Yuck & Let's Wrestle at Scala London


Mai 19 2011, 9h13

Wed 18 May – ATP Presents: Yuck + Let's Wrestle

Let's Wrestle

Started off high energy, I could actually hear the lyrics which was nice. I enjoyed the instrumentation, and the jokes that offset their apparent unpreparedness. These guys were a good opener, they only played for about 30min though.


First thing I noticed was on the Ludwig drums, the drummer had taped over it so it read HEdwig which was funny because he has a huge 'fro. I liked their arrangement on stage, they had the two singers/guitarists on each side, the bassist and drums in the center. It seemed very democratic and wasn't a one man/woman show which I liked. They had a repertoire of fast and slow songs, and it was interesting to see the change in the crowd. During slow songs I could have been sitting down eating some food, during the fast songs I was provoked to dance. Some people attempted to start a mosh pit in the front a few times, but were unsuccessful. The songs sounded like the record which was good, their wasn't a drop in quality. Enjoyed their performance, but it was also shorter than the program had said.


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