• To The South

    Fev 4 2006, 10h16

    When the record store guy handed me this album by a band called Plover, with a black and white line drawing on the cover, I didn't know what to expect at all. With 17 songs, wildly varying in length, and labelled by iTunes as Rock, I did have some good hopes for this obscure band from Groningen, the Netherlands.

    When I put it in my computer, I heard a sound I did quite like. There are some sexy parallels with dEUS, Warm Wires, Yo La Tengo and I Am Kloot, but it has its own feeling to it. The recording could've been better, but doesn't suck at all either. The shorter songs usually contain little to no lyrics and are great pieces of instrumental grunge rock. The songs with (enough) lyrics are sufficiently poppy and the vocals are smooth and welcoming.

    I must say, a great record from the Brinkman Records label. It could just appeal to you too.
  • The Fletcher Memorial Music Marathon

    Dez 25 2005, 23h22

    Posted over at my site is a small something I'm about to "do" this week with my good friend Geert.

    Oh, and happy holidays to you all!
  • Extremes

    Set 18 2005, 0h07

    Having just passed the 70,000 plays overall and the 10,000 for Moby, I'm wondering what the set records are. I guess it would be kinda neat to see who listened to a song most often, who listened most music in the shortest amount of time, etc. Is that something we can expect or is there/will there be an API to hook into and give that a shot?

    Obviously, I hope this will be responded to by someone of the staff!
  • Sufjan Stevens's Illinois

    Ago 24 2005, 20h56

    First reaction: holy crap long song titles.
    Second reaction: holy crap this is quite something.
    Listening to it for the dozenth time, and oh man, this is some seriously good stuff. I should write more about this soon when I have the time!

    In the meanwhile, buy the frikken' album all right.