Danzig's still got it!


Jun 19 2010, 6h13

Fri 18 Jun – Danzig

My hubby got to Nokia first and got us a good spot in the line. Then when we got inside Nokia, we got a great spot in the middle section right by the rail.

The first act was Kenny Hickey's band, Seventh Void. Johnny Kelly on drums, they sound good. I did feel Type O Negative there in the lyrics and somewhat in the music as well. However, after a couple of songs it started sounding the same. My favorite moment was when Kenny sang the bridge for the TON song 'Black No. 1' "Yeah you wanna go out 'cause it's raining and blowing...." Then he thanked Peter Steele.

The second act was Doyle's Gorgeous Frankenstein. Everyone was excited at first, but I just felt like the singer was a younger Danzig. They have some cool songs but the singer, I just don't know.

A fight broke out on the main floor, and wow it was intense! I thought security was never going to stop them. It went from a 2 people fight to a 5 or 6 people fight, including 2 women.

Finally, what we were all waiting for. First song, ooooh yeah, Twist of Cain! They played all the songs I wanted to hear. How The Gods Kill, Her Black Wings, among others.

This is my 4th time seeing Danzig live. The previous time was the Blackest of the Black tour, and to be honest, the sound was terrible that night. I was dissappointed I could barely hear Danzig. But this time, he just sounded sooo much better! Everything, the band, and his voice was kicking ass! I gotta say, Johnny Kelly is a trooper, to play in two bands on the same night! Wow. Glenn teased him about downing a Corona for the audience.

Glenn dedicated On a Wicked Night to Peter Steele. His words were something along the lines of "This song is dedicated to a very close friend of mine and Johnny, Peter Steele". Another cool song they played was Thirteen. The encore was She Rides and then he asked the audience if we wanted one more from Danzig 1 or 2. And we got one more song. I think it was Do You Wear The Mark.

A woman got onstage and she kissed Glenn on the cheek. Immediately she got pushed off the stage by someone from the crew. He did it so fast I didn't even see the woman's shadow. It seemed that Glenn was about to say something to the guy but he didn't. I think people shouldn't be surprised if they get thrown off the stage. How do you expect the artist to feel comfortable with a stranger coming up to him or her onstage, after what happened to DimeBag?

Glenn left the stage immediately but the rest of the band hung around for a few minutes. So yes, this was a great show! My neck will hurt tomorrow and my throat is sore.

NYC loves you Danzig!


  • Jim_Lithium

    Nice review! :-)

    Jun 24 2010, 5h50
  • jotro

    The encore was "Long Way Back From Hell", not "Do You Wear the mark" :)

    Jun 25 2010, 6h10
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