• Yes, we have witnessed the Unholy Trinity

    Nov 6 2011, 1h09

    On Saturday, October 29th, 2011, we witnessed one of the most epic shows ever. The Danzig Legacy tour.

    As you all know, NYC got a sudden freak snow storm that day, and many people lost power. The weather was awful! But that didn't stop us from showing up at Hammerstein Ballroom.

    We got there just as the doors had opened and went directly to our seats on the second floor balcony. The seating there is VERY uncomfortable, but the view is excellent. BTW a small plastic cup filled with coke and ice was $4 WTF! That should be illegal.

    Anyway, so the opening band started. I am not sure how they got into this show, but they can definitely brag about it for the rest of their lives. The band was (lol) IKILLYA. All I can say is, I wish the singer would make up his mind and stick to one style of singing because that mess he's doing does not work.

    Next it was Corrosion of Conformity. They had good energy. They were alright, although it felt like they were just jamming in their living room. Like they weren't totally into it.

    Finally, Danzig came onstage. The crowd went wild! The band members had a very warm welcome from a city that loves them! I'm going to write the songs as I remember them.

    It's Coming Down
    Twist of Cain
    Her Black Wings
    Devil's Plaything
    How the Gods Kill
    Dirty Black Summer

    Glenn was in a great mood, he was talking to the crowd a lot and made some funny comments like "Promise me that New York City won't turn into Hippieville!". He was reaching out to the fans a lot this night, with high-fives and sharing the mic. There was a little kid on the side of the stage watching the show and he seemed to be enjoying it which I thought was awesome.

    After this Danzig stopped to switch gears. The giant Danzig banner on the back of the stage dropped, and a different one suddenly appeared. It was time for Samhain. Glenn came out wearing a black mask with horns.

    All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
    Horror Business (yup)
    To Walk the Night
    Let the Day Begin

    Then it was time to switch again. The Samhain banner dropped and sounds of horror movies started playing in the background, as the banner of The Misfits came up. Everyone was super excited! (songs are not in order)

    Last Caress
    Some Kind of Hate
    Astro Zombies
    Night of the Living Dead (not sure about this one)
    We Are 138
    Horror Business

    Everyone went nuts! The pit was insane, and all of us at the balconies were jumping, singing, screaming. There was electricity in the air, it was so much fun, sooooo exciting!! Honestly, Glenn Danzig was in great shape and he is a trooper for singing such a long fucking show. His voice was great too btw.

    Danzig came back to play Mother, and the epic encore was Skulls. This was truly an epic show (not including opening bands).

    THANKS DANZIG and everyone that made this possible!
  • Natacha Atlas and Gaida Live at LPR, NYC

    Nov 10 2010, 2h24

    Mon 8 Nov – Natacha Atlas

    It was windy and chilly. The doors were supposed to open at 7pm. I got there at around 6:40 PM, and there wasn't anyone standing outside where the line usually is to get in. But since it was a Monday night and chilly, I figured that made sense. I must say I was super excited to finally be able to see Natacha Atlas live. I've been a fan of her music for years.

    Sound check was late, according to the doorman. So we waited outside, freezing our butts off for a while longer. Once we were in, there were tables set up but the middle space in front of the stage was empty. The tables were taken quickly because there weren't that many. So we were left standing up in the back. Not too happy about that.

    The show started quite late, at around 8:30 PM I think. Gaida went onstage first. I really liked them, although they got a little too jazzy for my taste. But still, a good band.

    There were a couple of photographers in front of the stage, taking photos while sitting on the floor. My friend mentioned she'd like to pretend she's taking photos and just sit there too. I was thinking the same thing, so we did it. We sat in front of the stage on the floor next to the photographers. Eventually, everyone who was standing in the back joined us on the floor.

    Finally, what I was waiting for. Natacha Atlas came onstage. She did the entire show sitting down, which wasn't great for picture taking but we were in front so it wasn't so bad. There were so many songs I was hoping to hear, but I only recognized 2 or 3. It seems she did a lot of songs from her new album. She did sing Mon Amie La Rose. There was another song that I recognized but I can't recall the title right now. Her band was great, and Natacha was so beautiful, and so was her voice and her dress too. A lot of slow songs and some a bit jazzy. A song from an Egyptian wedding. She was kind of serious the whole time. She did two encore songs, and at the end she did belly dance a little which was great!

    Here is a short clip I recorded with my point and shoot camera.

    And some photos: Natacha Photos

    Natacha, NYC loves you! Next time please play more older songs!
  • Danzig's still got it!

    Jun 19 2010, 6h13

    Fri 18 Jun – Danzig

    My hubby got to Nokia first and got us a good spot in the line. Then when we got inside Nokia, we got a great spot in the middle section right by the rail.

    The first act was Kenny Hickey's band, Seventh Void. Johnny Kelly on drums, they sound good. I did feel Type O Negative there in the lyrics and somewhat in the music as well. However, after a couple of songs it started sounding the same. My favorite moment was when Kenny sang the bridge for the TON song 'Black No. 1' "Yeah you wanna go out 'cause it's raining and blowing...." Then he thanked Peter Steele.

    The second act was Doyle's Gorgeous Frankenstein. Everyone was excited at first, but I just felt like the singer was a younger Danzig. They have some cool songs but the singer, I just don't know.

    A fight broke out on the main floor, and wow it was intense! I thought security was never going to stop them. It went from a 2 people fight to a 5 or 6 people fight, including 2 women.

    Finally, what we were all waiting for. First song, ooooh yeah, Twist of Cain! They played all the songs I wanted to hear. How the Gods Kill, Her Black Wings, among others.

    This is my 4th time seeing Danzig live. The previous time was the Blackest of the Black tour, and to be honest, the sound was terrible that night. I was dissappointed I could barely hear Danzig. But this time, he just sounded sooo much better! Everything, the band, and his voice was kicking ass! I gotta say, Johnny Kelly is a trooper, to play in two bands on the same night! Wow. Glenn teased him about downing a Corona for the audience.

    Glenn dedicated On a Wicked Night to Peter Steele. His words were something along the lines of "This song is dedicated to a very close friend of mine and Johnny, Peter Steele". Another cool song they played was Thirteen. The encore was She Rides and then he asked the audience if we wanted one more from Danzig 1 or 2. And we got one more song. I think it was Do You Wear The Mark.

    A woman got onstage and she kissed Glenn on the cheek. Immediately she got pushed off the stage by someone from the crew. He did it so fast I didn't even see the woman's shadow. It seemed that Glenn was about to say something to the guy but he didn't. I think people shouldn't be surprised if they get thrown off the stage. How do you expect the artist to feel comfortable with a stranger coming up to him or her onstage, after what happened to DimeBag?

    Glenn left the stage immediately but the rest of the band hung around for a few minutes. So yes, this was a great show! My neck will hurt tomorrow and my throat is sore.

    NYC loves you Danzig!
  • Enchanted forever by NIYAZ!

    Fev 28 2010, 4h54

    Fri 26 Feb – Niyaz

    I found out about this show thanks to So I told my friend Anna and since she loves Niyaz as well, she immediately bought the tickets. With all the snow that we got I honestly thought the show would be canceled but it wasn't. Anna and I moved to a spot in front of the stage to get a better view while sipping our drinks.

    The opening band (Halle) was nice, the drummer was quite impressive. But there is no denying that once Azam Ali walked onstage, we forgot there was anything surrounding us. Not only does she have an amazing voice, but she has a presence and personality that are just as amazing. You could feel the wonderful energy from her and each member of the band pouring into the audience. They performed music that came from the heart, and we just LOVED them.

    I can't really tell you all the titles of the songs other than, they performed songs from their first and second albums, and each one was flawless. I think they started with Alahi Allah.

    I can't say it enough. Niyaz IS AMAZING. Seeing them live is an amazing experience. I hope I can see them again soon! And since they are moving to Canada, hopefully that will happen.

    I took a couple of short videos with my cellphone as well as photos.

    This man almost brought tears to my eyes with his incredible voice...
  • Impressed by Arch Enemy!!!

    Jan 30 2010, 3h52

    Fri 22 Jan – Arch Enemy, Exodus, Arsis, Mutiny Within

    If you are looking for track lists and that type of details, please refer to the other reviews. Other Arch Enemy reviews -
    This is more of a personal opinion on the show and what happened there.

    We went into Nokia theatre (me and hubby), and found a decent spot in the middle area (between main floor and seating). The first band, Mutiny Within is from NJ I think. Ok, the singer has a really good voice, I'll give him that. They sound pretty decent, HOWEVER....seriously, this band needs to pick a side, and I think they should go with Power Metal. But right now, the singer keeps doing the "Beauty and the Beast" singing duo and it sucks. I was glad when they got off the stage because I was honestly odd.

    Second act was Arsis I'd never heard them before. This was an interesting band. They're pretty good, although they sounded kind of all over the place at first.

    Finally it was Exodus's turn. I was looking forward to seeing them again. I must say first of all, the sound was NOT good which really sucks. But even with bad sound, Exodus managed to put on a kick-ass show. I looved it when he said that honestly, he was at Phily the night before and they were much crazier than we were. And then he said PROVE ME WRONG NEW YORK! So of course, New Yorkers went ballistic in the pit. It was ridiculous! I love watching a good mosh pit. Sometimes it entertains me more than the band itself lol. My favorite part was when the singer stopped the crowd; asked everyone to part right in the middle until there was a really big gap. Then he screamed CHAAAAAAARGE!!! at the count of three and both sides just ran into each other! It was like a battle out of Brave Heart but without the weapons. It was so much fun to watch.

    And then the main event finally started. Arch Enemy. I will say one thing. Arch Enemy, is one of the BEST live bands I have ever witnessed!!!! Holy shit they sound incredible! Everything sounded just so perfect! Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, I didn't think that was possible in a live show! But they did it! Angela said she had been burned out and tired, but that seeing how crazy the crowd was fired her up. She was amazing. I enjoyed every single song, solo, everything. Arch Enemy's sound is so freaking tight, sorry I keep going over that but damn I never heard a band sound like that live. The music was so full of energy and Angela just blew me away with her vocals. I'm glad I went to this show.
  • Monsters of Death with some trolls at the beginning

    Nov 8 2009, 19h16

    Sat 7 Nov – Monsters Of Death

    This is a short review due to my lack of band knowledge in this show. I'll just state my personal opinions of each band that came onstage. To the fans who have more knowledge, sorry to disappoint.

    When we got to the venue it was nearly 7pm. The line was actually already going around the corner which was nice to see. This was our first time at this venue, and I read some negative comments about it here in so I was hoping it wouldn't be that bad.

    First thing I didn't like about Blender Theater at Gramercy was, that if you have a ticket you go in first and those who need to buy tickets have to stay outside and wait. All the other venues I've been to in NYC let everyone in at the same time. We were second on line to buy tickets and yet we waited about 15-20 more minutes before they started selling the tickets. Then the signs by the entrance saying "Moshing and crowd-surfing are prohibited". That's just makes no sense if you are going to have these types of shows in the venue.

    When we got in, we went towards the seating area. This would be a long show so we decided to sit. It was a good idea. You can see everything clearly from the seats. There is a small bar. If you get too drunk though, security WILL escort you out.

    The first band was Rose Funeral, from Ohio I think. Wow. These guys got booed, made fun of, etc.. I'm sorry but they were AWFUL! They kept doing this dance move while they played, like they were sitting on the toilet. The singer sounded like a chipmunk with a bad cold. He looked like he worked at Hot Topic. I know it's not all about looks but these guys just sounded awful as well. They were pretty much the comic relief at the beginning of the concert. People yelled things to them like "GO HOME!", "FUCK YOU!" "SHUT THE FUCK OFF!", and lots of middle fingers were raised at them. The band chose not to comply. After their set finished (thankfully), they got off stage and walked into the crowd to single out someone who probably told them they sucked. That person got taken away by security. That was so brave of them.

    Then Augury from Montreal came onstage. These guys were pretty cool. I was impressed by the bass player. Their sound was not very good but they managed to play a pretty good show. I'd say the vocals could improve, but other than that they were good. I'll be checking out their music now that I know of them.

    After Augury, there was Australians The Amenta. These guys were impressive. They came with face makeup, and a very interesting Industrial Death Metal sound. They were energetic and people got into them right away. The keyboard player looked like a serial killer, and his sounds were very strange and interesting. Very cool band.

    I liked how the bands didn't take too long setting up. That was a plus.

    Then, it was Warbringer. These guys are quite popular in NYC. You could tell that a lot of people in the audience were looking forward to this band. I must say it was my favorite this night. I loved the music, aggressiveness, good sound, the interaction with the audience, and the vocals were awesome. During their set, the mosh pit became insane and huge! And I saw something that is a first for me; a headbanging circle in the middle of the pit. Guys formed a circle and banged their heads towards the inside all together. It was an awesome sight. Warbringer got the best response from the audience.

    Decrepit Birth was next. These guys were cool, but they didn't really catch my interest as much as Warbringer. No offense, they performed a good show but I just didn't find them as exciting. The singer dedicated one song to a fan in the audience who has apparently followed them throughout many shows. That was a really cool thing of him to do.

    And last but not least, it was Vader. Everyone was waiting for this. And the crowd just loves them. They had a little trouble with the sound. I could barely hear the vocals at first, but it seems they fixed it after a couple of songs. The audience was very excited, but strange thing is, the pit didn't get as crazy as it did with Warbringer. Still, Vader got the audience excited, pumped up and they had really good interaction with everyone.

    I'm glad we sat down for this concert. It was way too long. But most bands were definitely worth seeing live.
  • Satyricon, Chthonic plus bad fillers

    Out 26 2009, 14h44

    Sun 25 Oct – Satyricon

    My husband and I got to the Fillmore at around 6:30pm and the line was short. We didn't wait long and it started moving. Inside there was some Satyricon and Chthonic merchandise but nothing incredibly interesting. We headed upstairs to the balcony area, were you get the best view. Lots of point and shoot cameras at this show.

    The venue didn't look very full until later. The first band started, and we still have no idea who they were. The singer had a cross on his hand that looked like a broken sword at first glance. He spoke to the audience but I didn't understand much of it. I didn't really care for their show.

    Second band. It's not Toxic Holocaust, so what happened? Hmmm. Something terrible must have happened. Suddenly, we were listening to a Pantera cover band!!!! I think I heard they were from Long Island. (Side note: When we came in, we saw a small group of females that looked like they were lost and walked into the wrong venue. Later on we realized they were friends of this Pantera cover band, which makes more sense.) Wow, I didn't know that they hired cover bands to play shows like these. I requested Cowboys from Hell but they didn't play it. The singer was always standing sideways, and the bands friends really helped them from the audience by cheering and skipping around in circles. It was a very funny show, I laughed a lot.

    After the Pantera copy cats finally left (I prefer the original band thank you, get some originality for music's sake!), the stage was once again being set up and this time I could tell it was Cthonic's turn. This was a relief because I was starting to feel bad for my husband spending the money on tickets.

    Chthonic was very energetic onstage, and the singer tried to engage the crowd a lot. Clearly not everyone was there to see them or even knew about them. Most people were just standing there, watching the show very intently, headbanging, taking pictures and video. There was a part of the crowd that was more into it, I imagine they were fans like I am. The sound wasn't great but it was decent. They played Bloody Gaya Fulfilled which is one of my favorite songs. I think they played songs from the new cd but unfortunately I don't own it yet. They played some more from Seedig Bale which was awesome. The singer got the audience to scream "Fuck China!" Several times and tried to teach a few words in Taiwanese. I saw some elderly in the audience that seemed to have come to see them too. One of them was standing next to us.

    And finally, it was Satyricon's turn. They took their sweet time which is annoying but, oh well. They started with Repined Bastard Nation which got everyone into it right away and Satyricon has a lot of fans here in NY so they had command of the audience at 100%. I must say, I felt awkward for the keyboard player, because she doesn't have to play in all songs all the time so, it seems that there are many times during the show that she has nothing to do and she gets anxious. So, she'll walk away from the keyboard and just start headbanging on the side, or even step in front of the drums and try to get people to clap (do we need to give her a set of pom-pons?). Give the girl more parts to play please!

    Anyway, Satyricon put on a good show. The audience went nuts. I didn't really appreciate the singer's remark about not having a political agenda, since it was clearly directed at Chthonic and you have to understand, Chthonic are simply trying to spread the word about what is going on in their own way. Even if it's not something that most people care about in a metal concert and it usually doesn't get much of a response here. Anyway. Good show, and the mosh pit really got crazy at this point, it was very entertaining to watch! more females in this mosh pit than I usually see, and everyone seemed to be having a blast. They did a 3 song encore and finished with yes, Mother North. Otherwise many people would have been pissed, including my husband.

    I'm glad we went because I wanted to see Chthonic live at least once. I had already seen Satyricon but it was cool to see them again, although I don't think I'd pay to see them again after this (it gets a bit boring after a while, no offense I do like them). Oh, and we saw Pete! Pete is this guy that we run into at many shows, and he ALWAYS remembers us, or at least our faces if not our names. Good seeing you Pete!
  • VAMPS Sold out first show in NY

    Jul 12 2009, 17h53

    Sat 11 Jul – VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A.
    This was certainly a show to remember, a first for me (first Jrock show) and the first time I deal with such a huge line.

    I personally don't think people should be encouraged to camp out for a show. It is their personal choice of course, but it is dangerous and it ruins the line for everyone else. I think about 5 hours before the show the line was already too long. It really tires you before the show. Anyway, on to the good stuff.

    The security team announced outside that there were NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. This must have pissed off a lot of people. I only had my cellphone so no problem. They had a camera crew go up and down the line filming and interviewing before and after the show. Lots of people recorded the line which was going around the block. Many people stopped to ask what we were lining up for.

    Inside we saw the merchandise table but we ran for the balcony area because I knew the main floor would get out of hand with so many people. We found a pretty decent spot in the balcony area. There quite a lot of people up there already. Then to wait some more. The show didn't start until like 8:30pm I think. It started with SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL of course. The crowd went crazy. The bassist (Ju-Ken?) was incredibly energetic and quickly got the crowd even more excited (I loooved his attitude!).

    The temperature inside Irving Plaza got REALLY HOT real quick. I know some fans fainted and some were a bit crushed by the crowd in the front.

    I saw some people walking around with a VAMPS tote bag and I sooo wanted to get one but I didn't want to lose my spot so I waited until after the show. So here are the songs I can remember they played:
    VAMPIRE DEPRESSION (looove it!)
    IT'S SAD

    I'm a bit dissapointed that they didn't play I gotta kickstart now because it's pretty much my favorite song.
    Here is a clip of LOVE ADDICT:

    If I remember any others I will add them. They sounded great. HYDE was so cute talking about NY and how he loved Two Boots Pizza. He said the slices were really big lol. He also teased the crowd; he'd get down on one knee and lean towards them smiling. The crowd got really aggressive in the main floor they were pushing so much I was so glad not to be there. But the band members threw water bottles at the crowd and HYDE of course opened the bottle and wet people with the water lol. There were about 4 official cameras video taping the event. The glowing bracelets that were provided free thanks to some very nice fans did look nice in the dark when everyone raised their arms. HYDE tossed the rose petals from his mic stand into the crowd at the end. Very cool.

    HYDE wore torn jeans, cowboy boots and a tank top with a vest that had a skull in the back which he took off cause it was too hot. K.A.Z. who was very laid back wore shorts and a tank top and he kicked ass. Ju-Ken was amazingly energetic and I love his red colored hair.

    I jumped, sang, and screamed a whole lot lol. When HYDE said it was really hot I screamed TAKE IT OFF! lol. There were lots of Japanese fans at the show which was nice to see. I'm sure the band was impressed with the turnout. It really was impressive but I prefer shows that are not so crowded with crazy fans. Still, I think most people enjoyed themselves a lot. I know I did!

    They had t-shirts, red and black tote bags, wrist bands, tour books and bottle openers (weird lol). I got myself a black tote bag.

    It was an amazing experience that I will always remember.

    Thank you VAMPS! And be sure to come back!!
  • Blackened Fest, NYC

    Mai 22 2009, 15h55

    Thu 21 May – Blackenedfest Featuring Mayhem, Marduk and More

    Ok this is written from the perspective of someone who is not very familiar with all the albums of these bands (unfortunately).

    We got to Irving Plaza before 7pm and the line was very short. As we waited, me and my husband met this cool guy who had flown in from Canada to see the show (Jess, might be misspelled sorry). So we chatted with him until the doors opened. While we waited Spider Man walked by; he looked like he was in a hurry.

    Finally we went in and headed for the merchandise tables. They were still not completely set up and it smelled like something had died in there. I heard a rumor about Marduk but didn't confirm.

    We went in and decided to move upstairs so we could get a better view because the venue is not very big. We got a nice spot upstairs and remained there the entire time. Lots of cameras and some looked professional. It's not a large place so it seems easy to take good shots from near the front.

    The first band that played I will assume was Lair of the Minotaur. They were ok. I never heard them before but they weren't bad in my opinion but I really don't have much to say about them.

    The next one was Withered. I didn't enjoy the first couple of songs but after that it got much better. Good show although they seemed a bit tense and did not really speak to the audience at all.

    Cephalic Carnage. Their show kicked ass. The way they interact with the audience is key. It really makes a difference. These guys seemed excited to be in NY and everyone feels that and loves it. Their drummer is amazing and so is the bass player! Towards the end of their set they did something really hilarious. To be more black metal they put on masks, and the bass player's mask was a horse head. They even had a little choreography with their guitars swinging them slowly from side to side. It was so funny. I really really enjoyed their show.

    At some point there was an announcement that Marduk would not be playing. If I remember correctly it said DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL MARDUK WILL NOT BE PLAYING TONIGHT. This announcement was displayed on the main screen and it was a huge disappointment to all. Our new friend Jess said he had flown in mainly to see them. Sucks. Heard a rumor as to why they didn't make it but I have yet to confirm. Supposedly it had to do with some minor criminal record of a band member. Not sure.

    So finally on to the main act, Mayhem. The stage had been set up with huge banner flags, two heads on sticks with a podium and the lights were insane. These guys are amazing; I had never seen them live before and I'm glad I did. A true fan could describe this show a lot better I'm sure, but from my perspective this is what I can say. The singer's presence and energy play with the audience combined with the amazing sounds of the guitars, bass and brutal drumming by Hellhammer made this show for me, a very exciting, even hypnotizing experience. The audience went crazy, the pit was wild. The cameras were flashing nonstop. The singer's ability to go from growling to mantra to simply talking during the songs fit perfectly with everything else. Please excuse my lack of knowledge about the songs and albums. Just believe me, this was a show that I will forever remember.

    P.S. My husband complained that Mayhem didn't play Funeral Fog.
  • Blackest of the Black 20 Yr Anniv.

    Out 16 2008, 14h50

    Wed 15 Oct – Blackest of the Black Tour 2008

    First of all let me say that as much as I dislike attending concerts in the middle of the week (9-6 job) I just couldn't pass this up. Being able to see two of my favorite bands on one night is just too tempting. It makes me giggle like a little kid with excitement.

    So my fiance got to Roseland first and waited for me. He said that the line moved really fast once they opened the doors. It was very easy to get in however, he had to give up his wallet chain (just like many others). The usual Danzig policy was immediately announced at the door: No photos or videotaping of any kind including with cellphones. Nothing new.

    We walked over to the first merchandise tables which had Dimmu Borgir and Danzig t-shirts, hoodies and all that stuff. Really cool ones too specially since it is the 20 year anniversary. What I was looking for was the Dimmu Borgir Invaluable Darkness dvd which was supposed to be signed. That was my only purchase and the price was right ($25.00).

    We moved to the main area after that. It wasn't packed at all but it was also early. And middle of the week as well so it wasn't surprising. Anyway, Skeletonwitch came onstage. I had heard they sucked, but I don't think they were so bad. It was my first time ever listening to any of their music so keep that in mind. They had good energy and tried to pump up the crowd but being the first band, it's not an easy task.

    Then came in Winds of Plague. Did they have the Mortal Kombat song playing before they came onstage? It sounded that way. That was funny. Another band I never heard before. I'm sorry for any fans out there, we all have different taste and that's what makes things interesting but.....these guys SUCKED A BIG ONE. Wow, from the very beginning I couldn't even figure out what the hell they were doing. It was just a big mess of sounds and noises. The parts of the keyboard just clashed with the rest of the songs and the vocalist oh man....I'm sorry, it was horrible. I'm sorry I had to listen to that. I just kept laughing. It's like the guitarists and drummer played one song, the vocalist was from another band and the keyboardist was from another band and they just decided to jam but they never rehearsed together before. Anyway, enough of that horror.

    Moonspell came onstage which was a welcome relief. I'm not a huge fan but I do like them. They sounded really good and were very excited to be in NY. And we gave them a good welcome.

    But what I was looking forward to the most came after that. The two main acts for me. Dimmu Borgir had some temporary substitutions. The drummer from Vader was in for Hellhammer, and there was someone in for Galder too (please if anyone knows the name of this guy, I can't remember). I wasn't too happy about the substitutions but they worked out real well in my opinion. I was pissed because when they started (with Progenies of the great apocalypse) I couldn't hear the keyboard at all. But anyway, they played a good set. Everyone seems to loooove Vortex cause when he came onstage I heard his name many times from the crowd. They played Vredesbyrd, Kings of the Carnival Creation, Puritania, Serpentine Offering, The Sacrilegious Scorn, The Sinister Awakening, Spellbound (by the Devil), and they closed with Mourning Palace. Please correct me if I missed any songs. I've seen them live twice and loved them twice, but next time I see Dimmu Borgir I am going to the front of the stage, I don't care if it gets crazy up there. They put on a great show in my opinion minus the sound problems with the keyboard at the beginning. The crowd responded really well to them.

    Then came Mr. Danzig, the one everyone was waiting for. Let me tell you, this guy has a very loyal fanbase (including me of course). When they came out the place went crazy. They started with Tired of Being Alive. And everyone sang along. People pretty much sang along EVERY song. There were some microphone problems but shit happens. The stage setup was cool as usual with the cow skulls and all, but the lights pointing at the crowd were annoying. Danzig was very talkative with the audience and we love that. He took off his necklace and threw it into the crowd. I wonder who got what piece because that must've been a death match to get it. I was sooo psyched that they played Her Black Wings, that's my song! They also played Twist of Cain, Am I Demon, Long Way Back from Hell, Black Angel White Angel and wow, How the Gods Kill! That was a great choice. EVERYONE was singing along. Of course he had to play Mother, which caused madness, and the encore was Killer Wolf.

    I think Glenn Danzig should consider not touring anymore though. I mean, we all love the band and all, but his voice doesn't seem to hold up for long anymore. He tried but the encore didn't go so well. He could barely talk let along sing at that point. It sucks cause he has a great voice but he loses it quicker.

    Anyway regardless, WE LOVE YOU DANZIG! 20 Years!