My Top 50 Artist Scrobbles of 2011


Jan 1 2012, 13h58

50. Backstreet Boys
32 Plays

49. Kelly Clarkson
33 Plays

48. Plain White T's
33 Plays

47. SafetySuit
34 Plays

46. Steve Perry
34 Plays

My #46 artist of 2011 was #19 last year with 59 scrobbles, which is a 42% decline. With Street Talk burned to CD, scrobbles relied on "Oh Sherrie" for the most part of 2011. The song was scrobbled 22 times, making up 65% of the scrobbles this year. But while "Oh Sherrie" was dominant in scrobbles, I had discovered a few other songs this year that also received scrobbles. Mostly, it was "Against The Wall", a song from his Greatest Hits CD. It was first scrobbled on July 20th. The song was scrobbled 9 times, making up 26% of the scrobbles. Plus, there was one scrobble for a song off of For the Love of Strange Medicine called "If You Need Me Call Me". The rest were two songs scrobbled from Street Talk, "It's Only Love" and "You Should Be Happy". In 2011, Steve's total scrobbles stand at 125, breaking the 100 scrobble mark on February 14th.

45. Superchunk
34 Plays

44. The Velvet Underground
35 Plays

43. The Airborne Toxic Event
38 Plays

42. Free Energy
38 Plays

41. Night Ranger
39 Plays

40. Mumford & Sons
40 Plays

39. Tamar Kaprelian
43 Plays

My #39 artist of 2011 was #9 last year with 95 scrobbles, which is a 55% decline.

38. OneRepublic
43 Plays

OneRepublic had 12 scrobbles in my library at the beginning of 2011. Last year, they were only scrobbled 3 times, each one was for "All the Right Moves". Their first scrobble for 2011 was "Stop and Stare", from their 2007 debut, Dreaming out Loud, recorded on January 21st. It was scrobbled again on February 6th. On March 17th, it was scrobbled again. Also on that day, there were 4 other songs from Dreaming Out Loud scrobbled for the first time in my library: "Say (All I Need)", "Mercy", "Goodbye, Apathy", and their previous signature song, "Apologize".

OneRepublic was at 7 scrobbles for 2011, but that was about to change, because I was about to see them in concert a week later. They played a free concert at my college in March in support of their recent album, Waking Up. Since then, the scrobbles slowly piled up. "Apologize" was scrobbled two more times in April, and "Stop And Stare" was scrobbled two more times in early May. By then, the band was played in my library 11 times in 2011.

But that was only 4 scrobbles I just mentioned. Why weren't there more at the time? I was waiting for the right time to purchase Waking Up on CD. After finally getting it in May, the scrobbles started pouring in. The album was scrobbled 8 times during the end of May, and it came just in time. "Good Life" was just released as the latest single for the album, and it was gaining momentum in June. The song was scrobbled two times in May, then it logged in 7 scrobbles during June.

By the end of 2011, "Good Life" was scobbled 13 times. "Stop And Stare" was the second most scrobbled OneRepublic song in my library, which logged in 8 scrobbles. Their yearly scrobbles were 1333% up from 2010. Their scrobbles in my library now total up to 55 plays overall.

37. Ra Ra Riot
44 Plays

36. Patrick Stump
45 Plays

35. Adele
45 Plays

34. Fefe Dobson
45 Plays

33. Journey
45 Plays

32. Maroon 5
47 Plays

My #32 artist of 2011 was #24 last year with 45 scrobbles. Although it fell 8 spots on this list, they received a 4% increase in scrobbles.

On January 1st, the first Maroon 5 scrobble of 2011 was "Stutter" from Hands All Over, which was scrobbled for the first time in my library. On January 2nd, 7 scrobbles were recorded in my library from the 2007 album It Won't Be Soon Before Long. The songs scrobbled only once were "Won't Go Home Without You", "Little Of Your Time", "If I Never See Your Face Again", and "Can't Stop". The songs that were scrobbled twice were "Nothing Lasts Forever" and "Goodnight Goodnight".

31. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
48 Plays

30. Colbie Caillat
49 Plays

29. Foreigner
49 Plays

28. Fleetwood Mac
50 Plays

27. Phil Collins
50 Plays

26. Lemonade Mouth
51 Plays

25. Sara Bareilles
51 Plays

24. Prince
51 Plays

23. Michael Jackson
51 Plays

22. Florence + the Machine
52 Plays

21. Wolfmother
52 Plays

53 Plays

19. Chasen
53 Plays

18. Chicago
54 Plays

17. Devo
54 Plays

16. P!nk
56 Plays

15. R. Kelly
57 Plays

14. Ashley Tisdale
59 Plays

13. Bridgit Mendler
62 Plays

12. Def Leppard
68 Plays

11. Lindsey Buckingham
69 Plays

10. Parachute
70 Plays

9. Hot Chelle Rae
72 Plays

8. Arcade Fire
74 Plays

7. Miranda Lambert
77 Plays

6. Taylor Swift
95 Plays

5. Glee Cast
107 Plays

4. Daughtry
114 Plays

3. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
116 Plays

2. Demi Lovato
136 Plays

1. David Cook
201 Plays


  • terriblesecret

    Hi. How did you find "It was first scrobbled on July 20th. The song was scrobbled 9 times, making up 26% of the scrobbles." this out? More specifically, how you know the date it was first scrobbled... I just can't seem to find that stat for my artists.

    Ago 25 2012, 19h43
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