• Tah-tah

    Fev 10 2012, 17h19

    It's pointless throwing these out. I'm quitting these micro-blogs, but not the music.
  • I don't even know...

    Fev 3 2012, 15h12

    - I can't read enough books.

    - I can't listen to enough music.

    - I can't live enough to satiate myself

    God, why am I doing this...
  • Status Update

    Jan 31 2012, 17h14

    - Ditched the deviantArt and Wattpad accounts. I'll probably sign up for new ones in the future but only to fave stuff I like. From now on, my written work stays on FictionPress and It's easier to maintain that way and just cuts down the stress.

    - After some initial misunderstandings, I was able to finally submit my rough draft for small fandom big bang. Now there's only the rest of the fic to worry about. Oh joy.
  • 3

    Jan 17 2012, 17h38

    - Heard Peter Murphy's 'Cuts You Up' recently. My God, what have I been missing?

    - Though the 80's had their high points, the 60's will be the era for me. Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Janis Joplin. What a haven.

    - 'Damn my education I can't find the words to say
    About all the things caught in my mind
    Me and you what's going on?
    All we seem to know is how to show '
    (Don't Go Away, Oasis)
  • Let's Get Pretentious

    Jan 16 2012, 17h42

    Tumblr's looking a bit daunting. There's some great lolz I've been stumbling upon and some killer quotes but the whole reblogging business has me thinking about where all the originality went.

    Said the hypocrite.

    Off to find some David Mitchell quotes to make my dashboard look cool.
  • When My Ship Sails

    Jan 10 2012, 17h19

    Movie of the moment: the live-action Peter Pan. It's making me want to ship Peter/Wendy but I can't help but come back to the part where Wendy first sets eyes on Hook.

    She isn't afraid but 'entranced' by his eyes.

    Oh goody...
  • Synopsis

    Jan 9 2012, 17h24

    Watching 'Panic Room' on TV. Mistook Kristen Stewart for a dude (though I do like her haircut here). Jodie Foster doing a good job so far: freaked out, freaky, balls on mother bear. Very cool.

    Oh, and Forest Whitaker's in it too! Did you know that? I didn't.
  • Dilemma

    Dez 21 2011, 17h28

    I'm really getting fed up of all the badfic on Even more so, I'm tired of me and my work being faved because I wrote a certain character or pairing everyone likes. Even worse, I think some of my fics get ignored because I ship certain pairings that aren't as popular.

    I know FictionPress has its fair share of issues but at least I'm judged purely for my writing instead of my ships. Maybe I should consider writing origific full-time from now on.
  • :D

    Dez 20 2011, 17h26

    'Born like sisters to this world
    In a town where blood ties are only blood
    If you never say your name out loud to anyone
    They can never ever call you by it.'

    Welcome to my top six, Regina Spektor!
  • Uh oh

    Dez 13 2011, 17h31

    I... I think I've forgotten how to snap my fingers. I knew I could at some point but I guess it's because I've been out of practice and my brain cells are eroding at a disturbingly faster rate than I thought.

    That's it. I'm upping the ante on my daily crossword and Sudoku. Bring on the thesaurus of doom (and erasers for all the blunders I'll be berating myself for later).