• Hard: Dawn Of The Dead 11/3/2012 LA State Historic Park

    Nov 5 2012, 7h26

    Getting into the place was like being a character in a video game! nobody wanted to go about the snake walkway that was made up for you to go through at the entrance. Instead every one started jumping over the rails to get to the searching and get in. That created mass chaos! to the extent that LA police came out in riot equipment. But luckily nothing happened. Once we got out of the chaos and in It was very packed but at least you had space to move around in, in the big park. As for the artists and the music! I caught the tailing end of Araabmuzik and I enjoyed that. After downing a drink we headed to the discotheque tent and watched Para One tear it up and he had a great pumpin set. Once Para One finished we stayed at the tent for Destructo who I have seen like 5 times but this set was his best yet. He continues to get better. We caught like 10 minutes of Crookers on there last ever show. We didn't wanna miss any of Gesaffelstein so we headed back to the tent for his explosive set. He didn't disappoint. After Gesaffelstein killed it. We watched Justice close out Hard with a classic set and at 2am it was time to go home!.
  • Club Nokia The Presets/Flight Facilities/Oliver/Yuksek

    Out 28 2012, 19h09

    Sat 27 Oct – The Presets, Yuksek, Flight Facilities, Oliver

    Got there around 9:30 so I missed Yuksek. I have listened to a little of him but I wasn't to upset that I missed him but I might regret that if I have more time to listen to his stuff. Which! I intend to do. I was really looking forward to Oliver being that I enjoy there stuff very much! and they didn't disappoint at Hard Summer this past year. Again! they didn't disappoint. Only problem I had was that I felt they should be playing behind The Presets that way allowing them to have a longer set. But it was a good set regardless. Flight Facilities I am just not a fan of. I can't explain why they just don't do anything for me. But they did seem to get the crowd going, so maybe it's just me?. The Presets! one of my all time favorite artists they surely didn't disappoint! I loved every minute of it. The energy from the songs was much more then I expected from when you listen to the albums. It was explosive and again high energy and I would surely go see Still one of my all time favorite bands. The Presets.....