Favourite Mellow Songs


Out 19 2010, 22h28

This journal contains my personal favourite mellow songs.
My music taste mainly consists of different types of rock and metal. Despite metal bands perceived to make heavy and pacey songs, when they do slow it down; they seem to make the best mellow songs.
I'll keep editing the list as I remember more mellow songs, and find new ones.

My favourite mellow song of all time is probably :
Slipknot - Vermilion, Pt. 2

+44 - 155
+44 - No It Isn't
311 - Love Song
4Lyn - Shadow Valley
10 Years - Focus
10 Years - Beautiful
A Day to Remember - If It Means a Lot to You
A Perfect Circle - Sleeping Beauty
A Perfect Circle - The Nurse Who Loved Me
A Perfect Circle - Fiddle And The Drum
Adema - Planets
Adema - Rise Above
AFI - The Leaving Song
After Forever - Cry With a Smile
After Forever - Lonely
After Forever - One Day I'll Fly Away
All Ends - I'm Sorry
Alias Eye - Hold on
Ayreon - The Castle Hall acoustic
Blackfield - Christenings
blink-182 - I Miss You
Brave - Here
Breed77 - Look At Me Now
Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony
Breaking Benjamin - You
Bullet for My Valentine - Forever And Always
Bullet for My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire
Candlebox - Consider Us
Candlebox - Lover - Come Back to Me
Chevelle - One Lonely Visitor
Chevelle - Bend the Bracket
CKY - Close Yet Far
DeadLock - To Where The Skies Are Blue
DeadLock - Altruism
Demon Hunter - My Heartstrings Come Undone
Demon Hunter - Carry Me Down
Devin Townsend Project - Terminal
Dream Theater - Take Away My Pain
Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On
dredg - Sang Real
Evanescence - Hello
Evanescence - My Immortal
Filter - Kill The Day
Filter - Hatred Is Contagious
Five Finger Death Punch - Far From Home
Godsmack - Serenity
Godsmack - Voodoo
Godsmack - Voodoo Too
Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
Ill Niño - Me Gusta La Soledad
Jet Black Stare - In This Life
Kate Voegele - Kindly Unspoken
Kittie - Falling Down
Kittie - Sleepwalking
Kittie - Sweet Destruction Interlude
Kittie - Everything That Could Have Been
Kiuas - After the Storm
Lacuna Coil - Senzafine
Lacuna Coil - Wide Awake
Luna Mortis - This Departure
Nelly Furtado - Try
Odin Dragonfly - How I Feel Today
Odin Dragonfly - Yellow Time
Opeth - Benighted
Opeth - Coil
Opeth - Death Whispered a Lullaby
Opeth - In My Time of Need
Opeth - Soldier of Fortune
Opeth - To Rid This Disease
Opeth - Windowpane
Papa Roach - Roses On My Grave
Porcupine Tree - Lazarus
Porcupine Tree - Lips of Ashes
Porcupine Tree - Mellotron Scratch
Primal Fear - Diabolous
Primal Fear - In Memory
Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
Puddle of Mudd - It Was Faith
Reuben - Good Luck
Roadrunner United - Roads
Saliva - Famous Monsters
Seether - Broken
Seether - Sympathetic
Slipknot - Circle
Slipknot - Dead Memories
Slipknot - Snuff
Slipknot - Vermilion, Pt. 2
Staind - Epiphany
Straight Line Stitch - Yesterday's Gone
Stone Sour - Bother
Stone Sour - Through Glass
Stone Sour - Zzyzx Rd.
The All American Rejects - Can't Take It
The Offspring - Gone Away
The Offspring - Denial, Revisited
The Wreckers - Stand Still, Look Pretty
Thrown - Goodbye
Trapt - Stories
Trapt - Ready When You Are
Trapt - The Last Tear
Trapt - Where ever she goes
Vic Anselmo - I Cried
Volbeat - Light a Way
Within Temptation - All I Need
Yellowcard - View from Heaven


  • t00LtillDeath

    I love most of them from your list! And I would like to add a few too :) Porcupine Tree - Lazarus, Mellotron Scratch, Lips of Ashes Opeth - Coil Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Will add more later..

    Nov 5 2010, 18h17
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