• boofus

    Set 29 2010, 0h44

    Boofus is a blue alien. He looks a lot like humans, except for the antennas on his head and the suction cups at the ends of his fingers and the fact that he has no hair. He lives on a big green planet called Snarlack with his mom, a purple alien, and his dad, a blue alien. The years on Snarlack are pretty much the same as Earth. Boofus is 8 years old. He has two best friends.

    Snorkel is a gold blob alien. He looks like apple jelly with arms. Snorkel lives with his mom, dad and twin baby sister and brother. They are all gold blobs too. Gold blobs are allergic to water, so they have glipix that they drink and bathe in. Glipix looks like orange jell-o that hasn’t jelled all the way.

    Snivel is a purple squid alien. He has 13 tentacles. The 14th was removed in an accident. He lives with his mom, step dad and older brother. They don’t eat the same food we do. Their food looks like colorful globs of whipped cream. Snivel also has a cat named Precious, although she doesn’t look like cats we’ve seen. She looks like a snail with crab claws and a lobster tail.

    Boofus and Snorkel have been friends all their lives. They live a block away from each other. Their parents have been friends even longer. Snivel moved next door to Boofus last year. He became friends with the other two almost instantly. They play together, usually in Boofus’ back yard. They go swimming in Snorkel’s glipix pool. They also like visiting Snivel’s step dad’s lab to see his new inventions.

    One day while playing in in the back yard with Snorkel‘s whizzer disk, Boofus threw it too hard. It landed on the roof of the house next door. This house was rumored to be haunted. It was run down and had strange noises coming from it at night. The worst thing about the house was the old man who lived there. All the older kids said he was mean and would chase them when they went into his yard. The boys let out a groan.

    “Man, how are we going to get my whizzer back now? If I loose another one, my dad’s gonna kill me!”

    “Too bad it didn’t go the other way. If it had landed on my house, my brother would’ve gotten it for us,” said Snivel.

    “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to throw it so hard. Maybe we can ask my dad to get it.”

    They ran into the house to find Boofus’ dad. They told him what happened and asked for his help. “I’m sorry boys, but you’ll just have to go next door and tell Mr. Dinkum what happened. I’m sure he’ll help you get the whizzer back.”

    “But Dad, he’s mean! What if he eats us?”

    “Don’t be silly. Mr. Dinkum is just a nice old man. He doesn’t eat children. Now you boys run along. I have to work on this recipe for the restaurant.”

    The boys went outside, disappointed. “Parents don’t understand anything!” Boofus said.

    “I heard that the last boy to ring his doorbell was Zack Hinkle, and no one ever saw him again,” said Snivel.

    “Zack Hinkle moved to another town. That’s why no one has seen him,” Snorkel said.

  • i am a fan....................of DEATH

    Out 16 2009, 0h09

    Waking hours pass by slowly and I'm not ready for today. I'm only close to you in my dreams now, so in this bed is where I'd rather stay. And the emptiness grips at my heart, I couldn't be any more alone, whispering hopeless incantations, cold, so despretly alone. I found her in the bedroom where she wrapped my hope in bloodstained sheets, bound it in electrical tape, but somehow my heart continues to beat. Now I only continue breathing so I might die for her again, and our love is just a whisper, and sorrow continues to be my friend. Misery is such poor company, but it never lets me down and I search for comfort in sheets of blank paper, but alas my tears won't let me drown. And I swore that you must love me, and I was so sure I couldn't be wrong. Now the only lingering reminders I had to safely store in songs. No one ever tells you that memories can cut worse then any knife. No one ever said that to appease her I'd have to endure a loveless life. And the distance seems to grow deeper and just not just between our hearts, and I can hardly say her name without falling apart. These scars are cruel reminders of the price I had to pay, the sutchers come undone and I lost alot of blood today. And words won't bring her back but I keep trying anyway. I fill endless sheets of parchment hoping she'll be returning here someday. I want to collapse in familiar arms and trace the freckles on her skin. I want to love without the fear that its all the beginning of the end. I want to find the book our love wrote and rip the tragic ending out. I want to be a hero again, I want to SCREAM I want to SHOUT that I'm still despretly in love with you, not that you didn't know that anyways. I want to calm my blood and let my heart know that I'm sorry it's been betrayed. I won't believe everythings over because If I admitted that I'd simply die, so I bite my lip hard and tell my heart more clever lies. And if I can't find you in this lifetime I'll be back again for more, I'll keep sewing words together until my hands grow weak and sore, because theres no way I'm getting over this and I shouldn't believe this anymore. What option do I have though? My sense of reason left long before, I even had a chance to whisper goodbye she was already walking out the door. My tears rob me of my breath and I choke, lovesick and nauseous stumbling blindly in her eyes. And I'm left here with a broken heart that isn't even mine......

    Put your hand in mine, I'm so sorry but I need you. The sparkle of your eyes nearly left me snow blind. Angelic Queen, I'd be honored to let my heart be your martyr. Somehow I knew I couldn't keep you, you never really were mine.
    The archers take to the ready, they're pulling back my veined heart strings. Her Indifference wants to kill me and I can't stop you. My passion burns like fire and the song in her heart sings "I can't promise forever to what I'll be killing today."
    Garments are heavy, so blood sodden..from all those I slew in her name. These ghosts are gonna haunt me, until my very last days
    Take my head my queen! If that would entertain you!
    Soak me in gasoline! Burn me alive if that would warm you!
    Bloodstains aren't coming off! Her claws have left there mark!
    Lovesick, Blood Drunk, my heart is covered with her bite marks!
    Soon! You'll find my corpse and she'll be so beautiful. I'd gladly throw away my life, to watch her dance at my funeral. Scars playing dress up tonight!
    And the heartache's so long, this can't be wrong. I can't describe the utter horror of a liftime without you! By next December you won't remember..What the fuck's the name of this song?! Oh the horror! The utter horror! Mascara Massacre!
    Oh the horror! Oh the horror! There's blood all over this place! Oh the horror! The Bloodstained horror! We're gonna die in this place!
    Don't cry! Remember the stars are falling fast tonight, I'll try to catch them all for you. By next December you might surrender, I swear my blood just might cure you! Nothing quite says "I Love You" like a shinny knife in your back!
    Such Pretty blood stained horror! boquets of lifless flowers. Twilight to dance around you. My bare throat to nurish you. Cleansing night filth with fire...I need to keep them from you!
    Tare out my throat, so I can't sing this for you! My lungs are flexing for you! Tell me you hear me...oh god plase say you hear me! So very lost in her eyes. I'm so very lost inside her eyes! So I'm lost in her eyes! I'm so fucking lost in her eyes!The words I left to remind you...When you were crowned I never ever could doubt you. You always held rule over my heart.

    I've alluded fate for far too long and now she waits. Fang tooth smiling she waits for me in the cool of the night. But I won't sleep till the sun chases the stars from the sky, I won't surrender just yet I'll fight with all of my might. There's something so romantic about suffering. Something so heroic about dieing in vein. And is she after my heart of simply just my life....hard to tell in this game. Would her thirst be quenched at last if she could take me tonight? And forever is simpling not enough time, to reclaim her back or to sever her heart from mine. And is it pride or desperation that keeps me fighting so hard? I keep cheating fate, but it's really getting hard, to keep sewing shut wounds that she'll just tare open again. And I have no needle or thread, just some paper and a pen. Just like wolves they're out there patiently stalking their prey, and I gnash my teeth right back at them because they won't take me today...not just yet, there are still chapters trapped in my voice. She smugly asks why I keep trying, as if I had a choice. But honesty can't keep bluffing and I barley have the strength, to keep fight this hopeless battle, I will not win this fight. But defiance is my one ally and I won't let it down now, I pull the poisoned arrows out and I scream and I shout "Why won't you just give up, we are killing ourselves!" And she grins again so vilely proud of herself. And I don't know why I care, why I'm not moving on, why stalking the night and keep putting her breath into songs. I don't know what else to do, I can't bring myself to give up, I need to sleep again soon the sun's finally coming up. Maybe the sun can do what she hasn't been able to yet. Maybe it can dispose of me soon, suck out my final last breath, otherwise tonight I'll be out there at it again,...trying in vein to slay a ghost with a pen

    Now I know that i can't save you, even though I want to try. But there must be too many scars and too much time has gone by. I cannot be you savior and I can not save you from this. And my heart sheds a tear as I press my hope against your lips. How did we grow so far apart? Did I ever exist? Did I really do something so horrible to deserve this? Alas I just don't know where my dreams end anymore, and memories sting like nightmares and I can't sleep like this anymore. And the truth"s growing impatient, it's throwing rocks at my face, and I take the beating, longing for a familiar embrace. With my wrists bleeding starlight I sacrifice hope for you. With my heart pumping torment I reach my hand out towards you. But you're so far away, and I pretend your still here. I make believe that you're listening, and I pretend you still care. But you don't seem to notice, and you made that quite clear, when you walked out the door ignoring my tears. How I wish there was some who ached for me like I do you. And the stars collect dust that I've been saving for you. And you read and you listen to everything that I say, but none of it matters and you indifference always has it's way. The ghosts of our past haunt me with every new day. They follow and the mock me, they'll follow me to my grave. I'll keep waiting and waiting for the impossible cure. I'll keep writing these poems, they're all I have left of her

    Just get it over with. Tell me what are you waiting for? You have my heart in your mouth, my dignity on the floor. I've entrusted you with something so precious and so dear. I've bled out all the words you never wanted to hear. Tell why, I want to know why you keep coming back for more. You wait till I can finally get up and then you beat me down some more. My only friends sparkle in twilight, they live in the dark blue with the moon, how I long to be out there with them, but I'll never again leave this room. And just release me I plea, this just isn't a life. You do with your words what you could do better with a knife. Can't you see I'm in pain? Don't you care that I ache? I can't keep sharing the blame, though I try with all of my might. I just want this to be done with, so get on with it please. How long will you leave me here bleeding on my knees? What more can I give? What do you still want from me? I'm defenseless, this is it. Take whatever's left of me. Just don't leave me this way, half alive, not quite dead. Don't leave me nothing more than a ghost with a pen. Haven't I paid you my debt? I've charted the beauty of you gaze. I've filled volumes with my love, I've gone without sleep for days. You keep me locked up in your heart, to dispose of at your will, if your done sucking the life from me, why keep my love dwindling still. Can't you have mercy and let me die now? Can't you at least grant me that? Isn't it such a small price to pay for all I've given you back? But you won't and I know it, you'll be back here for more. You'll wait for me to regain my strength and you'll put me right back on the floor. I should chew through my wrists and do the last deed myself, but I gave all I had left to you and now to die I need help. My tears mix with sweat, it all tastes the same anyhow. Blood mixes with spit and it all ends up on the ground. And your bloody foot prints circle around me this way. Scarlet little reminders of what you weren't brave enough to say. And I claw at the floor boards trying to find a way out, but I should know better by now. I know what this is all about. You thrive on it all, my suffering and my love. You crave for it all, you inject heartbreak like a drug. And just keep me around till the next time you need your fix. Dust off my hope and resesitate it with a kiss. It won't be long now before it blindly believes again in you. Just sit back and be patient I'll remember I love you. And when the moments just right, when my heart is just ripe. Swiftly blindside me, pin me and harvest my love with a knife. Just don't rip out all the roots, you'll need to grow it again. Let me think I'm moving on and you can have at it again. I wish it was different but I'm never gonna learn. So I'm begging you now, please this time just let me burn

    Please tell me what I'm doing, scream it out so I can hear. My heart weighs a thousand pounds and I'm far beyond repair. But the wind it whispers to me while it's running through your hair, and it wants me to hold on for you, but it's so very hard to hear. And I don't know if I can believe again, I don't know if I can take the chance. I can barely fill my lungs with air. Can I suffer through romance? Your smile wants to tell me the truth but I see hesitation in your eyes. I taste hope on your soft velvet lips but I'm so defenseless against lies. And I would gladly throw my heart to you if I knew it wouldn't die. And there aren't stars now in the sky who dare to sparkle like you do. There aren't monsters I'm so afraid of, or ghosts who haunt me like you do. And will you love me and leave me here to die like the others have before? Will I be writing bloodstained love letters with my finger on the floor? I'm so confused, I don't know what to do. How could I ever really be sure, that I could blindly give me love to you and you won't be walking out that door. I bite my lip hard and make the foolish choice to throw caution to the wind, because I'm so very fond of fairy tails, and reason never had a chanced to win. I can only promise that I'll make the sun envious of your bright light. I'll fill blank pages of accounts of your beauty and I'll sing you to sleep each and every night. All I ask is that you don't brake me, that you handle me with care, and I'll be the one out there singing of you for everyone that will hear

    Teach my tongue the words to say, because I'm speechless around you. And nothing renders me so helpless like your pretty hazel eyes do. All this time I spent out there looking it was always just for you. And I fought so many fruitless battles for heartless queens, none of which were half as grand as you. I'm so sorry it took so long to find you, I've been lost for oh so long. I wrote myself into a corner and I got lost inside a song. Now looking back it all seems so worthless all the tears and all the grief. How many writhing nights did I lay awake so far from sleep. Now I dream of you by night and I wake in your embrace. My heart chokes up a bit as I brush the hair out of your face. And if I'm dreaming let me sleep, don't ever dare let me wake up. If my eyes beg to open, grab some thread and sew them shut. I never want to go back there, to those fields drenched in my blood. I don't ever want to fight for those who leave me dying in blood soaked mud. I have wasted so much time, I have fought on all the wrong sides. I have won valor and pride for those I should have just let die. And taken for granted, I've wasted my talent and my words. I have written love songs for demons, given life to those who don't deserve, one single breath, not even a line. But now I'm your's and you are mine. I won't ever let them near you, I'll never let them cross the line. I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you close, I swear I'll never let you go. All you need to know my love is that I love you so <3

    I breathe, but honestly I've become so numb that my lungs don't feel a thing, there aren't words for what I've seen. And I'm not strong... not in the ways you thought for sure I must be, there are better hero's out there for you to waste your wishes on. The stars won't weep when I draw my final breath, the sky won't protest with a storm, the ocean will swallow all these songs..I wrote for you? Or was I simply trying to find footing, in the cliffs I was always warned about? But the fire's burning in my throat, these hells I walk, all I evoked. The price was something I couldn't pay, and i say the things I shouldn't say. How can I save you each bright new day, when I'm the demon you all should slay? I throw myself down here at your knees. My eye's they beg, and Oh how they do plead, for you to show some mercy on me. Lift me up and set me free...but I can't..I can't promise you any better yesterdays. I can't promise I'll come to save the day, a heart's so useless once it's betrayed. And I want...I want the nightmares to all fade away. I want to rise up and conquer the things that make you afraid, but I'm a monster...I'm just another monster...What will you do, when everything is over? When the fields are covered all in blood, will I be the hero you thought I was?

    The wounds are still fresh and won't heal over time. As I watch fade away what I used to call mine. The lights have gone out, and here all alone. This big empty house that used to just like home. And serpents are clever, dressed in clever disguise. I've come to bare witness to this subtle dimise. Fools without reason bathe here in sweet ignoance. False prophets tread lies into ravaged innocence. I've kept devils as friends and fed pigs all my time. I squandered my gifts and threw pearls down at swine. As the paint chips away your true colors shine through, and for the very first I can actaully see you. Was I drugged on a dream? Give too much to blind faith. How on earth didn't I notice while I was being raped? Sharp teeth instigate rage and my hate will not sleep. I stand clutching a knife that begs me to bury it deep, in a friend, in lie, in feind who sold me out cheap. Here's to the half hearted savoirs and here's to the weak. They all cower before me, they conspire, they plot. Trust was my failure, a soft spot in my heart. But never wound what you can't kill, do not think you're so smug. I will tighten the stitches and I'll be back here for blood. My kindness was not weakness, that was your first grave mistake. And to say that your sorry, will come just a tad too late. I will scar you so deep, leave you broken, alone. You sit there so proud..where do think you got bones? I will blanket the skies with your pitiful cries. I will forced feed you shit and your bold faced lies. Next to you I'm a god, and you'd be wise not soon to forget. It was under my wings that you grew. Don't forget that I made you and I'll break you. I promise you'll regret, that we ever crossed paths and theives get what they get

    Fate does ensue and the great walls hold no more glory. The once forgotten valor now lays tarnished in decadence. These men of honor have forgotten the struggle and now lay in beds as pigs. Growing fat off of greed, off of lust, they forgot where their allegences rest. Now I stand digusted on the edge of it all. Watching those I fought beside defoul somthing I fought so hard for, I watch my men turn into beasts. Did you forget that it was I who was in front of you. Killing those you couldn't slay, clearing a path for you? No reguard for the fallen and no more respect for their leader. And they seem to foget that it was behinde me that brought them where they are. The spoils of war have currupted these men. They are ghosts of their former selves and it breaks my heart to see strangers now in the men I once knew. Like a sad father I watch those who once followed in my ranks make fools of themselves and I don't know what it takes. Now I take a deep breath and I let out a sigh, for I know that tonight this place must meet it's demise. No more glory rests here. No more life, no more pride. The crows circle the sky and the grass has all died. They smell of decay clings to everything near. Pigs eating shit in their sties and ingnorence in the air. And ignorance will not save you and nor will your lies. I built all that was here and now it must be cleansed with cries. With your eyes on the prize you forgot what it all cost. You let greed take over you and now so very lost. So I summon the archers to point fire towards the sky. I bite my lip hard because I should not be cying. Let blood wash through the streets, let fire sanatize this place. Lets burn ruins to the ground lets wash away all the waste. I'm sorry dear freinds but I can't save you this time, you've forgotten your place. Grown weak and drunk off the wine. Nail these tradiors to the wall, make an example of them, that liers and theives aren't what we want out of men. Take their hollow ambitions and let the dogs have at them. Take their unfounded rights and butcher them with their hymns. I created this place but I did not feed the sin. The bodies feed the pyre and I watch it all burn. I sever the ties and wondered what was learned. Let the ash of this place blanket the ground let the silence replace the evil of this town. In order for flowers to grow weeds have to be pulled from them. We have to burn down this place to Rebuild again

    ~~Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero~~
  • nevershoutnever!

    Fev 28 2009, 8h07

    tonight, was probably the greatest night of my wholeeeee life!

    i got to meet christofer drew! :D
    andddddddd just because i'm cool
    and still overly excited i'll put our convo.

    me"ohhh my goddd my hands are shaking!"
    christofer drew "awh!"
    me "i bought you juice! and i wrote you a note!"
    christofer drew "you wrote me a note!?!?!!!!!?!?!!!"
    me "YEAH! are you going to read it!?"
    christofer drew "yes i'm going to read it!"
    me "can you sign my shirt? and this paper?"
    lady that works there"HE CAN ONLY SIGN ONE THING!"
    christofer drew "I can break the rules for you.
    me "I LOVE YOU! but i'm not inlove with you!!!"
    christofer drew *laughs*

    my goddd, it was so great!
    anddd i got amazingggg pictures of him!

    there are a billlllion moreeee.