Post Punk Revival


Fev 12 2012, 0h43

I've been trying to do a post punk revival playlist that I can burn onto a couple of CDs for our summer holiday. We're hiring a 1960s VW camper and I'm not sure if the cd player'll handle an MP3 cd. So. 25-35 post punk revival songs to go onto two cds. Thing is, I started with nearly a thousand (963) songs and obviously need to lose over 900 of those songs. And that's with music that I currently have. I've got a few classics, Interpol, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys (if you'd call them post punk revival), Maximo Park(where's that damn umlaut). But what have I missed? What're the more obscure post punk revival bands that I've missed that are still genius?

ps My contribution for this written by someone else would be Pieces Of The People We Love by The Rapture


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