• The Prigs

    Nov 18 2009, 21h01

    The Prigs are playing next week! If you don't know them, go to their myspace page to check out a few sample tracks and videos.

    They're one of the best unsigned bands i've ever seen live. Great energy and amazing fun.

    If you're in NYC and have nothing to do on Nov 24th. Go see them. Seriously.
  • The Talking Heads

    Nov 18 2009, 17h04

    the talking heads.

    I’m totally in love with this band at the moment.

    Specifically the song: “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

    The lyrics are fucking amazing, spartan yet rich and full of imagery. The song speaks to me on so many different levels. Sometimes I think it’s talking about family, sometimes love and lovers. Sometimes it reminds me of the distances between those of us who ought to be the closest of all.

    What really makes it a great song though is how it simultaneously makes me feel great and also kinda sad. I suppose it’s such a powerful feeling because the great feels so much more great when there’s sad right there to contrast it with..
  • Swarm of Redditors say hi!

    Nov 17 2009, 14h34

    Wow, I woke up this morning to 50 or so shouts and 30 friend requests :)

    This is the good karma that results from making a playlist for my fellow Redditors.

    I'm going to try and getting around to friending them all and sending back shouts... it may take a while though..!
  • Leonard Cohen MSG

    Nov 12 2009, 22h35

    Fri 23 Oct – An Evening with Leonard Cohen

    Going to the concert itself was a very random affair. In fact, I didn't know I was going until a few hours before the concert was due to start. I was browsing Facebook and noticed that an acquaintance had made a post saying she was going to the concert, I made a reply saying "Wow, i'm jealous". A few minutes later she sent me a message saying she had a spare ticket and would I like to come too?

    Would I like to come? Yes I fucking would. I've been a fan of Leonard Cohen for a few years, since a particularly loved and missed ex-girlfriend introduced me to his heart wrenching words and husky voice. I did hear recently though that he had collapsed during a recent concert, so it made me wonder how long he can keep touring.. I mean, this might be my last chance to see him perform live.

    I honesty had no idea how the concert would be. Would he seem tired? Unenthusiastic? Would he be sitting down or standing up? What would his band be like if he had one?

    Our seats were quite far from the stage but we still had a great view. It also helped that there were two huge screens so we could see Leonard close-up. His band came onto the stage first to huge applause. There were three guitarists, one bass, one electric and one 12-string guitar + random other weird guitars, a wind instrument guy, a drummer and three vocalists. After they had settled down, Leonard Cohen came out to a standing ovation. In fact, he ran out donned in his trademark dark suit and fedora. He seemed full of energy.

    He then went onto show everyone at the Garden that he is one of the world's greatest performers. With each song, he seemed to wrench more and more emotion from every lyric. He seemed to revel in the music and the moment and the crowd intuitively understood that they were experiencing a special moment. There's something amazing when you got to see an artist or band and understand that they truly love and believe in what they do, it comes across in their performance, amplifies the emotion of the music and turns a good gig into a great gig. My favorite example of a band that loves what they do are The Flaming Lips, you never get the idea they're performing to make money, the lead singer seems to constantly have a smile on his face. It was the same this night with Leonard Cohen. You can understand that he was born to entertain and make music, in the same way that Michael Jackson was a born entertainer. He's not a man I can imagine who would be happy just being retired and at home reading the newspaper..

    He sang a lot of the classic songs:Suzanne, So Long Marianne,I'm Your Man, The Future,Dance Me to the End of Love, Hallelujah, In My Secret Life, Waiting for the Miracle and quite a few more. When he started singing Hallelujah, I don't think there was a person in there who wasn't emotionally affected. I stole a glance at the people sat near to me and there wasn't a dry eye in sight. The power of his lyrics seems to be that everyone can find some connection to them, some chord that strikes a beat with their heart and takes away rational thought makes your breath catch in your throat. I lost myself in his songs but part of me only felt saddened that I knew that the night would end. The downside being that when you experience these moments of beauty in life, they always seem to be so fleeting. Perhaps that's for the best though, i'm not sure the world could ever function if we were held in this sort of thrall for longer than a few fleeting hours.

    The moment of the concert i'll hold as the most special is from when Leonard Cohen sang "I'm Your Man". He came across as so fucking humble, as though he were just a regular friend of ours, bearing his soul. He made some jokes in the song, by switching up the lyrics to reflect that the fact that he's an old man now. It made me think a lot about what I might be like when I'm his age. Will I accept the aging process gracefully? Will I rejoice in my life and experiences and do my best to give all I have learned to help those around me? I hope so. When the song came to end and finished with the lyric "I'm Your Man", the audience rose in unison and gave him a standing ovation which never seemed to end. Leonard tried to continue a few times but the audience wouldn't stop applauding him, it was as though we all thought we could prolong his presence for longer by not finishing our ovation. Eventually he stopped trying and waited patiently for us, a faint smile on his face. I'm a fucking man and I don't mind saying that my eyes were "watering" something fierce..

    There's not a lot more to say I think. For the rest of the weekend I felt kind of lost in a sort of emotional bubble. I had to a spend a bunch of time walking around the New York streets listening to music on my headphones while I tried to untie the knot of emotion in my belly. Sorry to wax lyrical on this but there's not many people I know who are fans so I had to turn to you to release some of the thoughts and emotions I'm feeling. I know you understand Music Reddit. :)

    In conclusion, un-fucking-believable. A true artist and performer and if you can possibly see him, do so. There aren't many artists like this in the world so you have to take every chance you get to see them.