and then there was Mo-Do. Mo-Do so genius, I'm glad my friends presented you to me haha. So bad, yet so good? I believe so. Morrowind's soundtrack is pretty good, albeit some parts are rather repetitive. Jeremy Soule's compositions are very moving. The New Pornographers are so awesome, July Jones off of Electric Version is amazing. Finally I'm listening to the Elfen Lied soundtrack, I wish they gave a track for the Lilium song on music box, but oh well.

    I also went back and listened to some albums that I had added during my venture. My recently acquired Baldwin Brothers Cooking with Lasers, as well as Agaetis Byrjun and ( ) which I didn't have because I had lost them back when I got my new external harddrive and I forgot to re-rip them from my CDs onto the computer. I now realize I had gone so long without some Sigur Ros, it makes me sad hah.
  • 02/07-20

    Fev 20 2007, 23h46

    It's been a while, lotsa stuff has been sifted through. Lots of tests for classes of late as well...most of it over with and spring break on the horizon.

    And then there was a whole load of music after Black Holes and Revelations. Some early interests of mine in the form of Blink 182's self title, Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American, RHCP's Blood Sugar Sex Magik to name a few. Enjoyable to listen through, then some awesome Sneaker Pimps a la Bloodsport and Tricky in Blowback. Now Bloodsport and Sick are some awesome tracks, I am also partial to Excess and Girls by Tricky. Massive Attack's Bluelines is beyond words to describe, what a sweet album. Personally I love Five Man Army and Daydreaming, but of course Unfinished Sympathy and Safe from Harm are incredible too.

    Blue Screen Life from Pinback with genius Rob Crow. Blue Wonder Power Milk from equally awesome hooverphonic, their early stuff is so damned good. Then some bootleg recordings of Radiohead from Boston, Climbing up the Walls and The Tourist were treats to hear live renditions of. bounce connected by TaQ is some badass stuff, such goodness all wrapped into an album. Brazilian Girl's self title was also a surprise treat from Nick, solid album and a really clear-cool feel to it. NIN's Broken has a personal favorite of mine, Last, on it. I wish they played it as much as they do Wish, gave up, and suck these days.

    Wumpscut's Bunkertor 7 came along, what awesome ideas in one album. I love the grittiness, Torn Skin is what put Wumpscut on the radar for me. By The Way was actually the specific song that introduced me to RHCP. A little late for me to realize the genius that is RHCP but hey, better sooner than never. This was interestingly immediately followed by Californication, another shining work by RHCP. Orgy's Candyass was actually a pretty sweet album that surprised me. FSOL's Cascade! Thanks to Dmitry I know the absolute marvel that is FSOL. I had Papua New Guinea from Xander, but alas there is even more awesome to the FSOL name. Cheshire Cat remains a still decent listen to me for Blink 182 music, their work on this album and Dude Ranch has always had a little somethin more for me than their other stuff.

    Chopin's Favorites! this was actually an awesome listen through cause I finally attached names to pieces I was familiar with, like Chopin: Nocturne #2 In E Flat, Op. 9. Chrono Cross soundtrack! I absolutely LOVE Yasunori Mitsuda. I don't care if people say his sound is non-exploratory or never tries anything new or different. His celtic influenced music is just fine for my tastes and I'm fine with similarity in it. If he ever changes styles then that's fine I'll roll with that, whatever the man wants to do I will eagerly anticipate it.

    The remix project Chrono Symphonic is pretty amazing, they breath even more life into what was already a superb soundtrack. Aphex Twin's Classics was really amazing, like most of his stuff. You gotta set aside a good amount of time to really let his stuff soak in and totally saturate, at least that is my opinion. It's absolutely worth puttin forth the effort. NIN's closer singles feature sweet remixes. Closer has always actually been a lesser favorite of mine by them, the attraction I've had to it was the progression of it, and the little attentions to details. The overplayed focus of sexual themes was great in the aspect of TDS, but to just like the song for it's outrageousness is silly. Memorabilia is such an awesome song.

    Massive Attack's Collected...so glad I saw them on their tour for that at the 9:30 club. What else is to be said? I love every song on the double disc LE version I have. Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy, Chemical Brothers Come With Us, Sufjan Steven's Come on Feel the Illinois! are all great stuff, somewhat situational for me to some extent though. Mood reliant.

    Juno Reactor's Conga Fury single deserves special notice just cause I love Juno Reactor ;p. Offspring's Conspiracy of One was a sweet album, I love what I do so the "it all sounds the same" argument falls short for me. Stone Temple Pilot's Core is a great collection of their works, some of those songs were the amorphous "i know it but don't know the name" from my earlier years.

    Yoko Kanno, YOU bless the earth with your presence and your efforts in creation of music. The first in a couple works of yours I have heard, the Cowboy Bebop OSTs are out of this world. SO fucking good, excuse the emphasis but it needs to be shown. Between Blue, Tank!, See You Space Cowboy... and all the rest of the tracks from the series, it's just breath-taking. Eric Clapton's Cream of Clapton, finally giving me a taste of real classic rock, something I admittedly have had difficulty fully enjoying.

    VAST, what an amazing band. Jon Crosby I salute you, utter musical genius. I owned every release by you until I lent a friend V.A.S.T and Turquoise/Crimson and they lost them...I will find other copies! My copy of the Turquoise/Crimson had been signed so that loss is a heavy one. Anyways, Crimson is fucking sweet. Lost, Bruise, Goodbye...all such good tracks.

    The Orb's Cydonia, my god Dmitry thank you for FSOL and now thank you for The Orb. Such good stuff. And now we come to the goliath contribution of Curtis, the 22 consecutive Dancemania Albums in the road through my albums sorted alphabetically. As crazy as listening through 22 albums of Dancemania music sounds, it was actually super enjoyable to hear so many covers of familiar songs turned into hyper-sugar-injected demons that surged through the speakers...I couldn't help but be happy listening to it. This venture of getting through these 22 albums ended up taking a couple days...a lot of time.

    Today, I finally finished the last of the Dancemania albums, and listened to Dance Macabre for what may have been the first time. I got it last year and never got around to listenin through fully. It was a pretty sweet sound that reminded me alot of various recent groups, an amalgam of them if you will, but never any one particular. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon! Nothing needs to be said besides confirmation that this album is absolute. Other albums strive to pull off what this one did.
  • 01/28-02/06

    Fev 7 2007, 17h38

    It's official, I am too stupid and bad at prioritizing to keep updating this journal thingy at random intervals...but I'll do what I can.

    Ok so there is no way I can remember the play by play like I normally can with a week or so span. I'll just do a rough overview idea thingy. Alienating our Audience by MSI always a pleasure, especially since it's their early stuff (Tight is an amazing album). I found out I am not a fan of Dispatch as I once thought I was after listening to All Points Bulletin and Bang Bang. Radiohead's Amnesiac is always a pleasurable experience. Yasunori Mitsuda's work on the Tsugunai soundtrack is impressive as expected. Aphex Twin's Analord works were a treat to go through, as well as The Orb's Anthology. Extortion Lab's Astrolove is an amazing EP my friend gave me of a local band from back home. The Atelier Iris soundtrack has such a unique sound to it and is extremely upbeat and nostalgic of the game, good stuff.

    During a game of Dota Audioslave's debut self title came on, let me just say the intro for Cochise was the most amazing soundtrack to our team's gathering and raiding of the enemy base, breaching the walls and decimating their forces. The pure randomness of it coming on during that instant was amazing.

    Auntie Aubrey's Excursions by the Orb I got from Dmitry are fuckin money. To round out the final As the two Azumanga Daioh soundtracks are so awesome, I don't care what that implies! The actual score used throughout the series is so calming and utilizes similar melodies so well to give it a coherent feeling.

    Now I have moved into the Bs! Yay I've started to break into the tip of the alphabetical iceberg of my music album names. Went through a sparse sampling of Best of Bach, love that stuff for doin work. Goblin Cock's Bagged and Boarded is so awesome, although I get the sense it can be a very hit or miss haha. Sneaker Pimp's Becoming X is such a sweet album, I wish I had all the tracks to it.

    Then came the Beethoven...man it was a whole 6.5 hour chunk. My parents own a collection of all his symphonies that I ripped, and listening through all 10 of his symphonies was intense back to back. A little odd at first to get through his early works since they are so unfamiliar, but once it progressed to his later works that I actually recognized it was good stuff. Familiarity will help to appreciate this more in time.

    Best of Bowie? no way! gotta love the Bowie. Beyond Good and Evil soundtrack? freakin badass, what an overlooked game. Ubisoft please make a sequel, you can't have an ending that hangin and open!

    Finally into some of the real meaty stuff. Beyond the Infinite by Juno Reactor, Guardian Angel has quickly become a favorite of mine due to the Texhnolyze association. Samurai, Ice Cube, and Razorback are also highlights. Oh yay right after a separate track comes Bible of Dreams by...Juno Reactor again. The track that introduced me to them, Conga Fury from mortal kombat, is so awesome, as is God is God, Children of the Night and more on that album. You either appreciate their stuff or you don't, but if you do then their whole albums are so good.

    Then came a whirlwind of some squarepusher, will smith (BIG WILLIE STYLE!), Phish, and some Billy Joel. After those came the treat of the Bitches/Molly EP, Molly being one of my favorite songs by MSI made this a great venture.

    Favorite artists of mine tend to stick together or something cause after all of that came Muse's most recent opus Black Holes and Revelations. While not my favorite album by them (that honor would go to Origin of Symmetry) It is tightly packed with so many good songs. I've seen them live twice during their Absolution tour, one of the shows being at the 9:30 club at DC. That was by far the best fuckin experience ever in my life to this point. The only downside being the crowd didn't really know their songs outside of the Absolution album, so I was one of the few jumpin and screamin along to Plug in Baby, Citizen Erased, and other amazing tracks from Origin...BLISS. Anyways, my favorite tracks being Take a Bow, Starlight, Map of the Problematique, Assassin, Exo-politics, Knights of Cydonia...Hell you can't do this kinda favorites for a Muse album all the tracks are so good.
  • 01/24-27/07

    Jan 28 2007, 18h08

    Writing once every day or two days is obviously too great a task for me to accomplish haha.

    Wednesday the 24th I made my way through Johnny Cash's 16 Biggest Hits, Frank Sinatra's 20 Classic Tracks, some Tatu, and finally some Addison Groove Project. The classic stuff in the beginning, some awesome pop in the middle followed by some chill live material.

    Thursday, behold I began the day with Rush's 2112. What an outstanding and impressive album. Followed by Aphex Twin's 26 Mixes for Cash, 311's self titled album, and the amazing and essential 40oz. to Freedom. I thoroughly enjoyed nearly every remix on the Aphex Twin remix album. Listening to 40oz. to Freedom also reaffirmed my love for the particular track that shares the album name, what a sweet song. The day ended with me touching the tip of Aphex Twin's 51/13 singles collection, I only got 1 or 2 songs in.

    Friday the 26th I wrapped up the impressive aphex twin album and finally made it into the beginning of the albums with letters! Soundgarden's A-sides, Incubus' A Crow Left of The Murder, A Day Without Rain, A Rush of Blood to the Head, as well as both Absolution and the Absolution instrumental tracks. Finishing out the day was Future Sound of London's Accelerator as well various acoustic muse songs (conveniently labeled "acoustic" for album?).

    Saturday I had little progress till the evening. I completed the last bit of acoustic Muse tracks and went through Adema's self title and Tool's Aenima. Adema's album a product of my middle school ventures into music, Aenima being a pleasant surprise to say the least. I didn't finish the album and stopped at Intermission for the evening, but it is definetly a sweet album.
  • 01/22-23/07

    Jan 24 2007, 17h30

    Monday I made my way through 10,100 Days (Tool), 10,000 Hz Legend (Japanese Retail) (Air), and most of 100th Window (Massive Attack) along with some other misc tracks. As I've only had a once through listen to 10,000 days as of now I can say I definitely enjoyed it. It takes it's time, and if you're willing to soak it up as it plods along then you're in for a treat in terms of details and such. Air's 10,000 Hz Legend is an odd one in my opinion. Alot more obtuse and hard to swallow than Talkie Walkie or Moon Safari. While as an album I did not like it as much as their others, I still enjoyed the listen. Aside from it being different, there is a great deal of enjoyable parts hidden within many of the tracks that will probably cause me to go listen to it more in the future and maybe even change my opinon. Oh Massive Attack how awesome you are, seeing them at the 9:30 club in DC was badass. Despite what some reviews say of the album I really like 100th window. Future Proof, Butterfly Caught, Name Taken, and Antistar particular favorites. One of the most enjoyable surprises in seeing them live was the amazing guitar solo done during Future Proof...oh how they dragged out the song into an aria of awesomeness.

    Tuesday I kinda slacked on my progress and only made it through about 2 albums. 12 Memories by Travis and 13 Songs by Fugazi. Travis was some very stylish stuff. I really appreciated the arrangements on that album, very money stuff. I don't feel too strongly for or against 13 Songs. I enjoyed the execution for the most part, but my personal preference just isn't towards the material.
  • 01/21/07

    Jan 22 2007, 23h08

    I didn't have time to write an entry for yesterday since I was doing thermo dynamics/ISE lab hw. I got through a good number of stuff, '64-'95 by Lemon Jelly was an absolute treat. In particular '64 aka Go was a standout. Somnambulist from BT, always relaxing, and most definetly not correctly labeled album. ...And Justice for All(metallica) was pretty sweet, ...I Care Because You Do(aphex twin) had some standout tracks to me on my first go through near the end a la Next Heap With and Alberto Balsalm. 10 Years of Hardcore Vol 1 & 2 was filled with awesomeness. I can't even list all the particulars, but just a sample of good tracks are Lost Generation, Healing Mind, This is how we do it (boomstick intro), and Ice Cold 2 haha. Onward to more music!