Mantis Radio 101 + Imaginary Forces


Abr 10 2012, 16h03

Mantis 101 + Imaginary Forces
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Automatic Tasty – Over The Hill [Lunar Disko]
Mat Lionis – Src Kinases [dub]
Withering Zithering – Recombinant Organism [Acre Recordings]
Withering Zithering – Looking At And Looking For [Acre Recordings]
Cova – Batria [Terrain Ahead]
Ukkonen – Tresgradus [Uncharted Audio]
Slam – Groovelock (Deepchord Centrum remix) [Soma Records]
Anodyne – Bs-6 [Acroplane]
Machine Gun Militia – Machine Gun Skank [Oeuvre]
Ingen – Subway [dub]
Bran Lanen – Soul Over Mechanics [Cicuta Netlabel]
Voidloss – Diaphanous Fever of Dreams [Singularity]
David Meiser – Waves of Pressure [mental remake] [dub]
Warlock – Space Junk [Rag and Bone]
Lighter Thief – Like Dat (Kirk Degiorgio remix) [beardman]
Radical G – Shadowdancing (_Unsubscribe_ remix) [The Public Stand]
Moony – Blast [Ghost House Records]
DeSeT – Crisis V.I.P [Ghost House Records]
George Lanham – This Sceptical Isle [The Zone Records]
Warlock – No Half Measures [Rag and Bone]
MOTOR – Man Made Machine (Extended) [CLR]

Imaginary Forces – Live Improvisation
Karl O’Connor + Mick Harris – We Can Elude Control
Coil – Strange Birds
Autechre – Perlence Subrange 6-36
William S Burroughs – Wonderful Copenhagen
Kenneth Kirschner – 100810
Sleeparchive – 10 Years, 3 Beers, 3 Albums And No Seat
Ilpo Väisänen – Asumaton
Antti Rannisto – Ääniesineitä 7
Pan Sonic – Corona
Sleeparchive – 10 Years, 3 Beers, 3 Albums And No Seat
Imaginary Forces – Återstående Laddning
Imaginary Forces – Materia Flöde
Imaginary Forces – Kall Luft
Imaginary Forces feat Matthew Saw – Slutvinjett
Imaginary Forces – Låg Flex

This week we welcome to the showcase session British artist Imaginary Forces.

the showcase
London based sound producer Imaginary Forces (Anthoney J Hart) composes music that takes a healthy influence from noise music. Signed to the New York out there, self described Drum n Bass songs in the key of destruction label Ohm Resistance as well as work on his own Sleep Codes imprint his discography is rewardingly diverse.

His early electronic dance music beginnings have matured into a more freeform abstract compositional structure where he draws heavily from the early electronic masters as well as literary references, most notably J G Ballard. Reducing electronic music to its component elements, deconstructing it and turning it into something far more challenging.

His second album for Ohm Resistance, Uppstigande was released late last year, and followed on from his fierce 2010 label début: Fifth Columnist. Described at the time by one writer as equally influenced by the twin prongs of Metalheadz and Sunn 0))). Uppstigande goes further.

The furthest-out points on the Ohm Resistance map are charted by London’s Imaginary Forces. Following up last years nightmarish Filth Columnist is his first work created in Sweden, combining a purer, cleaner sound with the elements of dementia that define the Imaginary Forces sonic vocabulary. Haunting spoken word from returning associate Closed Circuits, an uplifting and memorable contribution from Blood of Heroes’ drummer Balázs Pándi, and an appearance from Sex Gang Children’s Matthew Saw round out an amazing transformation album. From the edges of the avant-garde in electronic beat music, Imaginary Forces unleashes trademark chaos, refracted through the lenses of Scandinavian milieu.


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