Playlist for Things that Are Square on KUCI 4/17/08


Abr 19 2008, 2h40

Howdy folks,

We are currently finishing up several days of special programming for "Celebrate KUCI Week". In the interest of doing as much of my own timeslot as possible, I signed up for Thursday, 6-7pm. Which was on "vinyl-only day". Additionally, I tried to pick some stuff that was ONLY available on vinyl. I hope you enjoyed it, if you listened. Or I hope you appreciate the music I played, if you didn't.

Things that Are Square 4/17/08

Vinyl-Only Edition

Cave - Drum Like Devil - Hunt Like Devil/Jamz

Disney - The Main Street Electrical Parade Theme - The Official Album of Disneyland/Walt Disney World
The Soft Pink Truth - Gender Studies (Safety Scissors Closet Organization Mix) - Acting Crazy
Mates of State - These Days - Mates of State/Dear Nora Split

The Blow - Brushy Brushy - Tomlab Letter Series K
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Lonesome New Mexican Nights - Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/Fox Pause Split
Built to Spill - By the Way - Built to Spill/Marine Research Split
The Starlight Mints - Popsicle - Popsicle

The Mountain Goats - Jam Eater Blues - Sub Pop Singles Club
Iron & Wine - Dearest Forsaken - Sub Pop Singles Club
Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free - Pretty (Ugly Before)
Bunkbed - Fallen Angel II - Xiu Xiu vs Bunkbed

Mount Eerie - Known World/Unknown World - Mount Eerie Pts 6 & 7

Jesu - Sun Down - Sun Rise/Sun Down


A gal named Beth took the time to call in and tell me:

"I usually don't get to listen to your show, because I'm at work, but it's like the musical equivalent of reading 'Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs'. You play things I didn't know I wanted to hear."

This just about made me blush myself to death.

See you guys next week, Thursday 6-8pm PST when I return to normal programming. Listen on KUCI 88.9fm in Irvine, CA, or worlwide on the internet at KUCI.ORG and the public radio presets of iTunes.

Or see you at the Akron/Family/Bad Dudes/Health/Rafter show tomorrow at Pitzer.

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