Inspire Me, PLEASE!


Abr 9 2008, 1h37

This week's theme is "Inspirational", meant to tie in to "Idol Gives Back" tomorrow night. Let's see who inspires what tonight...

-Michael Johns singing Dream On - I thought the song choice was actually pretty appropriate for Michael, so no complaint there. While he was definitely into it, there was strain in his voice, and that ending was painful. He was trying to be Steven Tyler, and that's just not possible.

-Syesha Mercado singing I Believe - go with a song that was a season-finale song for a former Idol is a bold move. But wow, she REALLY nailed it. Maybe the difference is that I don't have as much of a connection to Fantasia's song, but I really didn't get all of the negativity about the performance.

-Jason Castro singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow - While my gut reaction is "it's the sleepy coffeeshop style AGAIN", the song was perfect for him. And who knew he could actually hit the falsetto without his voice cracking?

[Quick anyone else simultaneously repulsed and entertained by the Meat Loaf "Go Phone" commercial?]

-Kristy Lee Cook singing Anyway - Is it possible? Has Kristy's time come to go home? The vocal was flat and pitchy, although she really did hit some of those high notes. It was so weak to start, but she finished strong. Let's see how it translates in the voting on Thursday.

-David Cook singing Innocent - The song was a big risk for him, as it's just not as well known to a good chunk of the audience. Did I like it? Definitely. Was it his best? Not by a long shot.

-Carly Smithson singing The Show Must Go On - I wouldn't have ever thought about a Freddie Mercury song for Carly, but it actually made a lot of sense. Having said that, she just seemed a little bit disconnected from it to me. And is it really fair that the backup singers hold the ending note longer than the lead singer? She's definitely in trouble this week.

-David Archuleta singing Angels - First off, I've got to say that the camera work did him no favors at all, as it kept me kind of detached from him singing. I liked it, but I can't help but feel that on a song like "Angels", he's singing it more for the vocal runs than for the true feeling of the song. As Simon said, he's gonna sail right through, though.

-Brooke White singing You've Got a Friend - Now THIS is the Brooke that we all love. Unlike last week's trainwreck, you believe every word that she sings in this song. I was really moved by it, and I don't get how the judges felt so withdrawn from it.

All in all, I just feel a little underwhelmed with the night, but there definitely wasn't a truly horrible performance, either.

Best of the night: Jason Castro

Bottom three: Kristy Lee, Carly, and Michael

Who should go home: Kristy Lee

Who will go home: I'm torn between Kristy Lee and Carly, but I think it will be Carly


  • nibbish

    Best of Night: Castro (had the same gut reaction and afterward reaction that you did) Worst of Night: KLC (seriously... just be done...) Bottom 3: KLC, Carly, Syesha Who SHOULD Go Home: Kristy, for the love of GOD, Kristy... Who Will Go Home: Syesha Sad, because she's easily the best singer of the competition. She just can't seem to connect with her songs, and it leaves her looking like a Whitney Houston wanna-be.

    Abr 9 2008, 18h47
  • WhereImGoing

    The problem with Syesha's pick is that so many people have such an emotional connection with Fantasia and that song. While I think she had one of the better performances, the die-hard fans won't be able to help themselves in making the comparison. I'm nervous for her, but Carly might make sure she lives to see another week.

    Abr 9 2008, 19h27
  • barbara_emanuel

    yes, Jason Castro was the best, but I agree that the evening wasn't really exciting... David Archuleta keeps sailing through, but, altough his voice is good, his performance skills are not good at all yet. Maybe in time. And, in comparison to Robbie William's interpretation, David pretty much ruined the song — in my opinion. KLC should have gone home a long time ago, especially when she picked the patriotic song with the flag and everything. Yeah, since I can't sing properly, I'll appeal to patriotic feelings, make some people cry, and get a load of votes. It was a low blow. I just hope David Cook's fan base is big enough to keep him there. He is the most interesting, by a mile.

    Abr 9 2008, 20h53
  • WhereImGoing

    Thanks for your two cents, Barbara. I agree about David Cook, and wouldn't be surprised if you see another surprise exit around 4th or 3rd, like Chris Daughtry. And Archuleta does have a little ways to go. He looks so scared up there sometimes!

    Abr 9 2008, 21h00
  • randalb89

    I may be the only person in the world who didn't like Jason's performance. I didn't hate it, but I definitely don't think it was his best. I think Syesha did the best but for some reason she never gets any credit, I guess it's cause she's taking on all these big songs. KLC should go home for sure, though that nights performances were all so horrible that she was actually one of the best. David Cook sucked, he's one of my favorites but he just picked a horrible song. The night left me bored to tears and wanting to go to sleep, I hope next week picks up, and Carly and Syesha better make it through. PLEASE GO HOME KRISTY!! PLEASE!!

    Abr 10 2008, 19h46
  • WhereImGoing

    It's not looking good for either of your pics, Randall. According to DialIdol, they're the bottom two tonight. We'll see how it shakes out, though.

    Abr 10 2008, 20h25
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