• Things that make me hate... My Top Ten

    Abr 19 2008, 4h37

    1. Iron Maiden
    Sir Harris and Co. is not coming to Florida on the USA second leg of this legendary tour, so I decided to boycott Madam Fe’s music for a while. BRITISH ASSHOLES! In addition to diss a little more; No Prayer for the Dying, X Factor and Virtual XI were terrible efforts. Now, I feel like I’m never ever going to see Iron Maiden live, so I intent to not like this band as much as I used to before.

    2. Mastodon
    The Mayhem Festival Tour has to be one the WORST line ups I’ve seen in a while. How did the masto-parceros dare to open for the worst dick-sucking bands in mainstream metal; Slipknot, Disturbed and much worse, DragonForce?!! They got to have more DIGNITY than that. Also, they need to get the new record done quickly, this wait is getting old and the new album better be good.

    3. Pink Floyd
    I have reached the highest point of saturation of any band ever; I listened to them so much that its going to be a long time until I click to play one of their songs. What’s up with all these members that don’t agree to FORGET their differences? My point is, PF should fucking REUNITE and make a world tour to satisfy us; If Yes and Genesis have done it, why can’t they? Oh that’s right, the hatred they had for like 100+ years now, but come on! These bastards are OLD and mature enough to forgive, put their ego and grudges aside, get the fucking instruments and rock n’ prog!

    4. Megadeth
    This year’s Gigantour is going to be amazing!!!! That’s probably what I would have said if Mustaine would at least have remembered the land of alligators. Unfortunately he is NOT coming and I don’t really know how to thank him for being such a dick for that. I was really disappointed seeing Megadave talking shit about M’licka and vagina Hammett on the online show “Spread TV” I suddenly felt for a second that all the effort he has put on Megadeth was in vane, and that same frustration of being kicked out of that band was the fuel of keeping it alive. But don’t worry, my reasonable senses came back and realized on the spot that is totally not true. There's something Dave needs to do to move on; THE THE FUCK OVER IT!!! In addition, if he ever mentions he is going to release new material similar to Rust In Peace …..I’m not falling for that ever again.

    5. Metallica
    Give Europe a fucking BREAK!! What about their fans in the US? Ohh yeah you they are doing that bonnaroo hippie shit festival in TN. Come on nostalgic thrashers! Extend you dates and GIVE US a show! Lar$: Please don’t bring your fans’ hopes up by claiming you are releasing a new album with anything having to do with the greatness of the 80’s. It’s like defying Newton’s laws of motion; a mission that is mentally (talent ran out almost two decades ago), ethically (your greed still blinds your talent), physically (it is very questionable your musician abilities knowing that you have never played Dyer’s Eve live[edit (04/20/08): they actually have played this song!, but still I'm not convinced enough]) impossible and laughable.

    6. The Beatles
    This band has my respect; I can agree at some extent with some haters that the bees can be overrated and outdated. But this is the BEATLES we are talking about! Just by that, it ignores any sort of senseless argument as their legacy makes them immortal and immune to any sort of criticism. But there’s something I would really love to add: Their music was ridiculously BUTT-RAPED thanks to that STUPID musical Across the Universe.

    7. Rush
    This band is nothing less than amazing; they’re been making great music around 30+ years and they are better than ever. Their last album was very enjoyable and excellent live, after all these years and they get better live and even most of the bands listed above have been greatly influenced by Rush! This is the only band that I don’t have any complaints yet, but I do bitch to the world out there and the media that don’t appreciate them the way they deserve, they should’ve been inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame a long time ago, but guess what? Those "judges" (whoever the fuck you call them)are WASTING too much time inducting shitty bands like Van Halen(yes that’s right) or Sex Pistols.

    8. Tool
    Five years will last until we see a new manifestation of their musical flux again. Their shows are magnificent, I really love the way this band manage to create their image of this mystic-kind-of-thing is kind of hard to explain and totally rules hard. But there’s one thing…their videos, their MUSIC VIDEOS FUCKING SUCK. They are so boring! Most of the fans really find amusement on them because they are ambiguous, vague and have “Deep and profound meanings” and “they are misunderstood”; the hell with those fan-boy arguments. There are a million words I can think of right now to describe Tool’s music videos, but just only one word can really succeed to get the message across: RETARDED.

    9. Incubus
    Before releasing that piece of crap called “Light Grenades”, Incubus was one of my most beloved bands as I enjoy each an every record prior to that album. I don’t listen to this band anymore, and I don’t even know why is in the 8th place to begin with. I was really pissed off when I pre-ordered that last shitty album just to get the pre-sale codes for their oncoming small venue tour, and never got the code on my email. In a way I felt completely ripped off by incubus and promised to never bother or make an effort to go to their gigs and to date, I haven’t seen them live.

    10. Against Me!
    This band in the audioscrobbler world has a mind of its own and found its way to be in this spot against my will. When I listen to one song, it feels like it multiplies by 3 in the website, I swear I don’t listen to this band as much!! I only like Reinventing Axl Rose and Crime EP. I saw them supporting Mastodon and they were very cool like any other trendy band, nothing out of the ordinary. Complaints: New Wave: a total let down… enough said.

    So there you go...! my top ten ain't no perfection, they can have their suck-a-cock moments, they place doubts in my musical taste, and often question if i should listen to them or not, and can ultimately piss me off...But I guess that what makes them what they are, what they represent to me...ass kickery!