New Day, Same as Yesterday


Ago 18 2006, 17h46

It's funny, I thought I'd have almost nothing to add to these journals, and here I'm making 4 entries in the same night. I guess when you really work at it you can find lots of new bands completely by accident. :)

I was researching to see what had become of Stereomud, and I was disheartened to find out that they have disbanded. Or at least that's the gist of what I got from the small blurbs I found scatted over the IntarWeb. As soon as I found news of that one of the members had joined Clint Lowery's new band, Dark New Day. (Funnily enough, a former member of Skrape is also in the band - I'd been wondering what happened to those guys, too.) Incase you're not keeping track, Clint Lowery is better known for his work in Sevendust. Given that I have a deep-rooted love for Sevendust, I ran - not walked - to their website to check out some of their stuff.

These guys are definitely not the most original band out of the gate. Unsurprisingly, there's a very heavy Sevendust vibe here. Their signature deep-throated guitar style, exotic chorus-ridden riffery, and call-and-response vocal style is all over this. As a matter of fact, Brother could be a Sevendust B-Side, especially since it features Clint on vocals. Luckily, though, I couldn't care less. I love it.

Uniqueness is a factor for me in liking a band, but it's only one of them. If a band's only strength is to go down the beaten path, so be it, as long as they can do it well. These guys definitely show their influences like a poker player wearing a mirrored vest, but they're damn good musicians regardless and do right by the music. Besides, if I love Sevendust, and these guys sound like them . . . why shouldn't I like them? Why should I let semantics and politics get in the way of what my instincts tell me?


  • BionicChronic

    [b]Did you just discover Dark New Day?[/]

    Ago 20 2006, 2h40
  • Zelbinian

    Why yes. Yes I did.

    Ago 20 2006, 4h17
  • BionicChronic

    [b]Yeah the be the good shit dude![/b]

    Ago 21 2006, 0h44
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