Playlist for Things that Are Square on KUCI 5/19/11 (Rapture edition)


Mai 20 2011, 15h58

Hey folks,

So, to quote an excellent band, "the preacher-man says it's the end of time." In light of the imminent apocalypse, I decided to do a radio show of end-of-the-world tunes for you. And let it be known that if the world actually does end on Saturday, I loved playing songs for you on the radio all these years. If it doesn't end, I still loved doing that, but we should also go get a beer and make out.

The final (?) playlist for Things that Are Square:

Eef Barzelay - Apocalyptic Friend - Daytrotter Session

Blood On the Wall - Going to Heaven - Awesomer
Andrew Bird - Tables and Chairs - Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs
The Mountain Goats - Satanic Messiah - Satanic Messiah
Antony and the Johnsons - Rapture - Antony and the Johnsons

Lowell Blanchard & The Valley Trio - Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb - Like an Atom Bomb
Charlie Parr - Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down - When the Devil Goes Blind
Bright Eyes - Four Winds - Cassadaga
St. Vincent - The Apocalypse Song - Marry Me

The Angels of Light - All Souls' Rising - Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home
Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming - Bone Machine
The Blood Brothers - Live at the Apocalypse Cabaret - Crimes
King Missile - Heaven - Happy Hour

Foetus - The Only Good Christian Is a Dead Christian - If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul (For George in Costa Mesa, CA)
Hymie's Basement - You Die - Hymie's Basement
The Joe Beats Experiment - Doomsday - Indie Rock Blues
Blackalicious - Sky Is Falling - Blazing Arrow

The Mae Shi - Divine Harvest - Hlllyh
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Death Is Not the End - Murder Ballads

Hopefully I'll see you guys next week (and every week) Thursday 6-8pm PST on KUCI 88.9fm in Irvine, CA, and worldwide live on the internet at KUCI.ORG and the college radio presets of iTunes.

Envios aceitos
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