a band with a lot of members acid music alternative rock angura kei another vk band with potential that seemed to have gone nowhere artists with multiple versions of their name at least they tried australian awesome bad vocalist best thing since sliced bread better than sex br00tal kei br00tal to the ears classical constantly drunk vocalist cooler than you crap kei curious about cute dat ass deathcore disbanded divine do not touch me on my pubis dominated the european charts in the early to mid 40s but were ultimately knocked… doom metal drone electronic epic as fuck eroguro evil demented frog from hell evil demented from from hell experimental female vocalists finnish future of visual kei gazerock gore grind goregrind gothic metal grindcore hardcore kvlt satanic underground christraping gangsta rap i make love to my woman in the missionary position to this soundtrack indie industrial instrumental iryou kei j-indie j-pop j-rock japanese japanese metal jpop jrock k-pop kotekote kei like getting your balls scraped by a cheese grater makes you horny for goat sex male vocalists matina melodic metal metal metalcore mote rock nagoya kei nanar kei need ninja kei not jazz not speed metal oldschool visual kei oldschool vk oshare kei piano pingas pop power metal progressive doom punk rock ridiot session band sexy shitty music shy guy kei singer-songwriter sludge speed metal swedish symphonic metal the reason why dinosaurs died touhou underappreciated unicode utter garbage visual indies visual kei want want really really really badly wrong tag