27, Oxbow, and Isis at the Fillmore


Nov 3 2007, 22h12

Thu 1 Nov – Isis, Oxbow, 27
Arrived at the show around 6:40 to a somewhat empty Fillmore. When the show started I was under the soundboard, later I moved to the barricade.

27 was fun, not really familiar with them but they put on a good show. There was one song toward the end of their set that I really liked; wish I knew what the title. Cavalla was an awesome closer, I liked that flute. :D

The Oxbow show reminded me of the Melvins show I went to a few weeks ago. Like the Melvins show, Oxbow had moments where I didn't know if I should laugh or not. I mean, a guy having outercourse with the various equipment on stage is pretty funny.

By the time Oxbow's show ended with "She is a Find" the Fillmore had filled up to full capacity. Isis is really good a making a set list, they seem to know what their best songs are. The highlight of the show for me was Weight, I mean that song was so awesome they got help from 27 to finish playing it. XD

Character Awards:

3rd Place: Ecstasy guy that expressed his excitement by jumping up and down constantly and spinning in a circle while yelling "woo Isis, I paid for this lets go Isis" etc.

2nd Place: Confused guy that cheered for Isis while Oxbow was playing, and then throughly enjoyed Oxbows music after telling them to get off the stage. o_O

1st Pllace: Oxbow fan woman that cheered Eugene to take all his clothes off. Then proceeded to argue with confused guy.

Note: If anyone has the setlist for the show, could you post it here?


  • etrenocturne

    haha, i was at the same show man. yeah...oxbow's music was great...but the singer just turned me off to their performance. lol. also - i was standing RIGHT next to the dude jumping up and down screaming. what an asshole. ahahaha.

    Nov 6 2007, 2h57
  • Larvi

    nice that they did the weight thing with the 27 singer again, they used to do that on their 2003 tour too :)

    Nov 6 2007, 21h03
  • Windshield

    Yeah, it makes me real glad I saw them while they were touring with 27.

    Nov 6 2007, 22h37
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