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Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
Anni B SweetSecond Hand Faixa preferida ontem à noite
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  • Wragel

    Hi =D

    27 Ago 19h35 Responder
  • plamplum

    Ej, serio Ci się podoba ta nowa Tori? Bo jak dla mnie to kolejna płyta z jedną długą piosenką, w ogóle nie słyszę różnic między poszczególnymi kawałkami.

    27 Jun 9h41 Responder
  • matbil22

    it's great to see someone here who loves both Ayu and Tori!

    14 Mai 16h35 Responder
  • MikezPL

    28 Abr 18h44 Responder
  • plamplum

    Jest wspaniała, dzięki <3

    29 Mar 20h54 Responder
  • NyBlueberry

    I havent gotten into her albums so far, but I really like plenty of songs on the albums. "Help Yourself" from Frank for example, is my favorite song by her. And Tears Dry On Their Own from Back To Black I guess. (I see that's your favorite song as well)

    6 Mar 18h29 Responder
  • NyBlueberry

    Hello! We havent talked in a loong time :D. Saw you listening to IIRIS again, you have lots of plays. And great last 7 days (go Amy & Regina!) How are you doing?

    5 Mar 20h21 Responder
  • David_CZ

    Hey :). Not all of them of course. For studies of post-grade generally they are in english, so it's very cool. Im gonna look for more :) Thanks

    11 Fev 2h18 Responder
  • InSearchOfTruth

    Иоанна Мария (Yahooaneca) has accepted your friend request on greetings from Montenegro.

    4 Fev 22h23 Responder
  • Shitga

    I see! How I love ''Father Lucifer''...

    3 Fev 23h02 Responder
  • InSearchOfTruth

    Old Church Slavonic language?One friend here, but we can chant (not chat :s) something :D Anyway, stop only to say that i adore your profile gif, it`s proabably the best song ever written...and that`s it.Thank your avatar for making me stop and read all that "about me" section (it`s good really, i enjoy) - Yo!

    3 Fev 22h52 Responder
  • AgaBuk88


    3 Fev 16h48 Responder
  • Shitga

    What's your favorite album?

    3 Fev 16h47 Responder
  • Shitga

    I love Tori now:D

    2 Fev 11h20 Responder
  • MikezPL

    No proszę, wystarczył jeden stopień, zamiast tych słynnych sześciu, żeby znaleźć jakieś powiązanie ;) Co do Sophie-Tith to widzę, że się nawet załapałem do "najczęściej słuchających". Dziewczyna młoda, talent ma, to i doceniona na pewno zostanie, o ile jej autorski materiał okaże się tak dobry jak te covery. Choć w sumie taka Melanie Laurent nagrała świetną płytę, do tego jest znana, a też furory nie zrobiła. Jeśli nie znasz, polecam: :)

    4 Jan 1h30 Responder
  • Shitga

    Kate is superior. You should try her once again. The same thing happened with me. I couldn't like her at all.

    29 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Shitga

    L8er. I see u like Tori. I tried liking her but failed.

    29 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Shitga

    You betta accept ma friendship requezt. How iz u?

    29 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Shitga

    Hi gurl.

    28 Dez 2013 Responder
  • NyBlueberry

    Honestly I dont rememer the name of the place I was at. The nature was mesmerizing. It wasn't a big resort or anything, but it did seem to be quite popular. I think it wasn't overly expensive either, despite being pretty luxurious. Theres nothing to see in Estonia but yeah, Kerli IS awesome :D

    28 Dez 2013 Responder
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Sobre mim

Joanna Maria, Joanne Mary, or simply JM. Poland (but I wish it was Slovenia or Japan). Music is not my boyfriend, but it’s one of those things I can’t imagine my life without. The other ones are books and movies (anime included). Oh yes, and my nickname has nothing to do with Yahoo! Inc.
I love female voices and for no reason I prefer female singers. I guess that’s because I tend to imagine myself on the stage while listening to music.
I love It’s probably the best site in the whole Internet, not only because you can’t play Farmville here. Feel free to write me a message, I love talking with people (and I tend to talk a lot)! My mother tongue is Polish of course, but I speak English and German as well. My Slovenian, Croatian and Russian suck, so my poor grammar will probably make you laugh, but feel free to write me in those languages as well. If you want to try how good my Old Church Slavonic is, you’re probably overeducated and don’t have too many friends.

If you know me personally, but I can’t tell who you are, because you have your dog in your avatar, please, introduce yourself before sending an invitation, because I’m not going to accept it otherwise.
Before you add me to your friendlist, give me a shout or PM. I simply want to know who are you and why you consider me as a friend.

10 000 - Takanashi Yasuharu "Jigoku no Kawa Nagare"
20 000 - Christopher Lennertz "Sam Understands"
30 000 - Within Temptation "Forgiven"
40 000 - Ayumi Hamasaki "identity"
50 000 - Tinkara Kovač "Nočem več"
60 000 - Tori Amos "Our New Year"
70 000 - Akira Senju "Lapis Philosophorum"
80 000 - Charlotte Sometimes "Everybody Knows Better"
90 000 - BoA "M.E.P (My Electronic Piano)"
100 000 - Anna Ternheim "Calling Love"

110 000 - Pati Yang "Si"
120 000 - Pati Yang "Darling"
130 000 - Adele "Need You Now"
140 000 - James Blunt "There She Goes Again"
150 000 - Lana Del Rey "Radio"
160 000 - Clare Maguire "Shield and Sword"
170 000 - Norah Jones "The Best Part"
180 000 - Julia Marcell "The Roads"
190 000 - Britney Spears "Shattered Glass"
200 000 - Sara Jackson-Holman "Risk It All"

Seen live:
Foy Vance
Gregor Schwellenbach
Julia Marcell x2
Lacuna Coil
Maciej Maleńczuk
Mela Koteluk
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Strachy Na Lachy
Tori Amos

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