PolytraumA - "Digital Rock'n'Roll" 1st album out now


Mai 4 2007, 18h57

DNR001 Polytrauma : Digital Rock’n’Roll
Polytrauma is a downright offense to good taste, an outrage to both electronic music and rock’n’roll, a roundhouse kick to any music made with the brains. It’s dirty, it’s over-saturated, it’s Polytrauma ! their electrocuted digitalglampunk smells of Kiss, Suicide, eurodance anthems and T-Rex. Dry digital beats escaped from martyrised software, hi-energy guitar walls (put the amp to 12 !), cheesy « nu-english » lyrics (this is really a new language, not just broken english !) ; worrying obsessions for masturbation, teen girls and led-zeppelin-like guitar solos. This could be just à joke ; but it hits you just where it was supposed to - below the belt. Because these are real cool songs, nasty and naive, dumb and mean, heavy as fuck but poppy as hell... Forget everything else, Polytrauma is the ultimate soundtrack to r’n’r decadence !

Featuring : DrKranK (Dexy Corp), Rose Hreidmarr (CNK, ex Anorexia Nervosa, Crack Ov Dawn) ; mixed & mastered by vincent vx (Punish Yourself, Cheerleader 69), pix by Lynn SK

-Covers : Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop", Depeche Mode "Master & Servant", Gainsbourg "Melody Nelson"...
-Remixes for Jabberwock, Sindrome, Dolls Of Pain, La Logique Du Pire ....
-Guest on "Gore Baby Gore" album, by Punish Yourself

- 27th May Paris , Le Klub, with Prime Sinister
- 29th June Orléans, Metallica, with Malakwa
more gigs soon...


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