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Fev 15 2009, 5h08

Since its Valentines Day I decided to list and maybe discuss a few favorite songs about the love of my life. The girl who's been with me through thick and thin for the better part of a decade. The girl so great I have to share her with the homies. Who smells so good and taste so delicious ;D.

D'Angelo - Brown Sugar
So damn smooth and jazzy with some hip-hop flavor. A lotta people think this is a straight up love song for a beautiful brown skin girl. But if you really pay attention to the lyrics you can tell the real meaning. "I gets high off your love" kinda vague but falls in line with the theme of the song. "Even got a big sister by the name of Chocolate Thai" makes it obvious what the song is about if you know something bout this girl and "That's why my eyes are a shade blood burgundy" should make it obvious for everyone else.

CunninLynguists - Beautiful Girl
"I can't explain the deep breaths that I take in her presence
Found recollections connect to every ounce of her essence
I love her, til she join with the air up above her
Love so strong it can't be wrong for her to share with another
Long as she touch my lips and my fingers, fuck it, we swingers
Cause it's Jane that keeps me sane
For what the world gonna bring us
Can make a blind man see and forget his doctor's appointment
For her sheer enjoyment I'll even risk unemployment
Can it be? Her first name changed to Calamity
Cause if saw by the law in my car, the grabbing me
Harrassing me, asking me 'where did she come from?'
Have me see a counselor asking questions thats plumb dumb
Trying to steal my love, so now I'm constantly taking shit
Cause now 3 times a week they wanna test our relationship
Love this verse from Natti! I couldn't have said it any better.

Rick James - Mary Jane
Definitely couldn't leave this song out. Favorite part:
"I'm in love with Mary Jane.
She's my main thing.
She makes me feel alright.
She makes my heart sing."

Devin the Dude - Cutcha' Up
"You look so young
But still look good
The way the sun is shining on you
And I would if I could
Try to take a little piece of you and break you off
But you're not quite ready
I got to hold steady
And try to control myself
Cause if I start on you now there'll be nothing left
I can't help it
I guess it's just the way you smell
You're growing up fast and quite well
You're looking kind of thirsty
Let me give you some water
But not too much
You know what? We oughtta
Just move
And get away from it all
Cause if people see us together
You know that they'll call the laws"
"And if they lock me up for it
We'll be still tight
I know you can't write
But I'll be back
To pull you by the hairs and lay you in the sack"

Quasimoto - Greenery
Madvillain - America's Most Blunted (feat. Quasimoto)
OutKast - Crumblin' Erb
Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Buddah Lovaz
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Bud Smokers Only
A couple songs that set the perfect mood.

Styles P - Good Times (I Get High)
Three 6 Mafia - Where is Da Bud?
Three 6 Mafia - I'm So Hi
Luniz - I Got 5 On It
Devin the Dude - Doobie Ashtray
Devin the Dude - Nothin' To Roll With
Coughee Brothaz - We Gettin' High
Coughee Brothaz - Don't Get Me Wrong

Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana
If it wasn't obvious already, LOL!



    mf doom- favorite ladies i think thats whats its called~~ SMOKE DAT BOMBEEZEE

    Mar 5 2009, 22h57
  • sls

    Man... you need to get the new Devin The Dude CD if you haven't already. It's only got 4 songs on it but they're all good. It's called Suite #420: Do Not DistHerb.

    Mai 6 2010, 16h08
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