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Set 20 2007, 11h22

I embraced the Beast. I installed iTunes on my PC, something I once said would never happen. I did not let it become my default player, sort my music library, or really do anything without my saying so. But I definitely ate my words there, and found them pretty tasty with some salt.

I did it to buy songs from the iTunes Store. Like it or not, they have a damn good selection. More to the point, I did it because of Gemma Hayes. (I have been sick all week, but I don't believe that was the reason.)

I do not quite remember how I ended up buying her debut album Night On My Side some years ago. I liked it just fine, however it happened. Eventually I got The Roads Don't Love You and liked it fine, too. Some days ago I chanced upon her MySpace page and noticed that a new album is on its way. After listening to the wonderful November I decided to investigate what other songs there were I hadn't heard, and it turned out there were plenty, and that iTunes had a bunch of them, such as the Work To A Calm EP.

Betraying your principles because of a woman... I think I've heard this story somewhere.


  • werefish

    It usually ends with the dude squinting into the sunset as Morricone's soundtrack swells in the background. Ask Ross how much he has bought on iTunes. It is sufficient to stagger the imagination.

    Set 27 2007, 21h14
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