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  • Chaodence

    It seems like someone happens to like a certain Japanese flowermetal band :P

    5 Jul 20h50 Responder
  • PrideEd

    Nice music taste!

    10 Jun 5h43 Responder
  • Spog_Zallagi

    MAI MAWM!!!!!!! *takes off shirt and twirls it in air* Whooooooooo! (I have to confess, though, it took me a good five minutes to even get the reference XD)

    29 Mai 22h40 Responder
  • notmaida

    found ya via your rateyourmusic profile link you have on MAL xD and I'm kinda glad I did :)

    29 Mai 9h32 Responder
  • notmaida

    loled @ "If you're not nice, we can still be friends." .. I loved your description, probably because mine would be similar :) LOVE the music you listen to and love the fact you're so open-minded :) Hope we can be friends =)) ~FestinaLente ;)

    28 Mai 14h54 Responder
  • Chaodence

    Yeah, I kinda lost interest in lfm and therefore deleted my acc. But I got better :D

    11 Mai 20h26 Responder
  • ThePaintedGrey

    tyvm for stealing my previous profile pic m8.

    11 Mai 4h55 Responder
  • Chaodence

    Hi :3

    10 Mai 0h54 Responder
  • trickstar87334

    Thank you for the add!

    28 Fev 4h05 Responder
  • NargaCuuga

    Hi there! thanks for friendship :)

    26 Fev 10h12 Responder
  • DrGonzo7123

    Hellos~ :)

    18 Fev 3h32 Responder
  • Spencer-Morris

    Haha, it's a harem with a twist (I think you can guess what the twist is, haha). I see. I found one about half a year ago. It's fantastic.

    17 Fev 20h34 Responder
  • TheAmazingKoopa

    Yes, its one of my favorites its so amazing and very wrongfully hated indeed, never read the manga though,

    17 Fev 3h44 Responder
  • TheAmazingKoopa

    Of course, sweet taste in metal and anime. I shall add you on MAL

    17 Fev 2h48 Responder
  • Spencer-Morris

    She's from Kiss X Sis. I also must say, nice Kotomi and Tomoyo pictures you got there. Have you played the visual novel?

    17 Fev 2h22 Responder
  • Spencer-Morris

    I know right? She has great taste in panties. I love Ako-nee; she's a cute little nympho.

    17 Fev 2h06 Responder
  • Spencer-Morris

    What are you referring to mate?

    17 Fev 1h58 Responder
  • AndreasS88

    Heya, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering what's the source you used to add the track durations for the new Whispered album. Most durations you entered are roughly 5 seconds too long (except for the last track), which is rather weird so that's why I was wondering what's up. Could be just a good old mistake, in which case I'll fix it right away, but if there's a different reason, I'd be glad to hear it =) All the best!

    13 Fev 12h42 Responder
  • spineshank155

    I take it with the multiple listening of the new Whispered album that you like it? xD

    4 Fev 19h27 Responder
  • TheWykydtron

    Yup haha ;-; Though at least I can still access QQ/Skype with my ipod thingy, so hopefully we'll be able to catch each other online sometime when we're both available ^^

    26 Dez 2013 Responder
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I am an open-minded metal fan. I like exploring non-metal genres of music, but metal will always be my main love. I like progressive metal more than other metal sub-genres.
I like video games. I like Japanese role-playing games most.
I am a casual cinephile. I have a questionable taste in films. I like most films, but love few. I like comedy, drama, and fantasy films most.
I am a casual weeaboo. I like shonen, I like slice-of-life, and I like any anime that will make me cry. I cry easily.
I am a casual brony. I like watching the show, but I do not pay a lot of attention to the fandom these days. I like Discord and Twilight Sparkle.
I am deeply spiritual. I am a Christian, but I like learning a lot about other religions.
I like rating everything and compiling lists of my favorite things. I like making friends with people whom have similar interests.

I hope you're nice. If you're not nice, we can still be friends.

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