Top 20 Red House Painters Songs



  • forgett

    hi dude, amazing list, but Sundays and Holidays isn't on Bridge but on Shock Me EP, and Bubble is on Bridge. will be very difficult to me make a rhp top, think all kozelek songs are on my top :)

    Fev 6 2010, 20h00
  • Waltz3

    It's on the disc I own for Bridge... ? But thanks for the comment. :)

    Fev 6 2010, 20h20
  • catachresistant

    I heard there's a version of Bridge with the Shock Me EP tacked onto it. I've never been able to find it though.

    Fev 7 2010, 17h35
  • Waltz3

    Ok, it all makes sense now... I'm slow sometimes. haha. That's it though, I just have the EP tacked on to my cd. Thanks for the heads up.

    Fev 8 2010, 15h46
  • Swiftieboy

    I think Michael is a pretty mediochre song. I would say katy song is the best. Followed by funhouse, mother, have you forgotten and 24. Possibly also medicine bottle

    Fev 25 2010, 12h58
  • Waltz3

    Different strokes. I think Michael is a beautiful song. I love pretty much every RHP song, so limiting myself to 20 isn't easy.

    Fev 25 2010, 19h16
  • DukeofMonmouth

    nice's a shame Mother is missing!!

    Fev 27 2010, 12h11
  • 1treehillbilly

    Thats a cool list but where's Dragonflies & Trailways? and also the mystery instrumental song at the end of the shock me ep...Just think you were two years old when i went to my first Painters gig...damn i feel old.LOL

    Fev 28 2010, 1h11
  • Waltz3

    These are just my favorites, but all the songs people have suggested are great as well. It's RHP, all their songs are great! And 1treehillbilly, you may feel old. But I feel jealous that you're old enough to have seen a Painters gig.

    Mar 5 2010, 15h18
  • Corblimeyguvnor

    This is completely different to what I would've picked but interesting nonetheless.

    Mar 26 2010, 6h24
  • Burksta

    The best part is that every Colorful track is on this list. That album is a masterpiece, for sure.

    Nov 2 2010, 20h44
  • andyisdead

    Summer Dress is top 3, man.

    Dez 29 2010, 11h36
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